2003-2004 Sanofi-Synthelabo/HSFC Research Fellowship - Coutts

Dr. Shelagh Coutts
Foothills Hospital

Dr. Shelagh Coutts, who specializes in stroke neurology, is evaluating patients who are identified early after stroke's onset. One of her major interests is using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to predict how minor stroke can affect patients. Research results could be applied to identify high-risk patients and allow the use of alternative therapies to ease stroke survivors' rehabilitation.
Working with Drs. Alastair Buchan and Andrew Demchuk in the Calgary Stroke Program at the Foothills Hospital, Dr. Coutts is also attempting to expand the time window for successful treatment with "clot-busting" therapies in people affected by stroke, which would improve their outcomes and their quality of life post-stroke.
Dr. Coutts completed her medical training in at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, and completed her internal medicine training in Glasgow. She plans to finish her neurology training in Canada to become a stroke neurologist here.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, together with Sanofi-Synthelabo, is pleased to be supporting Dr. Coutts in her post-doctoral work.
Supported by Sanofi-Synthelabo