Résultats de l’initiative de formation Opération AVC - 2005

Bourses de recherche au doctorat

  • Aleyasin, Hossein (Neuroscience, University of Ottawa)
    The role of DJ-1, in stroke model of neuronal death.
    Supervisor: Park, David S.
  • Arbour, Nicole A. (Neuroscience, University of Ottawa)
    The molecular mechanism of Mcl-1 function in neuronal apoptosis.
    Supervisor: Slack, Ruth S.
    Co-Supervisor: MacKenzie, Alex
  • Brown, Stephen Thomas (Biology, McMaster University)
    The differential induction and function of the HIF family of transcription factors in response to hypoxia.
    Supervisor: Nurse, Colin A.
  • Buttigiege, Josef A. (Biology, McMaster University)
    Mechanism of oxygen sensing in adrenalmedullary chromaffin cells.
    Supervisor: Nurse, Colin A.
  • Clark, Darren L. (Psychology, University of Alberta)
    Clinical feasibility of mild prolonged hypothermia - a physiology study.
    Supervisor: Colbourne, Frederick
  • Clarke, Jared J. (Medical Science, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
    Nutritional effects on a vascular dementia model in rats.
    Supervisor: Corbett, Dale R.
  • Hoyte, Lisa (Clinical Neurosciences, Foothills Hospital)
    Ischemic preconditioning in focal stroke: elucidating mechanisms for tolerance.
    Supervisor: Buchan, Alastair M.
  • Hundza, Sandra (Rehabilitation Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Victoria)
    Effect of arm cycling training on the neural control and function of arm and leg muscles after stroke.
    Supervisor: Zehr, E. Paul
  • Laslo, Amanda (Imaging, Robarts Research Institute)
    Effect of erythropoietin on cerebral blood flow and vasospasm after subarachnoid hemorrhage.
    Supervisor: Lee, Ting-Yim
  • Maxwell, Kimberley A. (Neuroscience, University of Calgary)
    Factors mediating neuronal replacement following brain injury.
    Supervisor: Dyck, Richard H.
  • McClellan, Kelly A. (Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa)
    The role of E2F3 in neural stem cell regulation & neurogenesis following stroke.
    Supervisor: Slack, Ruth S.
  • Murphy, Blake (Imaging, Robarts Research Institute)
    Cerebral blood flow and blood volume thresholds for infarction in ischemic stroke.
    Supervisor: Lee, Ting-Yim
  • Rashidian, Juliet (Neurosciences, University of Ottawa)
    The role of cyclin dependent kinases in ischemia/excitotoxic neuronal death.
    Supervisor: Park, David S.
  • Theurer, Julie A. (Neuroscience, University of Western Ontario)
    Oropharyngeal stimulation as a treatment for swallowing impairment following stroke.
    Supervisor: Martin, Ruth E.

Bourses postdoctorales

  • Arzt, Michael (Cardiopulmonary Sleep Disorders and Research Centre, Toronto General Hospital)
    Specific diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea in stroke patients.
    Supervisor: Bradley, T. Douglas
    Co-Supervisor: Young, Terry
  • Casaubon, Leanne (Neurology, Toronto Western Hospital)
    Improving secondary stroke prevention using a nurse case-manager care model.
    Supervisor: Silver, Frank L.
  • Cheung, Paul, Kim-ming (Stroke and Vascular Disease, St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre)
    Establishing the causative roles and mechanisms of atherosclerosis induction by Chlamydia pneumonia.
    Supervisor: Pierce, Grant N.
  • Gombos, Zoltan (Biological Sciences, University of Alberta)
    Interaction of calexcitin, a neuronal calcium-sensor, with voltage-gated potassium channels.
    Supervisor: Spencer, Andrew N.
  • Kirton, Adam C. (Pediatrics, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Measuring plasticity and predicting outcome in perinatal stroke using advanced neuroimaging.
    Supervisor: DeVeber, Gabrielle A.
  • Qi, Xin (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, University of Manitoba)
    Regulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress by casein kinase 2 in cerebral ischemia.
    Supervisor: Anderson, Christopher M.
  • Sun, Hong-Shuo (Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Research Institute)
    Stroke treatment using virally mediated gene silencing of TRP channels.
    Supervisor: Tymianski, Michael
    Co-Supervisor: MacDonald, John F.
  • Winship, Ian R. (Psychiatry and Physiology, University of British Columbia)
    Structural plasticity and electrophysiology in cortical neurons imaged during recovery from stroke.
    Supervisor: Murphy, Timothy H.