2004 - 2005 AstraZeneca Canada Inc./HSFC Research Fellowship - Touret

Dr. Nicolas Touret
Hospital for Sick Children

Dr. Nicolas Touret is studying inflammation in blood vessels and surrounding tissues that is associated with atherosclerosis – a condition in which plaque builds up on the inside walls of the arteries and can lead to heart attack or stroke. Scientific evidence suggests that inflammation is an important factor in atherosclerosis.
Dr. Touret’s research will look at the development of atherosclerosis by studying the body signals that result in inflammation. Identifying the molecular factors associated with this complex process will enhance our understanding of the development of atherosclerosis and may provide the basis for new therapies.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. proudly support Dr. Touret’s postgraduate work in cell biology. His work is supervised by Dr. Sergio Grinstein, holder of the Pitblado Chair in Cell Biology at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Dr. Touret received his PhD in Molecular Biology and Physiology from the University of Nice, France in 2001.
Supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc.