Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Career Investigator Competitions - Competition Results 2007

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the results of the September 2007 Grant-in-Aid and Career Investigator competitions.

The GIA competition

Of the 218 applications received, the Foundation was able to offer funding to 118 Ontario investigators, representing a first-year investment of $10.9 million, a 30% increase over the September, 2006 competition. This growth is a result of the Foundation’s strategic directive to reward excellence more richly, and offer higher levels of funding to very highly rated GIA applications. The Foundation’s total investment offer over 5 years is $33.7 million, a 43% increase over last year.
The competition results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be sent to all applicants the week of March 24, 2008, along with the budget / funding details and rankings.
The list provides the name of the principal investigator, institution, title, type of grant, first-year operating budget, term of the grant, and whether any condition has been placed on approval of the grant. For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided. This will be addressed in the letters to applicants noted above. This list is for information only.
Career Investigator awards do not have first year amounts, however the standard stipend applies.
The Foundation requests that applicants do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving the award letters.
  • Adams, Michael A. (Queen's University) 
    Antihypertensive treatment strategies in the management of sexual dysfunction
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $95,533
  • Anand, Sonia (McMaster University)
    Understanding genetic associations with myocardial infarction in multiethnic populations
    2 Year, New Annual $46,747
  • Austin, Peter C. (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)
    Statistical methods for cardiovascular research
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Contributions of the unfolded protein response pathway to adipogenesis and obesity
    3 Year, New Annual, $79,234
  • Backx, Peter H. (University of Toronto)
    Transcriptional regulation of cardiac transient outward K+ currents and function in heart
    5 Year, Renewal (Pending), $149,714
  • Bai, Donglin (University of Western Ontario)
    The role of connexin43 in cardiac function
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $123,465
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Metabolism, energetics and neurohormonal signaling and their response to therapy in dysfunctional myocardium
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Effects of continuous positive airway pressure therapy on myocardial energetics and sympathetic nerve function in patients with heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $125,159
  • Benazon, Nili R. (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health)
    Correlates of women's compliance with exercise prescriptions during and following cardiac rehabilitation
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $109,868
  • Birnie, David H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Long-term effects of cardiac resynchronization therapy on LV remodeling and ventricular arrhythmia: the reverse remodeling study
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $20,100
  • Boughner, Derek R. (University of Western Ontario)
    Early image-based diagnosis of aortic valve sclerosis in a rabbit model
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $80,000
  • Cattral, Mark S. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Role of immedate dendritic cell precursors in allograft regection and tolerance
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $76,694
  • Chakrabarti, Subrata (University of Western Ontario)
    Vasoactive and cardioactive factors in diabetic heart disease
    2 Year, New Annual, $74,400
  • Chan, Anthony K.C. (McMaster University)
    Carbohydrate variation effects in the protein C pathway during development
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $76,239
  • Chen, Hsiao-Huei (University of Ottawa)
    Mechanisms to reduce injury and improve recovery from stroke
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $101,442
  • Chidiac, Peter (University of Western Ontario)
    Impact of RGS proteins on cardiovascular function
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Chidiac, Peter (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of RGS2 in cardiovascular and metabolic function
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,150
  • Ciriello, John (University of Western Ontario)
    Leptin links obstuctive sleep apnea, obesity and hypertension
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $111,275
  • Coles, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Integrin-linked kinase (ILK) promotes compensated cardiac hypertrophy
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $78,300
  • Coles, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Defective cell signaling in tetralogy of fallot (TF)
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $79,017
  • Connelly, Philip W. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Studies of the lactonase activity of paraoxonase 1 - and HDL associated enzyme of relevance to cardiovascular disease
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $77,300
  • Copeland, John W. (University of Ottawa)
    Role of formin proteins in shear stress-induced cytoskeletal remodeling in endothelial cells
    5 Year, Renewal, $103,950
  • Cregan, Sean P. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Mechanisms of P53 induced neuronal apoptosis
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $78,553
  • DaSilva, Jean N. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Altered noradrenergic signaling transduction in the development of cardiac dysfunction in Diabetes: role of glycemic therapy
    2 Year, New Annual, $78,481
  • Dawson, John F. (University of Guelph)
    Expression and characterization of human cardiac actin mutants linked to hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathies
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $78,555
  • Dick, Alexander J. (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    Endothelial progenitor cell modification to improve left ventricular function post myocardial infarction
    3 Year, Renewal, $76,877
  • Drangova, Maria (Robarts Research Institute)
    Dynamic micro-CT for pre-clinical cardiac imaging
    3 Year, Renewal, $113,071
  • Emili, Andrew (University of Toronto)
    Mechanistic investigation of microRNA-mediated regulation of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)
    3 Year, New Annual, $96,378
  • Fehlings, Michael G. (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    The ischemic axon: cross-talk with myelin in K+ channel terms
    3 Year, Renewal, $84,389
  • Ferguson, Stephen G. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Molecular regulation of G protein-coupled receptor signal transduction, desensitization and resensitization
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Floras, John S. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Neural regulation of the circulation in human heart failure and hypertension
    3 Year, New Annual, $128,257
  • Floras, John S. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Central regulation of autonomic cardiovascular function in human heart failure and sleep apnea
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $72,621
  • Fowler, Robert A. (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    E-PROTECT: prospective economic analysis in the prophylaxis for thromboembolism in critical care trial
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $76,076
  • Gagnon, France (University of Toronto)
    Genome-wide search for oligogenes in factor V leiden thrombophilia
    3 Year, Renewal, $107,355
  • Giacca, Adria (University of Toronto)
    Vasculoprotective effect of insulin in vivo
    3 Year, Renewal, $76,668
  • Grace, Sherry L. (York University)
    An RCT of women's adherence to women-only, home-based and traditional cardiac rehabilitation (CR4HER)
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $101,379
  • Graham, Simon J. (Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care)
    Further development of fMRI technology applied to stroke recovery
    2 Year, New Annual, $79,406
  • Gramolini, Anthony O. (University of Toronto)
    Investigation of phospholamban mutations, sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium defects, and dilated cardiomyopathy
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $93,400
  • Grant, David R. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    fgl2/FGL2 and xenograft transplantation
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $88,600
  • Grover, Ashok K. (McMaster University)
    Caloxins: novel inhibitors of plasma membrane calcium pumps
    3 Year, Renewal, $76,928
  • Hamilton, Robert M. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Intercalated disc protein expression in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $72,100
  • Hammond, James R. (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of nucleoside/nucleobase transporters in the regulation of the vascular effects of adenosine and its metabolites
    3 Year, Renewal, $75,900
  • Hess, David A. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Cellular constituents and paracrine pathways that mediate functional vascular regeneration
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $102,201
  • Hinek, Aleksander (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Elastin and elastin receptor as crucial factors modulationg cellular funtions in cardiovascular development and diseases
    5 Year, Renewal, $118,060
  • Holdsworth, David W. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Investigation of flow in the stenosed carotid bifurcation
    5 Year, Renewal (Pending), $117,236
  • Igdoura, Suleiman A. (McMaster University)
    Molecular impact of sialidase on atherosclerosis in transgenic mice
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $80,000
  • Iscoe, Steven D. (Queen's University)
    Inspiratory occlusion-induced cardiac dysfunction in rats and mice
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $72,189
  • Kearon, Clive (McMaster University)
    Optimizing treatment and diagnosis of venous thromboembolism
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Khan, Nadia A. (University of British Columbia)
    Sex and ethnic differences in stroke prognosis and quality of care
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $21,450
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (Queen's University)
    Modulation of the TAFI pathway in health and disease: mechanistic analysis of the regulation of TAFI gene expression in hepatic and extrahepatic cells
    4 Year, New Annual, $113,328
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (University of Western Ontario)
    Inherited arrhythmias: clinical and genetic assessment of primary electrical disease
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Lanctot, Krista L. (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    The role of cytokine-serotonin interactions in post-stroke depression and cognitive symptoms
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $97,113
  • Lee, Douglas S. (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)
    Emergent care and outcomes of acute heart failure
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,900
  • Lee, Jonathan M. (University of Ottawa)
    The role of elongation factor eEF1A2 in obesity
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $69,024
  • Lee, Robert M.K.W. (McMaster University)
    Alterations in hypertensive arteries
    2 Year, Renewal, $78,280
  • Leenen, Frans H.H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    RAS blockade and sympathetic activity in humans post MI
    3 Year, New Annual, $106,381
  • Lewis, Gary F. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Determining the mechanisms of the dyslipidemia of insulin resistant states and Type 2 diabetes
    2.5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Lewis, Gary F. (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    The role of C-reactive protein (CRP) in modulating insulin action and insulin secretion
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $83,000
  • Leytin, Valery (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Mitochondrial control of platelet apoptosis
    5 Year, Renewal (Pending), $94,954
  • Liaw, Patricia C.Y. (McMaster University)
    Studies of the endothelial cell protein C receptor (EPCR)
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $121,160
  • Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
    Gain-of-function mutants affecting the glycoprotein Ib/von Willebrand factor interaction: Potential novel antithrombotic molecules
    5 Year, New Annual (Pending), $138,494
  • Linkins, Lori-Ann (McMaster University)
    Selective D-dimer testing for diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis
    1 Year, Renewal (Pending), $145,200
  • Liu, Fang (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health)
    The role of protein-protein interaction in neurological/neurophsyciatric diseases
    5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Liu, Fang (Centre for Addiction & Mental Health)
    Functional and molecular characterization of protein-protein interaction between AMPA receptors and GAPDH (Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase)
    5 Year, Renewal, $95,300
  • Logan, Alexander G. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Role of extracellular fluid volume in inducing obstructive sleep apnea in refractory hypertension
    2 Year, New Annual, $51,020
  • Mak, Susanna (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Studies of sympathetic nervous system activation in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
    3 Year, New Annual, $57,596
  • Mak, Susanna (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Sex determinants of left ventricular mechanical performance in humans with and without heart failure
    3 Year, New Annual, $64,126
  • Marcel, Yves L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Apolipoprotein A-I lipidation and HDL genesis
    5 Year, New Annual (Pending), $136,792
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    The human nitric oxide synthase genes: relevance to disease
    2.5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Martino, Tami A. (University of Toronto)
    Circadian control of cardiac remodeling
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $77,700
  • Maurice, Donald H. (Queen's University)
    Phosphodiesterases in arteries
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $91,695
  • McBride, Heidi M. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Mechanism and function of mitochondrial derived vesicles
    5 Year, Renewal, $122,333
  • McDonald, Sarah D. (McMaster University)
    The CAP study: cardiovascular disease after preeclampsia
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $161,352
  • Mehta, Sanjay (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Complex regulation of microvascular endothelial cell function in sepsis
    5 Year, Renewal, $118,905
  • Mequanint, Kibret (University of Western Ontario)
    Vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype switching and elastin synthesis in 3D tissue engineered coronary artery substitutes
    2 Year, New Annual, $79,800
  • Morshead, Cindi M. (University of Toronto)
    The development of drug and cell delivery systems for use in cell based therapies to treat stroke
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $153,110
  • Neilipovitz, David T. (The Ottawa Hospital)
    Short term atorvastatin regime for vascular surgery (STAR VaS) Study
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $78,214
  • Nemer, Mona (University of Ottawa)
    Mechanisms of TBX5 action in the heart
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $118,196
  • Ng, Dominic S.K. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Regulation of lipids, insulin action and cell stress in LCAT deficient mice
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $107,530
  • Ni, Heyu (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Novel mechanisms of platelet aggregation: unveiling new roles of non-classical beta3 integrin ligands in thrombosis and hemostasis
    4 Year, Renewal (Pending), $120,901
  • O'Brien, Edward R. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Extracellular and intracellular vascular roles of HSP27: an estrogen receptor beta associated heat shock protein
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $77,400
  • O'Donnell, Martin J. (McMaster University)
    Interstroke (Pilot): Importance of conventional and emerging risk factors for stroke in different regions of the world and in different ethnic groups (Lipids, Glucose, and Sodium)
    2 Year, New Annual, $112,160
  • Ooi, Teik Chye (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    Human studies on gender differences in PCSK9 function in lipoprotein metabolism
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $95,400
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Oxidative stress and ischemic death
    5 Year, Renewal (Pending), $118,600
  • Parker, John D. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Development of a new technique to assess endothelial function: flow mediated constriction
    5 Year, New Annual (Pending), $130,366
  • Parker, Thomas G. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    EF-hand proteins, S100A1 and A6, in cardiovascular pathophysiology
    5 Year, New Annual (Pending), $115,150
  • Peng, Tianqing (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Role of calpain activation in myocardial dysfunction in sepsis
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $122,162
  • Pickering, J. Geoffrey (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Role of smooth muscle cells in vascular disease
    2.5 Year, Career Investigator
  • Pilote, Louise (McGill University)
    Genesis praxy: Gender and sex determinants of cardiovascular disease from bench to beyond in premature acute coronary syndrome
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $45,524
  • Rose, David R. (Ontario Cancer Institute, UHN)
    The molecular basis for starch digestion in the intestine: Human maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase
    5 Year, New Annual, $82,604
  • Ross, Robert M.J. (Queen's University)
    Acute and chronic exercise as treatment strategies for erectile dysfunction in sedentary obese men
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,603
  • Rui, Tao (Lawson Health Research Institute)
    Role of HMGB1 in ischemia/reperfusion-induced myocardial injury
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $95,208
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (Toronto Western Hospital, UHN)
    Pathophysiology and inflammation after intracerebral hemorrhage
    5 Year, Renewal, $143,007
  • Scott, Ian C. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Genetic and cellular analysis of the role of agtrl1b, a known cardioprotective factor, in myocardial progenitor development
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $120,155
  • Shah, Baiju R. (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)
    Diabetes care and outcomes for people with Chinese and South Asian origins
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $103,369
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    Exploring engineered serpins as potential antithrombotic agents
    4 Year, Renewal (Pending), $93,967
  • Shoemaker, J. Kevin (University of Western Ontario)
    Plasticity of cortical-cardiovascular interactions in vascular disease
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $79,756
  • Sled, John G. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Three-dimensional quantification of the placental vasculature: relationship with normal and abnormal fetal growth and hemodynamics
    2 Year, Renewal, $75,626
  • Spafford, J. David (University of Waterloo)
    Structure-function analyses of drug interactions with L-type calcium channels
    3 Year, New Annual, $76,248
  • Sparks, Daniel L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    The role of HDL in triglyceride metabolism
    3 Year, Renewal, $80,000
  • Stanford, William L. (University of Toronto)
    Developmental and functional characterization of novel regulators of thrombopoiesis identified by mouse mutagenesis
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $103,309
  • Tang, Damu (McMaster University)
    Characterization of a novel insig binding protein (INsigBP1)
    3 Year, New Annual, $81,500
  • Timmons, Brian W. (McMaster University)
    A pilot study of circulating progenitor cells in children and adolescents: relationship with habitual physical activity, aerobic fitness and body composition
    1 Year, New Annual, $32,134
  • Tobe, Sheldon W. (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    Harmony study (Hypertension analysis of stress reduction using mindfulness meditation and yoga)
    3 Year, New Annual, $75,627
  • Touyz, Rhian M. (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    TRPM7 signaling through lipid rafts in vascular smooth muscle cells - implications in hypertension
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $108,905
  • Trigatti, Bernardo L. (McMaster University)
    Molecular mechanisms by which HDL contributes to atherosclerotic plaque regression
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $99,750
  • Tsushima, Robert G. (York University)
    Cell signalling ion myocardial ischemia preconditioning
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,700
  • Tyml, Karel (Lawson Health Research Institute)
    Hypoxia/reoxygenation, systemic inflammation, and vascular cell coupling
    2 Year, Renewal (Pending), $79,346
  • Van Arsdell, Glen S. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Selective generation of cardiac progenitor cells and cardiomyocytes from mouse cells
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $67,340
  • Van Huysse, James W. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Roles of the brain Na, K-ATPase alpha isoforms in the regulation of blood pressure
    3 Year, New Annual, $76,949
  • von Harsdorf, Rudiger (Toronto General Hospital, UHN)
    Evaluation of p21CIP1/WAF1 protein transduction as a novel therapeutic approach in heart failure
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $80,000
  • Walley, Keith R. (University of British Columbia)
    Genetic determinants of neurocognitive dysfunction following cardiopulmonary bypass
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $85,328
  • Wang, Hao (University of Western Ontario)
    Soluble CD83 based therapy in cardiac allograft tolerance
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $79,967
  • Wang, Rui (Lakehead University)
    CSE deficiency-related hypertension development
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,740
  • Weitz, Jeffrey I. (McMaster University)
    Impact of gamma' fibrinogen on clot formation and clot lysis at sites of plaque rupture
    5 Year, Renewal (Pending), $112,150
  • Weksberg, Rosanna (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Developmental programming of intrauterine growth restriction and adult cardiovascular risk
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $79,700
  • Wells, James W. (University of Toronto)
    Nature of the signalling complex between cardiac muscarinic receptors and G proteins
    3 Year, Renewal, $80,830
  • Wells, Philip S. (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    Development and validation of clinical prediction rules for bleeding for patients on anticoagulant therapy for venous thromboembolism
    5 Year, New Annual (Pending), $195,550
  • Wells, R. Glenn (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Increasing certainty in micro-SPECT/CT
    2 Year, New Annual, $78,555
  • White, James A. (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Multi-modality imaging assessment for pacing interventions in heart failure (MAPIT-HF)
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $103,338
  • Whitman, Stewart C. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    The role of the innate immune system in atherosclerosis: Further defining the role of NKT cells, interferon-gamma and IL-4 in the disease process
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $98,800
  • Wiper-Bergeron, Nadine L. (University of Ottawa)
    The inhibition of adipocyte differentiation by retinoic acid: A role for C/EBPbeta displacement
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $71,468
  • Wisenberg, Gerald (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Evaluation in a large animal model of the use of Akt enhanced endothelial progenitor cells for augmenting healing after myocardial infarction
    2 Year, Renewal, $78,883
  • Yang, Burton B. (Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    Roles of miR-17-5p in endothelial wound healing and angiogenesis
    3 Year, New Annual (Pending), $82,060
  • Yee, Raymond (London Health Sciences Centre)
    His bundle and para-hisian pacing: Acute and chronic benefits
    2 Year, New Annual (Pending), $74,819
  • Yeung, Rae S.M. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Towards a better understanding of kawasaki disease
    3 Year, Renewal (Pending), $79,725
  • Zha, Xiaohui (Ottawa Health Research Institute)
    Signal transduction pathways that regulate ABCA1-mediated cholesterol efflux
    2 Year, Renewal, $74,300
  • Zhang, Wandong (National Reasearch Council)
    Modulation of MMP9 expression induced by cerebral ischemia and reperfusion to reduce blood-brain barrier permeability and brain damage in ischemic stroke
    3 Year, New Annual, $56,000