Bénéficiaires de subventions de recherche 2018/2019

Adeli, Khosrow (Hospital for Sick Children)    
Neuroendocrine mechanisms of hepatic steatosis and VLDL overproduction in insulin resistance
Ainslie, Philip (University of British Columbia)
Cerebral blood flow regulation by nitric oxide in health and aging
Albert, Paul (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)          
Enhancing behavioral and cognitive recovery from stroke
Allen, Bruce (Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal)         
MAP kinase-activated protein kinases (MKs) mediate distinct detrimental effects in heart
Auger, Nathalie* (Centre hospitalier de l'université de Montréal)
Women at the intersection of pregnancy and cardiovascular disease: the WRISQ cohort
*Improving Heart & Brain Health for Women Award 2018 recipient
Bendeck, Michelle (University of Toronto)
Co-PI: Santerre, Paul            
N-cadherin and strategies to inhibit smooth muscle cell migration
Brown, Craig (University of Victoria)               
Chemogenetic modulation of dis-inhibitory cortical circuits to improve stroke recovery
Bub, Gil (McGill University) 
Neurally mediated arrhythmogenesis
Burns, Peter (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)        
Ultrasound poration for gene delivery in cardiovascular therapy
Chauhan, Vijay (University Health Network)   
Electrogram-based evaluation of atrial myopathy in patients undergoing atrial fibrillation catheter ablation
Chelikani, Prasanth (University of Calgary)   
Prebiotic fiber: mechanisms of protection against obesity, stroke and hypertension
Chen, Hsiao-Huei (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Mechanisms to improve stroke recovery
Choy, Jonathan (Simon Fraser University)      
Immune and vascular effects of IL-6 in transplant arteriosclerosis
Clavel, Marie-Annick (Institut de cardiologie de Québec)            
Sex-dependent pathophysiological mechanisms in aortic valve stenosis: implication of sex hormones and the renin-angiotensin system
Claydon, Victoria (Simon Fraser University)    
Mechanisms and management of pediatric syncope
Connolly, Stuart (McMaster University)           
Role of silent atrial fibrillation in hospital readmission for heart failure
Conway, Edward (University of British Columbia)         
Modulation of vascular function and thrombus formation by CD248
Cregan, Sean (Robarts Research Institute)     
Targeting the integrated stress response factor ATF4 for neuroprotection
Cummins, Carolyn (University of Toronto)     
The LXR/EPC secretome as a new source of anti-atherogenic proteins
Czubryt, Michael (St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre)               
Role of scleraxis in perivascular fibrosis
Dancause, Numa (Université de Montréal)
A primate-to-human translational platform to optimize repetitive magnetic stimulation protocols after stroke
Dasgupta, Kaberi* (McGill University Health Center Research Institute)    
Childhood, youth, and parental outcomes after gestational diabetes mellitus and gestational hypertension - within and across families
*Improving Heart & Brain Health for Women Award 2018 recipient
Dawson, John (University of Guelph)              
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: how cardiac actin mutations change contractility
Dowlatshahi, Dar (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Co-PI: Rochon, Elizabeth
RecoverNow: early tablet-based speech therapy for post stroke aphasia
Dumaine, Robert (Université de Sherbrooke)
Role of sodium channels in epilepsy related arrythmias and sudden death
ElAli, Ayman (CHUL Research Center)              
Neurovascular restoration in stroke: role of dickkopf-related protein-1 (DKK1)
Faiz, Maryam* (University of Toronto)
Co-PI: Morshead, Cindi        
Reprogramming astrocytes: a tool for stroke recovery
*Improving Heart & Brain Health for Women Award 2018 recipient
Field, Thalia (University of British Columbia)
Co-PI: Hill, Michael               
SECRET - Study of rivaroxaban for CeREbral venous Thrombosis
Foster, Glen (University of British Columbia)
Intermittent hypoxia and cardiovascular disease
Frayne, Richard (Foothills Hospital)
Micro MR angiography (mMRA) — a tale of two approaches
Gagnon, Daniel (Montreal Heart Institute)
Sauna therapy to improve vascular function in middle-aged to older adults with and without heart disease
Ghugre, Nilesh (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Iron-mediated cardioprotection in ischemia-reperfusion injury
Giacca, Adria (University of Toronto)              
Vascular actions of insulin: 'Selective insulin resistance' revisited
Girouard, Helene* (Université de Montréal)   
Neurovascular coupling in hypertension
*Improving Heart & Brain Health for Women Award 2018 recipient
Gordon, Joseph (University of Manitoba)
Co-PI: West, Adrian              
Molecular regulation of cell death by myocardin following myocardial infarction
Gross, Peter (McMaster University)
The ideal ASA dose in dual antiplatelet therapy
Ha, Andrew (University Health Network)
Co-PI: Lee, Douglas             
Validation and comparative evaluation of the Bimodal Survival and Implantable defibrillator Shock (BaSIS) risk score
Hamilton, Jill (Hospital for Sick Children)        
Impact of gestational diabetes on the epigenome, adiposity, and cardiometabolic risk in early childhood
Healey, Jeff (McMaster University)
Atrial Fibrillation Occurring Transiently with Stress (AFOTS) quantifying the risks of recurrent AF
Hegele, Robert (University of Western Ontario)
Clinical translation of genomic determinants of cardiometabolic risk
Honjo, Osami (Hospital for Sick Children)       
Development of mechanical circulatory support system for failing single ventricle fontan physiology
Jung, Mary (University of British Columbia)
The power of choice on exercise adherence and cardiovascular health in prediabetes
Kanelis, Voula (University of Toronto at Mississauga)
Understanding molecular defects and drug correction of KATP channel mutations that cause cardiovascular disease
Kim, Kyoung-Han (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)              
Transcriptional and non-transcriptional functions of Irx5 in heart disease
Kubes, Paul (University of Calgary)  
The pericardium as a source of repair macrophage
Lavoie, Kim (Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal)
Co-PI: Bacon, Simon             
Cardiovascular, immune and thrombotic responses to smoking e-cigarettes vs combustible cigarettes under conditions of physical and mental stress
Lettre, Guillaume (Montreal Heart Institute)  
The genetics of endothelial functions: impact on coronary artery disease risk
Lillicrap, David (Queen's University) 
The role of von Willebrand factor in deep vein thrombosis
Luo, Honglin (University of British Columbia)
Enteroviral control of autophagy: relevance to heart failure
Ma, David (University of Guelph)
Co-PI: Haines, Jess              
Impact of sugar intake and non-nutritive sweeteners on cardiometabolic risk factors, and modification by genetic factors, among preschool children in the Guelph family health study
Mak, Susanna* (Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital)
Co-PI: Granton, John            
The role of exercise hemodynamic testing to improve pulmonary hypertension diagnosis in older adults
*Improving Heart & Brain Health for Women Award 2018 recipient
Mansfield, Avril (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute)         
Effect of perturbation-based balance training on physical fitness post-stroke
Marelli, Ariane (McGill University Health Center Research Institute)            
Low dose ionizing radiation procedures and cancer in Canada's children with congenital heart disease
Marleau, Sylvie (Université de Montréal)
Co-PI: Ong, Huy    
Regulation of macrophage immunometabolism in atherosclerosis by CD36 azapeptide ligands
Mequanint, Kibret (University of Western Ontario)       
Roles of elastin and notch in VSMC differentiation for clinically relevant engineered human vascular tissues
Nattel, Stanley (Montreal Heart Institute)       
Molecular control of cardiac rhythm in atrial cardiomyopathy
Oh, Paul (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute)      
High intensity interval training for people with stroke deficits: optimizing the exercise intervention a randomized clinical study
Oudit, Gavin (University of Alberta) 
Targeting ACE2 as a novel therapy for diabetic cardiovascular complications
Pare, Guillaume (McMaster University)
An integrated genomic-biomarker approach for discovery of novel causal mediators of cardio-metabolic diseases
Parker, Thomas (St. Michael's Hospital)         
The functional role of the S100 family of EF-hand proteins and their receptors in sepsis-induced cardiovascular pathophysiology
Pasumarthi, Kishore (Dalhousie University)  
Molecular and functional characterization of cardiac progenitor cells
Petrella, Robert (University of Western Ontario)           
Exercise to improve the hearts and minds of Canadian older adults with hypertension: the heart & mind study
Pinthus, Jehonathan (St. Joseph's Hospital – Hamilton)
Co-PI: Duivenvoorden, Wilhelmina
Cardiovascular risk with androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer: investigations into the role of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)
Proctor, Spencer (University of Alberta)         
Efficacy of a novel idiotypic antibody against arterial glycosaminoglycans to inhibit cholesterol retention during atherosclerosis and insulin resistance
Quinn, T Alexander (Dalhousie University)    
Role of the intracardiac nervous system in stress-induced arrhythmias with Popdc1 mutation
Radisic, Milica (University of Toronto)             
Harnessing the body's inherent molecular defense to develop new antimicrobial and immunomodulatory polymers for cardiac and surgical applications
Robertson, George (Dalhousie University)     
Gait preservation by conditional neuron-specific mitochondrial calcium uniporter deficiency in mouse models of hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke
Rose, Robert (University of Calgary)               
The impacts of age and frailty on sinoatrial node and atrial structure, function and arrhythmogenesis
Seubert, John (University of Alberta)
Protecting cardiac mitochondria from ischemic injury through a novel eicosanoid Caveolin-1 pathway
Sharpe, Simon (Hospital for Sick Children)
Co-PI: Pomes, Regis            
Structural effects of polymorphisms in tropoelastin - molecular basis for increased susceptibility to cardiovascular disease
So, Derek (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
Co-PI: Goodman, Shaun       
A randomized study of novel strategies for antiplatelet therapy in patients with prior myocardial infarction - the rapid tailor extend pilot study
Sorisky, Alexander (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)             
Thymic stromal lymphopoietin: a novel thyrotropin-regulated pro-inflammatory cytokine expressed by human adipocytes
Swartz, Richard (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)  
Adherence to risk reduction after stroke/TIA – the role of cognitive impairment and mood symptoms
Thanassoulis, George (McGill University Health Center Research Institute)
Co-PI: Engert, James            
Genomics of aortic stenosis
Thompson, Roger (University of Calgary)      
Role of asynchronous glutamate release in stroke induced dementia
Wijeysundera, Harindra (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)    
Identifying predictors of cumulative health care costs associated with trans-catheter aortic valve implantation in severe aortic stenosis: an inter-provincial evaluation
Woo, Minna (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute)           
Dissecting the metabolic and inflammatory role of DJ-1 in atherogenesis
Yang, Guangdong (Laurentian University of Sudbury)
Co-PI: Wu, Lingyun               
The regulatory roles of cystathionine gamma-lyase/H2S system in aortic aneurysms
Zariffa, Jose (University Health Network)        
Monitoring functional hand use in stroke survivors using wearable technology