Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight - Operating and Pilot Project Grants in Childhood Obesity


CIHR's Institute of Nutrition Metabolism and Diabetes (INMD), Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH), Institute of Gender and Health (IGH), Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health (IHDCYH) and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) are pleased to announce the results of the Childhood Obesity competition under the strategic initiative "Excellence, Innovation and Advancement in the Study of Obesity and Healthy Body Weight."

The scope of research covered by this request for applications encompasses healthy body weight and obesity in childhood. This includes development, prevention, intervention, and outcomes associated with healthy body weight and obesity in children; spanning pre-conception and gestation through to maturity; across all four of CIHR's research themes: 1) biomedical, 2) clinical, 3) health systems and services, and 4) the health of populations, the societal and cultural dimensions of health and environmental influences on health.
Two opportunities for research funding were offered under the Childhood Obesity program.
  • Childhood obesity operating grants provide up to three years of support for a research projects conducted by an individual or small group of investigators contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the area of childhood obesity.
  • Childhood obesity pilot project grants provide one-year funding for innovative, high risk, pilot, and/or feasibility research in the area of childhood obesity. Grants will allow investigators with novel ideas and observations to conduct pilot studies and/or gather evidence necessary to determine the viability of new research directions.
A total of 52 applications were submitted to the Childhood Obesity program launched in June 2004. Applications were reviewed by an ad hoc peer review committee resulting in thirteen applications being approved for funding.
Congratulations to the successful applicants!
Childhood obesity operating grants were approved for funding - seven approved
  • GILLILAND, Jason A (University of Western Ontario)
    Co-Applicant(s): HE, Meizi / HESS, Paul M / IRWIN, Jennifer D
    Assessing the influence of environmental factors on obesity-related behaviours in youth
    $52,163 (Equipment: $17,117) 3 years
  • HAMILTON, Jill K, HANLEY, Anthony J (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Co-Applicant(s): RETNAKARAN, Ravi R / ZINMAN, Bernard
    Insulin resistance and beta cell dysfunction in early childhood: The role of maternal and infant metabolic risk factors
    $117,763 (Equipment: $13,486) 3 years
  • HE, Meizi, HARRIS, Stewart B, PICHE, Leonard (University of Western Ontario) 
    Co-Applicant(s): CLARSON, Dr. Cheril
    Childhood overweight and obesity management: Physicians' views, practices, perceived barriers and needs
    $84,794 (Equipment: $3,542) 2 years
  • MORRISON, Katherine Mary (McMaster University)
    Co-Applicant(s): ATKINSON, Stephanie A / BAR-OR, Oded / TARNOLPOLSKY, Mark A. / YUSUF, Salim
    Cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism and intramyocellular lipid in children with obesity at baseline and after a pediatric obesity treatment program
    $192,227 (Equipment: $3,250) 3 years
  • NAYLOR, Patti-Jean, MCKAY, Heather A (University of Victoria)
    Co-Applicant(s): MANSKE, Stephen R / RHODES, Ryan E / WHARF HIGGINS, Joan
    Evaluating the effectiveness of the dissemination of action schools! BC: A Socio-ecological intervention to increase physical activity and healthy eating in school children
    $198,923 (Equipment: $3,230) 3 years
  • PAUSOVA, Zdenka V (Centre Hosp. de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM))
    Co-Applicant(s): ABRAHAMOWICZ Michael M/ GAUDET, Daniel / LEAL, Suzanne
    Prenatal exposure to maternal cigarette smoking and adolescent obesity: gene-environment interactions
    $199,969 3 years (Pending)
  • STEWART, Jennifer M (Carleton University)
    Co-Applicant(s): CHOWHAN, James
    Maternal employment and childhood obesity
    $22,698 (Equipment: $4,300) 2 years

Childhood obesity pilot projects were approved for funding - six approved

  • ELLIOTT, Charlene D (Carleton University)
    Marketing 'fun foods': A content analysis of food messages targeted at children
    $24,138 (Equipment: $5,861) 1 year
  • KLINE, Stephen C (Simon Fraser University)
    Co-Applicant(s): LEVY-MILNE, Ryna / OSTRY, Aleck S
    A school-based approach to studying the potential health benefits of reduced media consumption
    $45,000 (Equipment: $5,000) 1 year
  • KLIP, Amira (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Co-Applicant(s): BILAN, Phlip J/ HUANG, Carol T
    Measurement of insulin resistance in childhood obesity through Akt phosphorylation in blood cells
    $49,160 1 year
  • LEGAULT, Laurent (Montreal Children's Hospital)
    Co-Applicant(s): CARGO, Margaret D / EGELAND, Grace M
    Mentors-in-motion: A physical activity intervention for obese adolescents (pilot study)
    $50,000 1 year
  • SPENCE, John C (University of Alberta)
    Co-Applicant(s): BOULE, Normand G/ CASEY, Linda M/ PREDY, Gerald N
    Growth assessment study of preschool children: establishing a longitudinal cohort
    $48,795 1 year
  • TREMBLAY, Mark S, LEBLANC, Claire M (University of Saskatchewan)
    Co-Applicant(s): GOLDFIELD, Gary S / HADJIYANNAKIS, Stasia / MOHER, David/ MORRIS, Daniel B/ PRUD'HOMME, Denis
    Feasibility study of the Canadian "learning to be active" school study (CLASS)
    $41,000 (Equipment: $8,500) 1 year
For more information on the Childhood Obesity operating grants and or the pilot projects please contact:
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