Training Bursaries for PhD Students in Cardiovascular and Stroke Research

Partnership between Le Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ), Le Réseau en santé cardiovasculaire (RSCV) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec (HSFQ).

The partners offer Training bursaries for Ph.D. students working with researchers receiving a grant-in-aid from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec (HSFQ). 
Investigators (priority is given to young investigators which would normally qualify as a FRSQ chercheur boursier junior 1, i.e. investigators with 8 years of experience or less since their last degree) may submit with their application to the HSFQ the names of one to three Ph.D. students that they would like to see funded under the FMCQ/FRSQ/RSCV protocol. 
These students should be clearly earmarked in the application as potential candidates for this special training bursary in a cover letter and in the budget section of the grant-in-aid application. 
In addition, nominated graduate students must apply in parallel for a regular FRSQ doctoral training award (application deadline: October 15 th; information and application forms available on the FRSQ Web site
Awardees will be selected on the basis of merit (i.e. based on their classification in the FRSQ competition) among candidates recommended for funding but not selected for a regular FRSQ studentship.
For more information:
Francine Forget Marin MBA, P.Dt.
Assistant Director - Health Promotion and Research
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Québec
Tel.: 514 871-8038 ext 291
Fax: 514 871-9385