Fondation des maladies du cœur d'Ontario

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Recent Funding Opportunities for Ontario Researchers

  • Ontario Mid - Career Investigator Award (deadline: 08 September 2017)
  • Ontario Clinician-Scientist Award (deadline: 08 September 2017)

Supplementary Guidelines

General Information

  • March, 2013:  The Heart and Stroke Foundation-Ontario Provincial Office no longer offers the John D. Schultz or the Martin L. Wills summer research scholarships.

  • Contact Information:

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1300 
P.O. Box 2414 
Toronto, Ontario 
M4P 1E4
Tel: (416) 489-7111
Fax: (416) 489-6885
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  • Templates
HSFO PowerPoint Template - Please use this PowerPoint template when presenting information on your HSFO-funded projects
  • Reports
    • HSF Ontario Personnel Program Progress Report Template 2014 (PDF)
    • HSF Ontario GIA Final Report template 2014 (Word)
    • HSF GIA Close-Out Report 2014 (Word)

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