The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut - Grant-In-Aid 2010-2011 - Competition Results

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Alberta, NWT & Nunavut is pleased to announce the results of the Grant-In-Aid Competition for 2010-2011. This year, 15 Grant-In-Aid awards have been approved following recommendations from the national peer review committees. $2.9 Million has been allocated to fund this year’s awards and other on-going HSFA research projects. The awards for up to three years in duration will fund cutting edge heart and stroke research in Alberta leading to new and more effective ways of preventing and treating heart disease and stroke. The funding supports a wide spectrum of research from understanding of the basic biomedical aspects of heart disease and stroke, to quicker and more reliable diagnosis, to determining best practices in treatment and rehabilitation. A list of successful applicants for the Grant-In-Aid Competition for 2010-2011 is provided below.

  • Chelikani, Prasanth (University of Calgary)
    Barriatric surgery for obesity: effects on energy balance and cardiovascular function
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Chen, Wayne (University of Calgary)
    Molecular mechanism of oxidative modulation of the cardiac ryanodine receptor
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Colbourne, Frederick (University of Alberta)
    Rodent studies of recovery after intracerebral hemorrhage
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Davidge, Sandra (University of Alberta)
    Neuronal nitric oxide synthase (nNOS) as a regulator of estrogen effects on the vasculature in health and diabetes
    3 Years, 
    $57,000 (year 1)
  • Duff, Henry (University of Calgary)
    Calcineurin induced heart failure and the inflammasome
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Dukelow, Sean (University of Calgary)
    Rehabilitation, Stroke deficits and Robotic Technology (RESTART)
    3 Years, $90,000 (year 1)
  • Giles, Wayne (University of Calgary)
    Biophysical analyses of electrophysiological effects of ATP on cardiac fibroblasts and myocytes
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • King, Kathryn (University of Calgary)
    Understanding ethnic and gender based differences in presenting with acute coronary syndrome and in accessing cardiac care: a qualitative investigation
    2 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Lehner, Richard (University of Alberta)
    Triacylglycerol metabolism and atherosclerosis
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Seubert, John (University of Alberta)
    Beneficial fatty acids in the heart: epoxyeicosatrienoic acid cardioprotective signaling axis
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Thompson, Richard (University of Alberta)
    Imaging the mechanisms of diastolic dysfunction and their role in cardiovascular performance
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Welsh, Donald (University of Calgary)
    Clarifying the nature of cell-cell communication in small resistance arteries
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Winship, Ian (University of Alberta)
    Neuroplasticity beyond peri-infarct cortex: a role of adaptive changes in the spinal cord in stroke recovery
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Yong, Wee (University of Calgary)
    Understanding and manipulating microglia/macrophage activity following intracerebral hemorrhage to confer neuroprotection
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)
  • Zhang, Dawei (University of Alberta)
    Molecular mechanism of PCSK9-promoted degradation of the LDLR
    3 Years, $57,000 (year 1)