Dr. Andrés Petrasovits Fellowship Award in Cardiovascular Health Policy Research 2004/2005 - Riley

Dr. Barbara Riley
University of Waterloo 

Dr. Barbara Riley will examine heart disease prevention in Canadian health policy. Canada has a high rate of early-onset heart disease, and a higher percentage of socially disadvantaged Canadians have heart disease. Yet, despite recommendations, Canadian health policy does not put enough emphasis on the prevention of heart disease and other chronic diseases.
Dr. Riley will investigate why Canadian health policy does not adequately emphasize the practice of heart disease prevention. Dr. Riley’s research will look at how political processes have shaped these policies.
By challenging long-standing beliefs, including our basic beliefs on health and illness, Dr. Riley’s research will help guide the development of strategies and health policies addressing primary prevention of heart disease and other chronic diseases.
Until recently, Dr. Riley was a partner in RBJ Health Management Associates. She completed her PhD in 2002. To undertake the fellowship, Dr. Riley will be based at the Centre for Behavioural Research and Program Evaluation at the University of Waterloo in Ontario.