Multi-Year Research Grants and Personnel Awards - Release of Funds - July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce confirmation of budget commitment on existing multi-year grants-in-aid and personnel awards as indicated below. An official letter will also be sent to all grant recipients shortly. For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided.

Additionally, for projects that were identified as being "applied" or "clinically oriented" in the September 2005 competition, funding is encumbered pending the May 15, 2007 Progress Report. For all other awards, please refer to your award letter for details.

September 2006 Competition Funding Decisions

The funding decisions for the September 2006 competition will be announced by March 15, 2007 on the national website
  • Adams, Michael A. (Queen's University)
    Antihypertensive treatment strategies in the management of sexual dysfunction
    2005, New Annual, $100,580
  • Adeli, Khosrow (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Molecular mechanisms of apolipoprotein B degradation
    2005, Renewal, $115,550
  • Al-Attar, Salam (Robarts Research Institute)
    Genetic determinants and phenomic markers of metabolic syndrome (MetS)
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Alter, David A. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Cardiovascular treatment & outcomes disparities among high-risk populations
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Anand, Sonia (McMaster University)
    EpiDREAM - A prospective cohort study to determine environment and genetic determinants of metabolic syndrome related factors
    2006, New Annual (pending), $149,089
  • Andrew, R. David (Queen's University)
    Imaging and preventing early stroke damage in intact mammalian neurons
    2006, Renewal, $73,465
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Role of endoplasmic reticulum stress in atherothrombotic disease
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Backx, Peter H. (University of Toronto)
    Mechanisms of heart disease
    2004, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Backx, Peter H. (University Health Network)
    Role of inward rectifier k+ and HCN channels in heart
    2005, Renewal, $129,259
  • Bartha, Robert (Robarts Research Institute)
    New metabolic imaging approaches to assess brain tissue viability
    2006, Renewal, $84,740
  • Basseri, Sana (McMaster University)
    Contributions of endoplasmic reticulum stress to obesity and cardiovascular disease
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Bates, Shannon M. (McMaster University)
    Simplifying the diagnosis and prevention of venous thromboembolism in challenging patient populations
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $70,250
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Effects of continuous positive airway pressure therapy on myocardial energetics and sympathetic nerve function in patients with heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea
    2005, New Annual, $122,278
  • Bendeck, Michelle P. (University of Toronto)
    Smooth muscle cell interactions with the extracellular matrix in atherosclerosis
    2004, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Birnie, David H. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Importance of mechanical dyssynchrony and resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $70,250
  • Boffa, Michael B. (Queen's University)
    The TAFI pathway in thrombolysis: regulation of TAFI activation and role of the platelet pool of TAFI
    2006, New Annual (pending), $111,802
  • Bonen, Arend (University of Guelph)
    Regulation of fatty acid transport in the heart
    2006, Renewal, $96,978
  • Bose, Arpita (University of Windsor)
    Recovery in post-stroke aphasia: psycholinguistics and psychosocial perspective
    2006, Fellowship, $47,500
  • Boughner, Derek R. (University of Western Ontario)
    A tissue engineering approach to bioprosthetic heart valve design
    2006, New Annual (pending), $105,021
  • Brooks, Dina (University of Toronto)
    Cardic rehabilitation after stroke
    2006, Stroke Rehabilitation (pending), $65,857
  • Brouwer, Brenda (Queen's University)
    Client-centred 'tune-ups': do they enhance physical capacity, mobility function and community reintegration in stroke survivors?
    2006, Stroke Rehabilitation (pending), $249,057
  • Capone, John P. (McMaster University)
    Function and mechanisms of action of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
    2003, Renewal, $146,889
  • Chakrabarti, Subrata (University of Western Ontario)
    Vasoactive and cardioactive factors in diabetic heart disease
    2006, New Annual (pending), $73,134
  • Chan, Anthony K.C. (McMaster University)
    Study of the pathogenesis and treatment of pediatric disease related to the hemostatic system
    2005, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Clarke, Bryan J. (McMaster University)
    Factor VII as an inhibitor of coagulation, sepsis and cancer
    2006, New Annual (pending), $84,378
  • Coles, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    The regulation of cellular signaling in cardiac progenitor cells
    2006, New Annual, $77,560
  • Connelly, Philip W. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Molecular mechanisms for oxidation of high density lipoproteins
    2006, Renewal, $99,465
  • Connelly, Philip W. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Comparative studies of paraoxonase 1 and paraoxonase 3
    2005, Renewal, $61,022
  • Copeland, John W. (University of Ottawa)
    Role of formin proteins in shear stress-induced cytoskeletal remodeling in endothelial cells
    2006, New Annual (pending), $78,010
  • Cregan, Sean P. (Robarts Research Institute)
    p53 signaling in oxidative damage induced neuronal apoptosis
    2006, New Annual, $74,256
  • Crowther, Mark A. (McMaster University)
    Optimizing anticoagulant therapy
    2004, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Danckert, James A. (University of Waterloo)
    Examining the behavioural and neural effects of prisms adaptation in stroke patients suffering from unilateral neglect
    2006, New Annual (pending), $42,550
  • Eubanks, James H. (University Health Network)
    Methyl DNA-binding factor complexes and neurodegeneration
    2006, New Annual, $85,005
  • Fayad, Ashraf A. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Peri-operative myocardial ischemia in isolated systolic hypertension (PROMISE)
    2006, Elevated Systolic (pending), $182,725
  • Fehlings, Michael G. (University Health Network)
    The ischemic axon: cross-talk with myelin in K+ channel terms
    2006, New Annual, $79,089
  • Feindel, Christopher M. (University Health Network)
    Erythropoietin and hypertonic saline for cardiac transplant
    2006, Renewal, $90,389
  • Feng, Qingping (University of Western Ontario)
    Mechanisms of heart failure
    2005, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Feng, Zhong-Ping (University of Toronto)
    Modulatory mechanisms underlying expression of cardiac voltage-dependent calcium channels
    2006, Renewal, $62,250
  • Ferguson, Stephen G. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Molecular Regulation of G Protein-coupled Receptor Signal Transduction Complexes
    2003, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Ferguson, Stephen G. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Regulation of G protein-coupled receptor signaling desensitization and resensitization
    2006, Renewal, $121,353
  • Floras, John S. (University of Toronto)
    Cardiovascular regulation in men and women with heart failure and hypertension
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Floras, John S. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Multidisciplinary group for the investigation and therapy of human cardiovascular disease
    2003, Program, $100,000
  • Fremes, Stephen E. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Unraveling the black box of adverse events in cardiac surgery
    2006, Renewal, $81,750
  • Funk, Colin D. (Queen's University)
    Lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase pathways in cardiovascular disease
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Funk, Colin D. (Queen's University)
    COX-2 pathway and cardiovascular disease
    2006, New Annual (pending), $117,823
  • Gagnon, France (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Genome-wide search for oligogenes in factor V Leiden thrombophilia
    2005, New Annual, $55,537
  • Garland, S. Jayne (University of Western Ontario)
    Standing balance following stroke: a novel approach for postural muscle retraining
    2005, New Annual, $59,210
  • Giacca, Adria (University of Toronto)
    Anti-atherogenic effect of insulin in vivo
    2005, Renewal, $63,143
  • Gladstone, David J. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Stroke prevention for high-risk patients: Identifying barriers and creating solutions
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $64,000
  • Gollob, Michael H. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genetic determination of atrial fibrillation
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $64,000
  • Gollob, Michael H. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genetic predictors of ventricular arrhythmias in patients with heart failure
    2006, New Annual, $51,530
  • Gollob, Michael H. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Pathophysiologic study of the role of AMPK in cardiac arrhythmias, conduction system development, and metabolic cardiomyopathy
    2006, Renewal, $78,341
  • Goodman, Jack M. (University of Toronto)
    Effects of prolonged strenuous exercise on left ventricular function
    2006, New Annual (pending), $40,600
  • Gramolini, Anthony O. (University of Toronto)
    Molecular basis of PLN regulation and function in cardiac muscle
    2006, New Annual (pending), $98,675
  • Grant, David R. (University Health Network)
    Role of fg12 in transplantation and cardiac development
    2005, Renewal, $76,756
  • Grinstein, Sergio (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Dual role of CD36 in macrophages: atherosclerosis and immune responsiveness
    2006, Renewal, $84,193
  • Gross, Gil J. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Contractile and electrophysiologic adaptations to constrained heart rate conditions
    2006, New Annual (pending), $105,466
  • Grover, Ashok K. (McMaster University)
    Caloxins: novel inhibitors of plasma membrane calcium pumps
    2006, New Annual (pending), $76,100
  • Gruenwald, Colleen (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Individualized heparin and protamine management in infants undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery reduces bleeding and blood transfusion requirements
    2006, New Annual (pending), $51,503
  • Hache, Robert J.G. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Regulation of human primary preadipocyte differentiation by glucocorticoids
    2006, Renewal, $91,941
  • Hageraats-Boucher, Jami-Lee (University of Western Ontario)
    A tissue engineering approach to bioprosthetic heart valve design
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Hammond, James R. (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of nucleoside transporters in the regulation of the vascular effects of adenosine and its metabolites
    2005, Renewal, $72,247
  • Hatton, Mark W. C. (McMaster University)
    Comparative study of the procoagulant and pro-fibrinolytic nature of VX-2 tumours and their effusions when located in different body compartments of rabbits
    2005, Renewal, $72,047
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Studies of novel platelet and vascular secretory proteins
    2005, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Structure-function analysis of multimerin 1 proadhesive function
    2006, Renewal, $91,423
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Studies of the mechanisms involved in generating profibrinolytic and antifibrinolytic human platelets
    2006, Renewal, $81,371
  • Hegele, Robert A. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Genetic determinants of coronary heart disease
    2005, Career Investigator, $43,975
  • Heximer, Scott P. (University of Toronto)
    Defining the role of RGS2 as a mediator of vascular signaling and blood pressure regulation
    2006, Renewal, $107,612
  • Hinek, Aleksander (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Elastin as a crucial factor modulating cellular proliferation - relevance to arterial diseases
    2003, Renewal, $97,531
  • Holbrook, Anne M. (McMaster University)
    Validation and implementation of individualized benefit: harm profiles for optimal warfarin prescribing
    2006, New Annual (pending), $6,875
  • Holdsworth, David W. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Investigation of flow in the stenosed carotid bifurcation
    2003, Renewal, $87,970
  • Hou, Sheng T. (University of Ottawa)
    Semaphorin-3A's role in axonal degeneration and regeneration following cerebral ischemia
    2006, Renewal, $64,728
  • Hough, Margaret R. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Cardiac repair and regeneration
    2006, New Annual, $87,793
  • Huff, Murray W. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Cellular Programs and Responses in Atherosclerosis
    2006, Program, $250,000
  • Huff, Murray W. (University of Western Ontario)
    Regulation of ApoB metabolism: relationship to atherosclerosis
    2005, Renewal, $136,206
  • Huijbregts, Maria PJ (Baycrest Centre)
    Filling the community programming gap in northern Ontario: Telehealth dissemination of a stroke self-management program
    2005, Stroke Rehabilitation (pending), $146,981
  • Husain, Mansoor (University of Toronto)
    Molecular regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and contractility
    2004, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Husain, Mansoor (University Health Network)
    Role of glucagon-like peptides in cardiac health and disease
    2006, New Annual (pending), $115,440
  • Igdoura, Suleiman A (McMaster University)
    Sialidase (neu1) as a novel risk factor for cardiovascular disease
    2006, Renewal, $83,206
  • Ikura, Mitsuhiko (University Health Network)
    Structural elucidation of intracellular calcium transporters
    2006, Renewal, $100,967
  • Irvine, Jane M. (University Health Network)
    Psychological support for implantable defibrillator patients
    2006, Renewal, $31,623
  • Jaeggi, Edgar T. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Intrauterine growth restriction with early and late onset placental insufficiency: impact on myocardial function and arterial compliance
    2006, New Annual (pending), $38,995
  • Kahr, Walter H.A. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    The role of VPS33B in platelet alpha granule formation
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $70,250
  • Karmazyn, Morris (University of Western Ontario)
    Modulation of cardiomyocyte hypertrophy by nitric oxide and endothelin-1 in the aging myocardium
    2005, Renewal, $100,046
  • Kawaja, Michael David (Queen's University)
    Sympathetic hyperinnervation associated with the hypertensive phenotype of rats and mice
    2005, Renewal, $72,623
  • Kayaniyil, Sheena C. (York University)
    Concordance of self and program-reported rates of cardiac rehabilitation referral and participation
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Keeley, Fred W. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Recombinantly expressed polypeptides of human elastin as a novel tool for investigations of the structure, self-assembly and properties of elastin-like materials
    2004, Renewal, $113,748
  • Kelton, John G. (McMaster University)
    Platelet-mediated acute thrombotic disorders
    2005, Renewal, $145,214
  • Khokha, Rama (University of Toronto)
    Molecular dissection of the distinct function of TIMP-3 and TIMP-4 in heart disease
    2006, Renewal, $75,861
  • Ko, Dennis T. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Appropriateness and necessity of coronary angiogram
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $64,000
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    Mechanisms of atherothrombosis: analysis of lipoprotein and fibrinolytic risk factors
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    The pathophysiology of Lp(a) in the arterial wall: effect of Apo(a) on vascular cell function
    2006, Renewal, $98,741
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    Interaction of Lp(a) with the plasminogen system: mechanisms and pathophysiological consequences
    2005, Renewal, $99,840
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (University of Western Ontario)
    Clinical and genetic assessment of primary electrical disease
    2006, Renewal, $96,092
  • Kutryk, Michael J. B. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Novel application of progenitor endothelial cells
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $70,250
  • Lanctot, Krista L. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    The role of cytokine-serotonin interactions in post-stroke depression
    2006, New Annual (pending), $50,945
  • Langille, B. Lowell (University of Toronto)
    Cell Biology of Atherosclerosis
    2005, Program, $250,000
  • Lee, Robert M.K.W. (McMaster University)
    Alterations in hypertensive arteries
    2005, Renewal, $81,714
  • Leenen, Frans H.H. (University of Ottawa)
    Molecular and genetic bases for coronary artery disease and the progression to heart failure
    2003, Program, $150,000
  • LeGrand, Jaclyn N. (University of Ottawa)
    Regulation of Mcl-1 to treat stroke
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Leong-Poi, Howard M. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Site-targeted imaging and delivery of cell-based therapy
    2006, New Annual, $74,582
  • Letarte, Michelle V. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Role of endoglin in normal vasculature and in the pathology of HHT
    2005, Renewal, $93,545
  • Lewis, Gary F. (University of Toronto)
    Mechanism of the dyslipidemia of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes
    2003, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Lewis, Gary F. (University Health Network)
    Regulation of HDL metabolism
    2005, Renewal, $87,262
  • Leytin, Valery (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Platelet apoptosis induced by chemical agonists and shear stresses
    2005, Renewal, $85,022
  • Li, Ren-Ke (University Health Network)
    Restoration of cardiac function: cellular regeneration and matrix reconstruction
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
    The role of von Willebrand factor in arterial thrombosis
    2005, Career Investigator, $43,975
  • Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
    The role of von Willebrand factor in arterial thrombosis
    2005, Renewal, $94,627
  • Liu, Peter P. (University Health Network)
    Homing signals and cell mobilization in cardiac remodeling post myocardial infarction
    2006, Renewal, $96,734
  • Liu, Peter P. (University Health Network)
    "Danger signal", cell injury and "innate immune response" in regulating inflammation in cardiovascular disease
    2005, Renewal, $108,884
  • Liu, Peter P. (University Health Network)
    T-Cell Based Immune Mechanisms of Chlamydial Vascular Injury
    2003, Renewal, $115,763
  • Logan, Alexander G. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Self-monitoring of blood pressure in primary care in older (45+ years) diabetic patients with uncontrolled systolic hypertension
    2006, Elevated Systolic (pending), $220,296
  • Lucas, Alexandra R. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Serpin regulation of innate immune response and vascular repair
    2006, Renewal, $78,892
  • Mak, Alan S. (Queen's University)
    Cortactin and caldesmon in vascular smooth muscle cell migration and invasion
    2006, Renewal, $95,071
  • Marcel, Yves L. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    The genetic basis of cholesterol efflux defects in hypoalphalipoproteinemia
    2006, Renewal, $93,660
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    The human nitric oxide synthase genes: relevance to disease
    2003, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    Regulated expression of the human nNOS gene
    2006, Renewal, $111,216
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    Post-transcriptional regulation of eNOS expression
    2005, Renewal, $95,069
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    The Sifton Distinguished Scientist Award
    2003, Sifton Award, $10,000
  • Maurice, Donald H. (Queen's University)
    PDEs in blood vessels
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Maurice, Donald H. (Queen's University)
    PDEs in blood vessels
    2004, Renewal, $96,506
  • McBride, Heidi M. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Mechanisms and functions of mitochondrial derived vesicles
    2006, New Annual (pending), $86,773
  • McCrindle, Brian W. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Identifying determinants and optimizing rehabilitation of physical activity for children after the fontan procedure
    2006, New Annual (pending), $57,783
  • Mehta, Sanjay (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Microvascular endothelial cell injury in murine sepsis
    2005, New Annual, $90,945
  • Melo, Luis Gabriel (Queen's University)
    Cardiogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells using transcription factors
    2006, New Annual (pending), $82,999
  • Min, Wei-Ping (University of Western Ontario)
    Protection of heart grafts in transplantation through RNA interference
    2006, Renewal, $77,653
  • Morley, Paul (University of Ottawa)
    Synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDA receptors in preconditioning
    2005, Renewal, $67,344
  • Myers, Martin G. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Automated office blood pressure measurement
    2005, Elevated Systolic (pending), $382,099
  • Nesheim, Michael E. (Queen's University)
    The activation of TAFI and the properties of TAFIa
    2005, Renewal, $88,357
  • Newton, Gary E. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Investigations of dietary therapy in human heart failure
    2006, New Annual (pending), $57,450
  • Newton, Gary E. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Free radical modulation of sympathetic activity and mechanical efficiency in the normal and failing human heart
    2005, Renewal, $64,264
  • Ni, Heyu (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Novel mechanisms of platelet aggregation: role of alternative ligands of beta3 integrin in thrombosis and hemostasis
    2005, Renewal, $66,826
  • Nurse, Colin A. (McMaster University)
    Mechanisms regulating asphyxial responses in rat adrenal chromaffin cells
    2006, Renewal, $81,668
  • O'Brien, Edward R. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    NM23-H2, an estrogen receptor beta associated protein: alterations in signal regulation and role in vascular cell function
    2005, Renewal, $72,085
  • O'Brodovich, Hugh (Hospital for Sick Children)
    New approach to augment clearance of pulmonary edema
    2005, Renewal, $87,556
  • O'Leary, Deborah D. (Brock University)
    The effects of body composition on arterial stiffness and baroreflex function in children
    2006, New Annual (pending), $47,935
  • Pandey, Siyaram (University of Windsor)
    Identification and functional characterization of unique single domain intrabodies against pro-apoptotic proteins and their application in the discovery of novel pharmacophore
    2006, Renewal, $60,000
  • Park, David S. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Pathways which regulate neuronal death
    2006, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Oxidative stress and ischemic death
    2006, New Annual, $69,160
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Mechanisms of delayed death in stroke
    2004, Renewal, $80,600
  • Parry, Monica J.E. (McMaster University)
    A multi-centre trail of a peer support intervention to improve health outcomes following coronary artery bypass graft surgery
    2006, Nursing Fellowship, $59,000
  • Parshuram, Christopher S. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    PEWS translation project: from retrospective algorithm to real-time bedside tool
    2006, Renewal, $72,991
  • Peng, Tianqing (Lawson Health Research Inst.)
    PLCgamma/IP3 signaling regulates cardiac TNF-alpha expression in sepsis
    2006, New Annual, $97,670
  • Pickering, J. Geoffrey (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of Smooth Muscle Cells in Vascular Disease
    2003, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Pickering, J. Geoffrey (Robarts Research Institute)
    Regulation of smooth muscle cell differentiation and longevity
    2005, Renewal, $105,190
  • Popovic, Milos R. (Addiction and Mental Health)
    Functional electrical stimulation-assisted walking: enhancement of voluntary walking function among persons with severe hemiplegia post stroke
    2006, Stroke Rehabilitation (pending), $132,265
  • Puri, Mira C. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Role of endoglin in mammalian cardiovascular development
    2006, Renewal, $69,349
  • Rao, Vivek (University Health Network)
    Mechanisms of transplant related vascular injury
    2006, New Annual, $64,260
  • Reid, Robert D. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    An interactive, voice response-mediated, follow-up and triage system for smoking cessation in smokers with CHD
    2006, New Annual (pending), $71,425
  • Renaud, Jennifer M. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Myocardial blood flow and coronary flow reserve with Rb-82 PET imaging
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Renaud, Leo P. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Suprachiasmatic nucleus efferents
    2005, Renewal, $59,091
  • Rodger, Marc A. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    TAPP - thrombophilia and placental pathology
    2005, New Annual, $41,433
  • Ruel, Marc Andre (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Evaluation of biopolymer delivered EPCs for cardiac repair in a swine model of hibernating myocardium
    2006, New Annual, $89,379
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (University Health Network)
    Novel strategies to regulate microglia activation and neurotoxicity
    2006, Renewal, $86,445
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (University Health Network)
    Targeting K channels to control inflammation in stroke
    2005, Renewal, $103,133
  • Sharma, Arya M. (McMaster University)
    Biological determinants of the differences in metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors between South Asians and European Caucasians
    2005, New Annual, $56,789
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    The clot-targeting properties of natural and engineered antiplasmins
    2006, Renewal, $81,989
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    Building novel antithrombotic serpins using directed or selectable mutational approaches
    2005, Renewal, $63,716
  • Silverman, Earl D. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Role of chronic inflammation and systemic lupus erythematosus-related factors in the development of premature atherosclerosis in pediatric SLE
    2006, Renewal, $129,389
  • Silversides, Candice K. (University Health Network)
    Hemodynamics and hormonal changes in pregnant women with cardiac disease: understanding the effects of pregnancy on the diseased heart
    2006, New Annual (pending), $37,744
  • Singh, Amaya M. (University of Waterloo)
    Neuroanatomical and neurophysiological markers to predict effectiveness of bilateral movement training post-stroke
    2006, Master's Studentship (pending), $18,000
  • Slack, Ruth (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Regulation of Mcl1 to treat stroke
    2006, Renewal, $99,996
  • Sled, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Three dimensional quantification of the placental vascular tree: relationship with normal and abnormal fetal growth and hemodynamics
    2006, New Annual (pending), $66,888
  • Sparks, Daniel L. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Regulation of ApoA-I synthesis and secretion by phoshatidylinositol
    2006, New Annual, $100,192
  • Sparks, Daniel L. (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    The role of HDL in triglyceride metabolism
    2005, Renewal, $68,052
  • Spears, Julian (St. Michael's Hospital)
    International, prospective, multi-center study of radiographic and clinical events in the management of cerebral aneurysms >= 1cm
    2006, Clinician Scientist (pending), $64,000
  • Spence, J. David (Robarts Research Institute)
    3D Ultrasound phenotypes and vascular risk
    2006, New Annual (pending), $98,852
  • Spence, J. David (Robarts Research Institute)
    Biomarkers in vulnerable carotid plaque with microemboli or ulcers
    2005, Renewal, $98,526
  • Stanimirovic, Danica B. (University of Ottawa)
    Astrocyte-endothelial cell interactions in hypoxia: role of P1GF in hypoxia-induced brain angiogenesis
    2006, Renewal, $72,280
  • Steinman, David A. (University of Toronto)
    Image-based modelling of hemodynamics and cerebrovascular disease
    2004, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Stewart, Duncan J. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    NO synthase in cardiovascular health and disease
    2005, Renewal, $95,361
  • Tesson, Frederique (U of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genetic approach to heart failure
    2006, New Annual (pending), $34,278
  • Touyz, Rhian M. (Ottawa Health Research Inst.)
    Vascular regulation by magnesium in hypertension
    2005, Renewal, $97,618
  • Tsushima, Robert G. (University of Toronto)
    Snare protein modulation of cardiac Kv channels
    2006, Renewal, $79,442
  • Tu, Jack V. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Improving the quality of heart and stroke care in Canada
    2005, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Tu, Jack V. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Improving the quality of acute myocardial infarction care in Canada
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