Research Email Updates (January 2004)

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Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Research Update 

January 2004

Happy New Year from the HSFC Research Department Staff

In this issue:
  • Nursing Research Fellowship – Application deadline March 15, 2004
  • HSFC Personnel Awards Update
  • Results of the September 2003 Grant-in-aid Competition
  • External Review of Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Fund
  • ICRH Young Investigators Forum – Last call for travel award applications
  • Report on HSF Research Fund 2003

Request for Applications - Nursing Research Fellowships (March 15, 2004)

Each year the HSFC offers a number of research fellowship awards to nursing professionals to support research training and study in the cardiovascular/cerebrovascular field. The purpose of this program is to encourage nursing professionals to undertake independent research programs. This award provides a stipend of $25,000 per year, plus a $1,000 travel allowance. For more information please visit our Web site.

HSFC Personnel Awards – Update on Peer Review Process

The Personnel Committees of the HSFC will meet January 24-26, 2004 to review New Investigator, Career Investigator, Doctoral Research Award and Research Fellowship applications submitted to the Foundation for 2004/2005. A total of 169 new Doctoral Research Award and 159 new Research Fellowship and 37 New Investigator applications were received this year for our regular competitions. Also to be reviewed this coming weekend are the strategic initiatives in Target Obesity and Focus on Stroke. For Target Obesity, 8 New Investigator, 18 Research Fellowship and 26 Doctoral Research Award applications were received; for Focus on Stroke, numbers were 10 New Investigators, 34 Research Fellowship and 43 Doctoral Research Award applications. The results of these competitions will be announced on the HSFC web site.

Update on the September 2003 Grant-in-aid competition

The HSFC’s Scientific Review Committees met in December 2003 to review 413 grant-in-aid applications that were submitted to the Foundation for the 2004/2005 competition. Official results will be announced through the provincial Heart and Stroke Foundations in the coming months.
New in the HSFC peer review process this year, lay reviewers were added to each of the 9 Scientific Review Committees. The lay reviewers have been incorporated in the review process to review the lay summaries of each application submitted and provide feedback on relevance to the mission of the Foundation and also on the quality of the lay summary. The Foundation, as part of its commitment to accountability, is placing greater emphasis on the lay summaries that are part of the applications as a means of communicating to the public and ensuring that all research funded is relevant to the mission. We are very grateful to the lay reviewers who participated this year for taking the time to assist the Foundation in this role.
We would like to send a special thank you to the many internal and external reviewers who assisted with the peer review of applications this year. It is a busy time of year and it is becoming more challenging each year to maintain the return rates for external reviews that we aspire to. We appreciate your commitment to the Foundation and thank you for your contributions.

External Review of Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Fund

The Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Fund is a special strategic fund created by the provincial Heart and Stroke Foundations and HSFC to support research in strategic areas.
The Foundation is pleased to be part of a wide range of initiatives in partnership with other funding agencies. For information on the current initiatives, please see {ln:Strategic Funding Opportunities 'Federation Research Fund Opportunities.
The HSF Research Fund is currently being reviewed by an External Panel of distinguished experts to review the accomplishments of the Fund to date and provide recommendations to the Board of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.
The membership of the panel is: Mr. Steven Lewis (Chair),Access Consulting; Dr. Indira Samarasekera, Vice President Research, University of British Columbia; Dr. Fraser Mustard, President, Founders’ Network; Dr. Samuel Ludwin, Associate Dean, Research, Queen’s University; Dr. Claude Lenfant, Former Director, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI).
A series of interviews with stakeholders of the Fund (researchers, partner organizations, HSF provincial Foundations) were completed in the fall of 2003 by an external consultant. This information, as well as feedback from a survey of the research community and analysis of data related to the Fund has been provided to the External Review Panel. The Panel will meet in Ottawa February 2-3, 2004 and their recommendations will provide input to the HSFC Board as it plans for the future of the Fund.

ICRH Young Investigators Forum – Last call for travel award applications

CIHR Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health will be hosting a National Research Forum for Young Investigators in Circulatory and Respiratory Health, May 6-9, 2004, in Winnipeg Manitoba. The Forum will become a landmark event wherein Young Investigators interested in the circulatory and respiratory sciences will have an opportunity to learn about current research activity in Canada and elsewhere, to interact and share ideas with colleagues and mentors spanning disciplines and themes, and to participate in "how-to" workshops. The Heart and Stroke Foundation is proud to be a supporter of this event and will be helping to fund travel awards for trainees to attend the Forum. The deadline for submitting a travel award application is approaching quickly (January 30, 2004). Up to date information on the Forum and the agenda can be found on the forum website.
Please take note of the following deadlines related to the Forum:
January 30, 2004 - The deadline for submitting applications for YI Forum Travel Awards - these awards are open to any young investigator working in the area of circulatory and respiratory health, and who requires financial assistance to attend the Forum. By young investigator, we mean anyone who is less than 10 years on faculty, a post-doctoral fellow, a resident, or graduate/undergraduate student. Applicants must submit an abstract to qualify for these Travel Awards. 
February 15, 2004 - Deadline for submitting abstracts. Please indicate on the registration form if you wish to participate in the Poster Competition and/or Symposial Award Competition. All abstracts must contain results. 
February 15, 2004 - Early registration fee of $200.00 is due by this date. The registration fee after February 15, 2004, is $250.00.
The preliminary program has been posted on the YI Forum website. 
Visit the website for more details. 

Report on HSF Research Fund 2003

Details of projects funded in 2003 through the Fund are available in the Report on the HSF Research Fund. 
Alison M. Stephen, PhD
Director, Research
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada 
Jennifer Gee Campbell
Assistant Director, Strategic Research Initiatives
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

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