Strategic Initiative in Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight - Competition Results 2003

In June 2003, the CIHR - Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes announced the second round of Requests For Applications under the strategic initiative in Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight. This initiative offered a range of programs intended to build capacity and strengthen Canadian health research in the area of obesity and healthy body weight.
Today, INMD and Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF) are pleased to announce the funding allocation from the Request For Applications in "Environmental Approaches to Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Body Weight: Planning and Development Grants".
The CIHR Institutes of: Aboriginal Peoples' Health (IAPH), Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH), and Population and Public Health (IPPH) partnered with INMD and HSF to support various projects in their research areas of interest. As a result, 8 of the 13 Planning and Development Grant applications have been funded.
The partners recognize that in order to develop integrated environmental research initiatives, time and money are essential for building collaborative and multisectoral teams; engaging communities; identifying situation-appropriate interventions; conducting needs assessment, pilot, and feasibility studies; and preparing applications for longer term funding of the program of investigation itself. The present RFA was intended to help multisectoral groups prepare themselves to launch more substantial programs of investigation into environmental approaches to physical activity, healthy eating, and healthy body weight.
An ad hoc, multi-disciplinary, peer review committee with expertise in areas relevant to obesity and healthy body weight has reviewed the Planning and Development Grant applications.
Congratulations to the successful applicants!
  • BRAWLEY, Lawrence (University of Waterloo)
    Co-Applicants(s): CAMERON, Roy / CRAIG, Cora L / GAUVIN, Lise / HANNING, Rhona M / MANSKE, Stephen R / MCCARGAR, Linda J / MURNAGHAN, Donna A / PLOTNIKOFF, Ronald C / RAINE, Kim D / SHARRATT, Michael (Mike)
    Canadian School Physical Activity and Nutrition Network (CANSPANN): Linking Research and Policy
    $100,000 1 year
  • CHAD, Karen E (University of Saskatchewan)
    Co-Applicants(s): ABONYI, Sylvia / BAXTER-JONES, Adam D / LABONTE, Ronald / PETERS, Evelyn J / WHITING, Susan J
    Northern LITES: Northern Lifestyle Initiatives Targeting the Environments
    $95,000 (Equipment: $5,000) 1 year
  • DUBOIS, Lise (University of Ottawa)
    Co-Applicants(s): BOIVIN, Michel / PERUSSE, Daniel / TREMBLAY, Richard E
    Étude de l'ensemble des facteurs environnementaux qui influencent l'alimentation et le poids corporel des enfants d'âge préscolaire
    $87,500 1 year (Pending)
  • GAUVIN, Lise (Université de Montréal)
    Co-Applicants(s): DANIEL, Mark / POTVIN, Louise / RAYNAULT, Marie-France / RICHARD, Lucie
    The Montreal Sentinel Neighbourhoods Project/Le projet montréalais des quartiers sentinelles
    $94,360 (Equipment: $5,600) 1 year
  • HARRIS, Stewart B (University of Western Ontario)
    Co-Applicants(s): HANLEY, Anthony J / YOUNG, Kue / ZINMAN, Bernard
    Diabetes Intervention Refinement, Evaluation instruments, and Community pilot Testing (DIRECT)
    $95,000 (Equipment: $5,000) 1 year
  • RENAUD, Lise (Université de Montréal) 
    Co-Applicants(s): CARON-BOUCHARD, Monique / DUBE, Laurette / GAGNON, Sylvie / MAISONNEUVE, Danielle / MONGEAU, Lyne / MOORE, Karl J / MOREAU, Denise
    Mechanisms underlying the influences of media on social norms related to physical activity, healthy eating and healthy body weight
    $100,000 1 year
  • SHEN, Garry X (University of Manitoba) 
    Co-Applicants(s): BRUCE, Sharon G / GARDINER, Phillip F / LUDWIG, Sora M / MURRAY, Robert P / SEVENHUYSEN, Gustaaf P
    Impact of diet and exercise activity on outcomes of maternal obesity
    $94,580 (Equipment: $5,000) 1 year (Pending)
  • SPENCE, John C (University of Alberta)
    Co-Applicants(s): FINKELSTEIN, Eric / MARTIN GINIS, Kathleen A / MCGANNON, Kerry / RAINE, Kim D / SZEMAN, Imre J / WILD, T. Cameron
    Understanding Influences of the Media on Physical Activity and Nutrition: An Ecological Approach
    $83,240 (Equipment: $360) 1 year
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