2003 - 2004 AstraZeneca Canada Inc./HSFC Research Fellowship - Wang

Dr. Hao Wang
l'Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal

Dr. Hao Wang spent ten years as a cardiologist and clinical researcher in China before coming to Canada in 2000 to pursue post-doctoral training. Throughout the past decade, Dr. Wang has studied the causes of hypertension and its link to cardiovascular diseases. 
Dr. Wang's current project focuses on cardiac hypertrophy (a condition causing the heart to expand and become increasingly fibrous) and its involvement in heart failure. Dr. Wang will investigate the role of angiotensin II - a cardiovascular hormone with an established role in hypertrophy - and how it might help prevent cardiac arrest. This work will contribute to our understanding of the root causes of heart disease and could lead to new treatments. 
Dr. Wang trained at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute for two years and is now working with Dr. Mona Nemer at the Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal. Upon completing his fellowship, he plans to continue his cardiovascular research in Canada. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. are pleased to support promising young investigators like Dr. Wang, whose work will help advance the fight against heart disease. 
Supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc.