2003 - 2004 AstraZeneca Canada Inc./HSFC Research Fellowship - Di Legge

Dr. Silvia Di Legge
London Health Sciences Research Centre 

Dr. Silvia Di Legge is investigating whether stroke patients whose brains are affected on the right side receive tPA, a beneficial acute stroke treatment, less often than those affected on the left side. She hypothesizes that right hemispheric stroke victims are less likely to realize they've had a stroke and are therefore not admitted to hospital in time to receive tPa, which must be administered within three hours of stroke's onset to be effective.
Because early recognition is critical to successful stroke treatment, Dr. Di Legge hopes to increase awareness in the community and among health care providers of right hemispheric stroke's warning signs. This project could spawn campaigns highlighting the symptoms of right hemispheric stroke and could raise the likelihood of right-side stroke patients receiving early treatment, which would improve their rehabilitation and quality of life post stroke.
Dr. Di Legge obtained her MD degree in Italy, where she gained clinical experience in stroke treatment and recovery. She continues to explore this realm through her post-doctoral research under the guidance of Dr. Vladimir Hachinski at the London Health Sciences Research Centre.
In addition to her post-doctoral work supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc. and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Dr. Di Legge is currently pursuing her PhD in neuroscience. In the future, she hopes to conduct population-based studies focusing on stroke prevention.
Supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc.