Scientific Review Committee Panels

Ia & Ib: Clinical cardiovascular and cerebrovascular research: mechanistic studies and clinical trials/ health services research
Areas and expertise include: mechanistic studies focusing on human studies, clinical trials (therapeutic and surgical), health services, health care delivery.
II: Integrative studies: genetic manipulations / imaging / bioengineering
Areas and expertise include: integrative studies in animal models; diagnostic and imaging technology development in animals and humans; and novel therapeutic strategy and device development in animals, including regenerative approaches.
III: Basic science stroke / neurophysiology / neuroregulation
Areas and expertise include: stroke; neurophysiology and neural cell biology; and neuroregulation.
IV: Cellular biochemistry, pharmacology, and electrophysiology.
Areas and expertise include: Cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, cell biology, cell signalling, cellular biochemistry, pharmacology, and electrophysiology. Specifically, the three sub-committees are:
  • IVa: Molecular, biochemical and cellular physiological approaches to cardiovascular health and disease, vascular disorders.
  • IVb: Cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac mechanics, electrophysiological approaches to cardiovascular health and disease, ischemia related disorders.
  • IVc: Cardiovascular complications associated with obesity/diabetes, metabolism, and cardiac development/remodelling.
V: Molecular basis of cardiac and vascular function
Areas and expertise include: inflammation, immunology, transplantation, and vascular pathology.
VI: Thrombosis / lipid and lipoproteins / fundamental nutrition research
Areas and expertise include: coagulation; bleeding disorders; thromboembolism; lipid and lipoprotein metabolism; atherogenesis; atheroma and its degenerative consequences; and nutritional contribution to atherogenesis, thrombophilia or bleeding disorders.
VIIa: Health Services and Public Health
Areas and expertise include: Research that examines the influence, delivery and management of Health Care Services, evaluates and assesses outcomes of health care services, and health services policy and regulation. Research examining influences, predictors, trends, socio-cultural influences on public health and population level health, including health services provision and targets, health equity, access to services and policies affecting public health. Population health interventions.
VIIb: Health behaviour; health psychology
Areas and expertise include: Research that examines influences and precursors, including social and environmental influences, on behaviours and on the relationships of behaviours to health outcomes including social, environmental and health psychological factors predicting health status, health behaviours, health outcomes, and the relationships among them. Interventions targeted at specific individuals or sub-populations based on behavioural or psychological manipulations.

VIII: Senior Personnel – New Investigator, Ontario Mid-Career Investigator, Ontario Clinician Scientist, and Alberta New Investigator awards.

XII: Emerging Research Leaders Initiative