Program Grants - Request for Applications

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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is continuing to offer a Program Grants competition as part of its Research Grants Program and is requesting applications for Program Grants for the 2008/2009 funding year.

June 29, 2007 for renewal applications
July 13, 2007 for new applications
September 1, 2007
If the deadline falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, the Heart and Stroke Foundation must receive the application by 4:00pm the previous Friday.
November 30, 2007


The HSFO Program Grants Program is designed to provide support for teams of three or more investigators engaging in collaborative multidisciplinary research in the fields of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease in Ontario institutions. The research must be consistent with the mission of the HSFO. ("HSFO is a community based volunteer organization whose mission is to reduce the risk of premature death and disability from heart disease and stroke by raising funds for research and health promotion.") An HSFO Program Grant proposal must consist of at least three HSFO funded projects, each scientifically meritorious in its own right and which together form an integrated research program.
The Program Grant must have a clearly defined unifying central theme to which each component grant-in-aid (GIA) relates and to which each investigator contributes. Each component GIA must be scientifically meritorious and headed by a different Principal Investigator. The sum of the component GIAs and of the Program Grant core resources, must form an integrated research program. The Director of the group must be a scientist with proven excellence in cardio/cerebro-vascular research and with proven leadership capabilities required to fulfill the role as Director. The Director will be the Principal Investigator of the Program. The Director of the Program Grant must hold a HSFO GIA and that GIA must be included as part of the Program Grant application. At all times during the term of the Program Grant, a minimum of three active, Ontario based GIA’s must be maintained.

Tenure and Application Process

An HSFO Program Grant may be awarded for five years and is renewable subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and on the availability of funds. Applications for groups, whether new or renewal, should be made in two stages: a Program Grant Letter of Intent and a Program Grant Full Application. The Director of the Program Grant is responsible for completion of Letter of Intent and, if approved, the full application, as well as for communicating all Foundation decisions to the Program Grant team members.
New Applications
It is the intention of the HSFO to fund new groups whose members propose new initiatives and who are not a part of existing groups, either funded by HSFO or other granting agencies. A new program grant application requires that the individual grant-in-aid components are new to the Program Grant and that the overall central theme of the program grant is also new. For new program grant applications, a Letter of Intent (using the specified form provided should be submitted by the proposed Program Grant Director to the HSFO Research Department by July 13, 2007. If the proposal is judged suitable by the Program Grants Review Committee, the Director will be advised and invited to submit a full application by November 30, 2007. The Terms of Reference, guidelines and forms for completion of the Letter of Intent and full applications for Program Grants are located on the HSFC research website).
Renewal Applications
For Program Grants that are up for renewal, a Letter of Intent (using the specific form provided) should be submitted by June 29, 2007 of the fourth year to indicate that a renewal application is forthcoming. If the renewal submission is substantially different from the current Program Grant (membership or direction), the procedures for a new Program Grant should be followed. Continuing funding of the Program Grant is contingent upon submission of a satisfactory progress report to HSFO as outlined in our Progress Report-Appendix 1 document located on the HSFC website ( Please note that the maximum term of funding on successful program grants will be a total of 10 years i.e. initial 5 year award and one 5-year renewal.

Commitment of the Institutions

Each Institution in which a member of an HSFO Program Grant holds an appointment is responsible for providing adequate space, facilities, furniture and general services. Institutions are required to provide the principal investigators with an appropriate appointment and salary commensurate with such a position. Salaries can be obtained through HSFC/HSFO personnel programs. Institutions will be asked to provide assurance that an adequate amount of time for research is protected for the Director and the Program Grant members.
For more detailed information please contact:
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