Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - Personnel Awards 2008/2009

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Personnel awards offered by HSFC for 2008/2009:

Senior Personnel Awards
Junior Personnel Awards

New Investigator Awards

  • Ahern, Christopher A. (Anesthesiology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of British Columbia)
    Investigating anti-arrhythmic inhibition of voltage-gated sodium channels with unnatural amino acids and fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    The control of microvascular tone by the Sphingosine-1-phosphate signalling pathway.
  • Bonnet, Sébastien (Medicine, University of Alberta)
    Dehydroepiandrosterone reverses vascular remodeling diseases.
  • Bossé, Yohan (Anatomy and Physiology, Université de Laval)
    Genetic susceptibility to calcific aortic valve stenosis.
  • Chelikani, Prashen V. G. B. (Oral Biology, University of Manitoba)
    Towards the elucidation of beta2-adrenergic receptor structure.
  • Claydon, Thomas W. (Kinesiology, Simon Fraser University)
    Structural dynamics of hERG potassium channel gating studied using voltage clamp fluorimetry.
  • Feng, Zhong-Ping (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Modulatory mechanisms underlying membrane targeting of cardiac voltage-dependent calcium channels.
  • Jassal, Davinder S. (Cardiovascular Sciences, St. Boniface G.H. Research Centre)
    The interaction of hyperlipidemia and NOS3 on ventricular remodeling after pressure-induced overload.
  • Kassiri, Zamaneh (Physiology, University of Alberta)
    The MMP-dependent and MMP-independent functions of TIMP-2 in heart disease.
  • Thompson, Roger J. (Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Calgary)
    A critical role for pannexin-1 hemichannels in excitotoxic neuronal death.
  • Wang, Hao (Surgery, London Health Sciences Centre)
    ISoluble CD83 based therapy in cardiac allograft tolerance.
  • Yan, Andrew T. (Cardiology, St. Michael's Hospital)
    Impact of in-centre nocturnal hemodialysis on ventricular remodeling and function in end-stage renal disease.
Visiting Scientist
  • Eskes, Gail A. (Psychiatry, Dalhousie University)
    Sponsor: Poulin, Marc J. (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Maximizing stroke outcome: effects of sleep apnea on cognition and functional recovery in patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor stroke.

Research Fellowships

  • Bousette, Nicolas (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Lentivirus mediated transgene expression for cardiac phenotype rescue.
    Supervisor: Gramolini, Anthony O.
  • Chen, Vincent C. (Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia)
    Investigating neuroprotective roles of gap junctions by functional proteomics.
    Supervisor: Naus, Christian C. G.  
  • Cooper, Dawn M. (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, St. Paul's Hospital)
    Targeting granzyme B as a therapeutic approach to atherosclerosis.
    Supervisor: Granville, David J.
  • Denis, Maxime (Chronic Disease, Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    The role of ABCA1 in Atherosclerotic chronic inflammation.
    Supervisor: Zha, Xiaohui
    Co-Supervisor: Whitman, Stewart C.
  • Dong, Zhifang (Brain Research Centre, University of British Columbia)
    Investigation into molecular mechanisms mediating excitotoxicity - developing novel strategies in stroke treatment.
    Supervisor: Wang, Yu Tian
  • Ebrahimian, Talin (Vascular and Hypertension Research Unit, Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research)
    Role of p38 MAP kinase and MK 2 pathway in angitensin II-induced vascular inflammation in hypertension.
    Supervisor: Schiffrin, Ernesto L.
  • Farkas, Attila S. (Research Centre, Montreal Heart Institute)
    The role of intracellular Ca2+ abnormalities in the development of torsade de pointes in isolated rabbit hearts.
    Supervisor: Nattel, Stanley
  • Gao, Su (Pediatrics, University of Alberta)
    Hypothalamic malonyl-CoA regulation of heart fatty acid and glucose oxidation in ischemic heart disease.
    Supervisor: Lopaschuk, Gary D.
  • Germain, Marc (Neuroscience, Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    MCL-1, a regulator of autophagic cell death after stroke.
    Supervisor: Slack, Ruth  S.
  • Hannan, Johanna L. (Physiology, Medical College of Georgia)
    The inhibition of RhoA/Rho-kinase by nitric oxide in erectile function in rats.
    Supervisor: Webb, R. Clinton
  • Hegle, Andrew (Cellular and Physiological Sciences, University of British Columbia)
    Glycosylation and subunit assembly of hyperpolarization-activated cyclic nucleotide-gated (HCN) pacemaker channels.
    Supervisor: Accili, Eric A.
  • Heit, Bryan J. (Cell Biology, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Role of CD36/co-receptors nanoclusters and their role in the uptake of low-density lipoproteins.
    Supervisor: Grinstein, Sergio
  • Hunter, Arwen L. (Cardiovascular Medicine, Stanford University)
    Pro-angiogenic signal-transduction following endothelial nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) activation.
    Supervisor: Cooke, John P.
  • Jegatheeswaran, Anusha (Pediatrics, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Creating a validated risk score to predict outcomes following congenital cardiac surgery.
    Supervisor: McCrindle, Brian W.
  • Jones, Peter P. (Physiology and Physics, University of Calgary)
    Molecular mechanism of cardiac ryanodine receptor regulation by casein kinase 2 (CK2).
    Supervisor: Chen, S. R. Wayne
  • Karki, Pratap (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    Role and regulation of the Na+/H+ exchanger in myocardial cell death.
    Supervisor: Fliegel, Larry
  • Kaun, Karla R. (Anatomy, University of California, San Francisco)
    The genetics of alcoholism: genetic, molecular, and neuroanatomical dissection of ethanol addiction in drosophila melanogaster.
    Supervisor: Heberlein, Ulrike
  • Kilic, Ana (Physiology and Pharmacology, University of Western Ontario)
    Dual and opposite effects of estradiol on intracellular pH and cell size in male and female adult rat cardiomyocytes.
    Supervisor: Karmazyn, Morris
  • Kim, Hugh (CIHR Group in Matrix Dynamics, University of Toronto)
    Mechanically induced cardiac fibrosis: role of cytoskeleton in mechanoprotection.
    Supervisor: McCulloch, Christopher A. G.
  • Laroche, Genevieve (Pharmacology, University of North Carolina)
    Functional studies of receptor-selectivity determinants in RGS proteins in the cardiovascular system.
    Supervisor: Siderovski, David P.
  • Li, Shupeng (Molecular Neurobiology, University of Toronto)
    Identification of a protein peptide in the treatment of ischemic stroke.
    Supervisor: Liu, Fang
  • Machha, Ajay (Biology, Lakehead University)
    Hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide, hypertension, endothelial cells.
    Supervisor: Wang, Rui 
  • Mekhail, Samy Makary (Medicine, Montreal Heart Institute)
    Mechanisms of IKACh channel remodelling in atrial fibrillation.
    Supervisor: Nattel, Stanley
  • Nicolescu, Adrian C. (Pharmacology and Pediatrics, University of Alberta)
    Post-translational modification and regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-2 in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion.
    Supervisor: Schulz, Richard
  • Panama, Brian K. (Medicine and Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Molecular regulation of cardiac K+ channels and excitability.
    Supervisor: Backx, Peter H.
  • So, Christopher (Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Thomas Jefferson University)
    Functional characterization of G protein-coupled receptor kinases in the nucleus.
    Supervisor: Benovic, Jeffrey L.
  • Tang, Guanghua (Pharmacology, University of Saskatchewan)
    Effects of methylglyoxal on ATP-sensitive K+ channels and underlying mechanisms in vascular smooth muscle cells.
    Supervisor: Wu, Lingyun (Lily)
  • Varady, Krista A. (Nutritional Sciences, University of California, Berkeley)
    Effect of daily calorie restriction of alternate-day fasting regimens on adipose tissue physiology and coronary heart disease risk.
    Supervisor: Hellerstein, Marc
  • Zhang, Liyan (Pediatrics, University of Alberta)
    Cardiac lipotoxicity in obesity and diabetes.
    Supervisor: Lopaschuk, Gary D.

Nursing Research Fellowships

  • Beaulieu, Dominique (Sciences infirmières, Université Laval)
    Développement, implantation, évaluation d'interventions pour améliorer l'alimentation des adolescents en milieu scolaire.
    Supervisor: Godin, Gaston 
  • Rombough, Rosemarie E. (Rehabiliation Therapy, Queen's University)
    Exercise induced changes in bone health, muscle mass and function in chronic stroke.
    Supervisor: Brouwer, Brenda
  • Routledge, Faye S. (Nursing, Dalhousie University)
    24-hour hemodynamic assessment of blood pressure dipping patterns among premenopausal and postmenopausal women.
    Supervisor: McFetridge-Durdle, Judith

Doctoral Research Awards

  • Chen, Wenqian (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Ryanodine receptor regulation by luminal Ca2+ and its role in heart disease.
    Supervisor: Chen, S. R. Wayne
  • Eguchi, Megumi (Biology, York University)
    Regulation of cardiomyocyte apoptosis by adiponectin.
    Supervisor: Sweeney, Gary
  • Kim, Minsuk (Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of British Columbia)
    Metabolic basis for diabetic heart disease: role of cardiac lipoprotein lipase.
    Supervisor: Rodrigues, Brian B.
  • Kim, Paul Y. (Biochemistry and Medicine, Queen's University)
    A study of function and regulation of factor Va.
    Supervisor: Nesheim, Michael E.
  • Klein, Ran (Cardiac Imaging, University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Factor-analysis of dynamic PET images for improved quantification of myocardial blood flow.
    Supervisor: deKemp, Robert
  • Linte, Cristian A. (Imaging Research, Robarts Research Institute)
    Techniques for image-guidance and navigation of minimally-invasive off-pump intracardiac interventions.
    Supervisor: Peters, Terence M.
  • Ramer, Leanne (ICORD, University of British Columbia)
    The role of peripheral plasticity in episodic hypertension following spinal cord injury.
    Supervisor: Krassioukov, Andrei V.
    Co-Supervisor: Steeves, John
  • Rueda-Clausen, Christian F. (Obstetrics and Gynecology/Physiology, University of Alberta)
    Effects of hypoxia-induced intrauterine growth restriction on cardiac function and metabolism in adult offspring.
    Supervisor: Davidge, Sandra T.
  • Small, Theodore W. (Biochemistry, Robarts Research Institute)
    The role of wilms' tumour 1-associating protein in vascular remodeling.
    Supervisor: Pickering, J. Geoffrey
  • Stachniak, Tevye J. (Neuroscience, Montreal General Hospital)
    Neuropeptide modulation of osmosensory transmission from OVLT to SON.
    Supervisor: Bourque, Charles W.
  • Tyrrell, Pascal N. (Rheumatology, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Inflammation and atherosclerosis in pediatric rheumatic disease.
    Supervisor: Silverman, Earl D.
  • Voronova, Anastassia (Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa)
    Characterization of Gli2 transcription factor in cardiac muscle cell development.
    Supervisor: Accili, Eric A.
  • Wang, Huajin (Pediatrics and Cell Biology, University of Alberta)
    Role of triacylglycerol hydrolase and apolipoprotein E in hepatic lipid droplet metabolism.
    Supervisor: Skerjanc, Ilona S.
  • Wiles, Andrew D. (Medical Biophysics, Robarts Research Institute)
    Navigation accuracy models for intracardiac minimally invasive surgery.
    Supervisor: Peters, Terence M. 

Industry Research Fellowships

  • The Foundation works with industry partners to build capacity for heart and stroke research in Canada and to develop the researchers of tomorrow. In partnership with the pharmaceutical industry, the Foundation grants research fellowships to enable aspiring young investigators to train with leaders in their disciplines.