Grant-in-Aid and Career Investigator Competitions - Competition Results 2005

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the scientists from Ontario who were awarded Grant-in-Aid / Career Investigator funding in the September 2005 competition.

These results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be sent to all applicants the week of March 20, 2006, along with the budget / funding details and rankings. Career Investigator awards do not have first year amounts, however the standard stipend applies.
For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided. Applicants will be contacted in the near future in this regard. Some proposals were not ranked high enough to receive full funding. In such cases, the Foundation has provided a terminal award, in order to assist scientists in maintaining some level of research activity until a re-application can be made.
The Foundation requests that you do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving the award letters.
  • Alter, David A. (Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences)
    Cardiovascular treatment & outcomes disparities among high-risk populations
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Alter, David A. (Institute for Clinical Evaluation Sciences)
    Care gaps among high-risk cardiovascular patients: evaluating the inappropriateness and clinical significance of the "treatment-risk paradox"
    2 Year, New (pending), $86,289
  • Anand, Sonia (Hamilton General Hospital)
    EpiDREAM - A prospective cohort study to determine environment and genetic determinants of metabolic syndrome related factors
    3 Year, New (pending), $165,072
  • Andrew, R. David (Queen's University)
    Imaging and preventing early stroke damage in intact mammalian neurons
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $72,613
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in atherothrombotic disease
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Bai, Donglin (University of Western Ontario)
    Connexin mutation and atrial fibrillation
    2 Year, New, $71,725
  • Bartha, Robert (Robarts Research Institute)
    New metabolic imaging approaches to assess brain tissue viability
    3 Year, Renewal, $81,134
  • Bendeck, Michelle P. (University of Toronto)
    The role of type VIII collagen in vascular disease
    2 Year, New, $85,311
  • Boffa, Michael B. (Queen's University)
    The TAFI pathway in thrombolysis: regulation of TAFI activation and role of the platelet pool of TAFI
    3 Year, New, $66,139
  • Bonen, Arend (University of Guelph)
    Regulation of fatty acid transport in the heart
    5 Year, Renewal, $96,323
  • Boughner, Derek R. (University of Western Ontario)
    A tissue engineering approach to bioprosthetic heart valve design
    3 Year, New, $98,188
  • Caldwell, Patricia H. (McMaster University)
    Preferences of patients with advanced heart failure and physicians regarding communication about prognosis and its implications
    1 Year, New (pending), $24,219
  • Chakrabarti, Subrata (University of Western Ontario)
    Vasoactive and cardioactive factors in diabetic heart disease
    2 Year, New, $75,550
  • Chauhan, Vijay S. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Characterizing ventricular repolarization alternans in human cardiomyopathy
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Choong, Karen L.M. (McMaster Children's Hospital)
    A study of the efficacy of vasopressin in pediatric vasodilatory shock
    1 Year, New, $61,623
  • Ciriello, John (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of sex steroids in central regulation of arterial pressure
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Clarke, Bryan J. (McMaster University)
    Factor VII as an inhibitor of coagulation, sepsis and cancer
    2 Year, New, $82,723
  • Coles, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    The regulation of cellular signaling in cardiac progenitor cells
    2 Year, New (pending), $76,039
  • Connelly, Philip W. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Molecular mechanisms for oxidation of high density lipoproteins
    2 Year, Renewal, $96,529
  • Copeland, John W. (University of Ottawa)
    Role of formin proteins in shear stress-induced cytoskeletal remodeling in endothelial cells
    2 Year, New (pending), $76,480
  • Cregan, Sean P. (Robarts Research Institute)
    p53 signaling in oxidative damage induced neuronal apoptosis
    2 Year, New (pending), $72,800
  • Danckert, James A. (University of Waterloo)
    Examining the behavioural and neural effects of prisms adaptation in stroke patients suffering from unilateral neglect
    2 Year, New (pending), $42,550
  • de Kemp, Robert A. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Quantitative molecular PET imaging in mouse models of heart disease
    2 Year, New (pending), $70,400
  • Deeley, Roger (Queen's University)
    Functional studies of the ATP-binding cassette transporter, ABCA1
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $92,136
  • Eubanks, James H. (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    Methyl DNA-binding factor complexes and neurodegeneration
    3 Year, New (pending), $83,929
  • Fehlings, Michael G. (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    The ischemic axon: cross-talk with myelin in K+ channel terms
    2 Year, New (pending), $79,089
  • Feindel, Christopher M. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Erythropoietin and hypertonic saline for cardiac transplant
    3 Year, Renewal, $92,959
  • Feng, Zhong-Ping (University of Toronto)
    Modulatory mechanisms underlying expression of cardiac voltage-dependent calcium channels
    3 Year, Renewal, $62,250
  • Ferber, Susanne (University of Toronto)
    Revisiting spatial neglect - implications for theory and rehabilitation
    2 Year, New (pending), $56,003
  • Ferguson, Stephen G. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Regulation of G protein-coupled receptor signaling desensitization and resensitization
    5 Year, Renewal, $119,696
  • Floras, John S. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Cardiovascular regulation in men and women with heart failure and hypertension
    2.5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Fremes, Stephen E. (Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
    Unraveling the black box of adverse events in cardiac surgery
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $90,350
  • Funk, Colin (Queen's University)
    Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase pathways in cardiovascular disease
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Funk, Colin (Queen's University)
    COX-2 pathway and cardiovascular disease
    3 Year, New, $116,208
  • Gao, Yu-Jing (McMaster University)
    Perivascular adipose tissue, reactive oxygen species, and hypertension
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Gollob, Michael H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genetic predictors of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with heart failure
    2 Year, New (pending), $50,320
  • Gollob, Michael H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Pathophysiologic study of the role of AMPK in cardiac arrhythmias, conduction system development, and metabolic cardiomyopathy
    3 Year, Renewal, $78,175
  • Goodman, Jack M. (University of Toronto)
    Effects of prolonged strenuous exercise on left ventricular function
    2 Year, New (pending), $42,490
  • Gramolini, Anthony O. (University of Toronto)
    Molecular basis of PLN regulation and function in cardiac muscle
    2 Year, New, $75,929
  • Grinstein, Sergio (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Dual role of CD36 in macrophages: atherosclerosis and immune responsiveness
    4 Year, Renewal, $80,951
  • Gross, Gil J. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Contractile and electrophysiologic adaptations to constrained heart rate conditions

    2 Year, New, $103,631
  • Grover, Ashok K. (McMaster University)
    Caloxins: novel inhibitors of plasma membrane calcium pumps
    2 Year, New (pending), $74,608
  • Gruenwald, Colleen (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Individualized heparin and protamine management in infants undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery reduces bleeding and blood transfusion requirements
    2 Year, New (pending), $57,063
  • Hache, Robert J.G. (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    Regulation of human primary preadipocyte differentiation by glucocorticoids
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $90,138
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Structure-function analysis of multimerin 1 proadhesive function
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $109,206
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Studies of the mechanisms involved in generating profibrinolytic and antifibrinolytic human platelets
    3 Year, Renewal, $80,462
  • Hegele, Robert A. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Genetic determinants of atherosclerosis in ethnic groups: focus on metabolic syndrome
    5 Year, Renewal (pending), $115,467
  • Heximer, Scott P. (University of Toronto)
    Defining the role of RGS2 as a mediator of vascular signaling and blood pressure regulation
    3 Year, Renewal, $105,639
  • Holbrook, Anne M. (St. Joseph's Healthcare)
    Validation and implementation of individualized benefit: harm profiles for optimal warfarin prescribing
    2 Year, New, $9,125
  • Hou, Sheng T. (National Research Council of Canada)
    Semaphorin-3A's role in axonal degeneration and regeneration following cerebral ischemia
    3 Year, Renewal, $59,154
  • Hough, Margaret R. (Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
    Cardiac repair and regeneration
    3 Year, New (pending), $84,613
  • Husain, Mansoor (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Role of glucagon-like peptides in cardiac health and disease
    3 Year, New (pending), $94,000
  • Igdoura, Suleiman A (McMaster University)
    Sialidase (neu1) as a novel risk factor for cardiovascular disease
    2 Year, Renewal, $74,175
  • Ikura, Mitsuhiko (Princess Margaret Hospital, UHN)
    Structural elucidation of intracellular calcium transporters
    5 Year, Renewal, $99,575
  • Irvine, Jane M. (York University)
    Psychological support for implantable defibrillator patients

    2 Year, Renewal (pending), $91,244
  • Jaeggi, Edgar T. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Intrauterine growth restriction with early and late onset placental insufficiency: impact on myocardial function and arterial compliance
    2 Year, New (pending), $38,260
  • Kahr, Walter H.A. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Secretory granules in human platelets: the role of VPS33B in alpha granule biogenesis
    2 Year, New, $78,400
  • Kanji, Salmaan (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    Atrial fibrillation in the intensive care unit: a randomized controlled trial (AFib ICU study)
    1 Year, New (pending), $81,116
  • Khokha, Rama (Ontario Cancer Institute, UHN)
    Molecular dissection of the distinct function of TIMP-3 and TIMP-4 in heart disease
    3 Year, Renewal, $75,861
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    Mechanisms of atherothrombosis: analysis of lipoprotein and fibrinolytic risk factors
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    The pathophysiology of Lp(a) in the arterial wall: effect of Apo(a) on vascular cell function
    5 Year, Renewal, $96,899
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (University of Western Ontario)
    Clinical and genetic assessment of primary electrical disease
    3 Year, Renewal, $94,976
  • Lanctot, Krista L. (Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
    The role of cytokine-serotonin interactions in post-stroke depression
    2 Year, New (pending), $57,770
  • Leong-Poi, Howard M. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Site-targeted imaging and delivery of cell-based therapy
    2 Year, New (pending), $73,682
  • Li, Ren-Ke (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Restoration of cardiac function: cellular regeneration and matrix reconstruction
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Liu, Peter P. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Homing signals and cell mobilization in cardiac remodeling post myocardial infarction
    3 Year, Renewal, $95,158
  • Lucas, Alexandra R. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Serpin regulation of innate immune response and vascular repair
    3 Year, Renewal, $60,592
  • Mak, Alan S. (Queen's University)
    Cortactin and caldesmon in vascular smooth muscle cell migration and invasion
    5 Year, Renewal, $89,313
  • Marcel, Yves L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    The genetic basis of cholesterol efflux defects in hypoalphalipoproteinemia
    3 Year, Renewal, $92,583
  • Marcel, Yves L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Role of GULP in engulfment and cellular cholesterol trafficking
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    Regulated expression of the human nNOS gene
    5 Year, Renewal, $109,203
  • Maurice, Donald H. (Queen's University)
    PDEs in blood vessels
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • McBride, Heidi M. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Mechanisms and functions of mitochondrial derived vesicles
    2 Year, New, $67,042
  • McCrindle, Brian W. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Identifying determinants and optimizing rehabilitation of physical activity for children after the fontan procedure
    2 Year, New (pending), $62,184
  • McDermott, John C. (York University)
    Role of MEF2 interacting proteins in cardiac development and hypertrophy
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Melo, Luis Gabriel (Queen's University)
    Cardiogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells using transcription factors
    2 Year, New (pending), $81,959
  • Min, Wei-Ping (University of Western Ontario)
    Protection of heart grafts in transplantation through RNA interference
    2 Year, Renewal, $76,140
  • Newton, Gary E. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Investigations of dietary therapy in human heart failure
    2 Year, New (pending), $57,450
  • Nurse, Colin A. (McMaster University)
    Mechanisms regulating asphyxial responses in rat adrenal chromaffin cells
    4 Year, Renewal, $92,100
  • O'Brien, Edward R. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Heat shock protein 27, a novel estrogen receptor beta associated protein: role in estrogen signaling and vascular disease
    3 Year, New (pending), $102,200
  • O'Leary, Deborah D. (Brock University)
    The effects of body composition on arterial stiffness and baroreflex function in children
    2 Year, New (pending), $47,935
  • Pandey, Siyaram (University of Windsor)
    Identification and functional characterization of unique single domain intrabodies against pro-apoptotic proteins and their application in the discovery of novel pharmacophore
    3 Year, Renewal, $77,000
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Pathways which regulate neuronal death
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Oxidative stress and ischemic death
    2 Year, New, $68,000
  • Parker, John D. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Pharmacologic induction of ischemic preconditioning: studies concerning organic nitrates
    2 Year, New (pending), $64,487
  • Parshuram, Christopher S. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    PEWS translation project: from retrospective algorithm to real-time bedside tool
    2 Year, Renewal, $74,652
  • Peng, Tianqing (London Health Sciences Centre)
    PLCgamma/IP3 signaling regulates cardiac TNF-alpha expression in sepsis
    3 Year, New (pending), $93,971
  • Puri, Mira C. (Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
    Role of endoglin in mammalian cardiovascular development
    2 Year, Renewal, $69,349
  • Rao, Vivek (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Mechanisms of transplant related vascular injury
    2 Year, New, $63,000
  • Reid, Robert D. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    An interactive, voice response-mediated, follow-up and triage system for smoking cessation in smokers with CHD
    3 Year, New (pending), $71,625
  • Richards, Carl D. (McMaster University)
    Oncostatin M and IL-15 in generation of atherosclerotic plaque formation in APO E-/- mouse model: phenotype of cross of OSM or IL-15 deficient strains with APO E-/-
    2 Year, New, $93,002
  • Ruel, Marc Andre (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Evaluation of biopolymer delivered EPCs for cardiac repair in a swine model of hibernating myocardium
    2 Year, New, $86,364
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    Novel strategies to regulate microglia activation and neurotoxicity
    3 Year, Renewal, $96,732
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    The clot-targeting properties of natural and engineered antiplasmins
    3 Year, Renewal, $80,694
  • Silverman, Earl D. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Role of chronic inflammation and systemic lupus erythematosus-related factors in the development of premature atherosclerosis in pediatric SLE
    3 Year, Renewal, $92,945
  • Silversides, Candice K. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Hemodynamics and hormonal changes in pregnant women with cardiac disease: understanding the effects of pregnancy on the diseased heart
    2 Year, New (pending), $37,744
  • Slack, Ruth (University of Ottawa)
    Regulation of Mcl1 to treat stroke
    5 Year, Renewal, $98,632
  • Sled, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Three dimensional quantification of the placental vascular tree: relationship with normal and abnormal fetal growth and hemodynamics
    2 Year, New (pending), $65,283
  • Smith, Steven P. (Queen's University)
    Structural mechanisms of apolipoprotein(a)-ligand interactions: roles in Lp(a) assembly and function
    1 Year, Renewal, $35,000
  • Sparks, Daniel L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Regulation of ApoA-I synthesis and secretion by phoshatidylinositol
    3 Year, New, $80,580
  • Spence, J. David (Robarts Research Institute)
    3D Ultrasound phenotypes and vascular risk
    3 Year, New, $77,650
  • Stanimirovic, Danica B. (Inst. for Biological Sciences of CNR)
    Astrocyte-endothelial cell interactions in hypoxia: role of P1GF in hypoxia-induced brain angiogenesis
    3 Year, Renewal, $71,000
  • Tesson, Frederique (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genetic approach to heart failure
    2 Year, New, $33,900
  • Tsushima, Robert G. (University of Toronto)
    Snare protein modulation of cardiac Kv channels
    3 Year, Renewal, $78,002
  • Tuana, Balwant S. (University of Ottawa)
    SLMAPs: Sarcolemmal membrane associated proteins and E-C coupling
    4 Year, Renewal, $139,652
  • Tyml, Karel (Lawson Health Research Institute)
    Microvascular dysfunction in sepsis
    2 Year, New (pending), $92,724
  • Van Arsdell, Glen S. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Analysis of the mechanisms of altered systemic and cerebral oxygen transport in children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome undergoing stage I palliation
    3 Year, New (pending), $87,000
  • Verma, Subodh (St. Michael's Hospital)
    RasGRP3: a novel signaling protein and molecular target for endothelial progenitor cell mobilization and neovascularization
    2 Year, Renewal, $74,655
  • Wan, Qi (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    PTEN suppression-mediated neuroprotection in stroke
    2 Year, New (pending), $76,939
  • Wang, Hao (University of Western Ontario)
    Tolerance induction through targeting memory T cells by blocking OX40 signaling pathway in presensitized recipients
    2 Year, New, $80,626
  • Weisel, Richard D. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Cardiac regeneration by cell transplantation
    3 Year, Renewal (pending), $69,424
  • Weitz, Jeffrey I. (McMaster University)
    Mechanisms of coronary catheter-induced clotting
    4 Year, Renewal, $112,788
  • Werstuck, Geoffrey H. (McMaster University)
    Mechanisms by which diabetes mellitus promotes the development and progression of atherosclerosis
    2 Year, New (pending), $88,567
  • Wilson, Gregory J. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Chloride channel regulation in myocardial preconditioning
    5 Year, Renewal (pending), $122,503
  • Yang, Burton B. (Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
    Roles of versican in mediating leukocyte and endothelial cell activites
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Yeung, Rae S-M (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Towards a better understanding of Kawasaki disease
    2 Year, New, $79,847
  • Zaidi, Syed H.E. (University Health Network)
    Roles of growth differentiation factor 5 and bone morphogenetic protein 4 in cardiovascular diseases
    2 Year, New (pending), $80,040