Obesity and Healthy Body Weight Initiative - New Emerging Team Grants - Competition Results 2004

In June 2003, the CIHR - Institute of Nutrition, Metabolism and Diabetes announced a second round of the strategic initiative in Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight. This initiative offered a range of programs intended to build capacity and strengthen Canadian health research in the area of obesity and healthy body weight.

Today, INMD and HSFC are pleased to announce the funding allocation from this strategic initiative in the 2003 New Emerging Team Grant competition.

The New Emerging Team Grant is intended to promote the formation of new and previously nonexistent research teams or the growth of small existing teams of researchers in the area of obesity/healthy body weight.
New Emerging Team Grant applications have been reviewed by an ad hoc, multi-disciplinary, peer review committee with expertise in areas relevant to obesity and healthy body. We are pleased to announce that two New Emerging Team Grants were approved for funding.
Congratulations to the successful applicants!
  • KATZMARZYK, Peter T, REEDER, Bruce A (Queen's University)
    Co-Applicant(s): ELLIOTT, Susan J / JOFFRES, Michel R / MACLEAN, David R / PAHWA, Punam / RAINE, Kim D
    Understanding the Individual and Socio-Environmental Health Risks of Obesity: The Canadian Heart Health Surveys Follow-up Study
    $298,875(Equipment: $5,627) 5 years
  • LAMBERT, Marie, O'LOUGHLIN, Jennifer L, TREMBLAY, Angelo (Hôpital Sainte-Justine)
    Co-Applicant(s): GRAY-DONALD, Katherine A / HANLEY, James A / LEVY, Emile H / PARADIS, Gilles / POIRIER, Paul
    Familial Study on the prevention of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents
    $295,976(Equipment: $19,898) 5 years
For more information on the New Emerging Team please contact:
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For more information on INMD's Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight, please contact:
Dr. Susan Crawford
Assistant Director 
Institute of Nutrition Metabolism and Diabetes 
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