2004 - 2005 AstraZeneca Canada Inc./HSFC Research Fellowship - Healey

Dr. Jeff Healey
McMaster University 

Dr. Jeff Healey's research looks at how to prevent atrial fibrillation (AF), a rapid and irregular heartbeat caused by abnormal electrical impulses. According to Dr. Healey, several hundred thousand Canadians suffer from AF, which is a risk factor for stroke. The two main causes of AF are high blood pressure and heart failure.
Dr. Healey is looking at how AF develops in order to prevent it. His clinical study, which includes subjects from 20 centres across Canada, is examining how the heart rhythm changes in people who are on the path to developing AF. Dr. Healey hopes the results of his study will lead to the better use of medications that could significantly reduce the development and recurrence of AF.
Dr. Healey is also using cardiac imaging to investigate the biological changes, such as an increase in the size of the heart and blood vessels, which occur in people who have AF. He will also investigate the impact medications have on these biological changes.
A clinical scholar in the cardiology division of McMaster University’s Department of Medicine since 2003, Dr. Healey plans to present the final results from this study in October 2006. He will be studying under the supervision of Dr. Stuart Connolly.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. are proud to support young investigators like Dr. Healey.
Supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc.