The 4th ICPC/HSFC/CCS Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology


This fellowship was initiated by a grant from the profits of the 4th International Conference On Preventive Cardiology (4th ICPC) held in Montreal in 1997. These profits were donated in equal parts to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS). These funds were combined in a capital investment with the interest earned each year used to provide partial support for a research fellowship in preventive cardiology. The remaining financial support for this fellowship is provided by HSFC as part of its on-going commitment to train young cardiovascular scientists in Canada.


Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or conduct their training at a Canadian institution. They must also hold a terminal degree in a health-related discipline and a post-graduate degree in research (MD with specialty training, MD/MSc, MD/PhD, RN/PhD, PhD, etc.) in an appropriate discipline (epidemiology, cardiovascular specialty, public health, behavioural science, etc.). Candidates are expected to embark on a career of independent research in an academic environment following the completion of the fellowship. The fellowship cannot be used to complete training leading to Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons specialty certification.
The fellowship is to be awarded to an individual who wishes to undertake post-graduate training in preventive cardiology in a recognized institution in Canada or abroad. Preventive cardiology includes the study of the individual and population causes of cardiovascular (CVD), cerebrovascular (CBD) and peripheral vascular disease (PVD); the epidemiology of CVD, CBD and PVD; and the development and evaluation of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention measures for CVD, CBD and PVD at the individual or population level. Primary prevention refers to measures taken to prevent the appearance of disease; secondary prevention refers to the prevention of recurrences; and tertiary prevention deals with the prevention of complications of disease, the limitations of severity and includes rehabilitation. Economic analyses of preventive practices, studies of public policy, clinical epidemiology and studies of the social and behavioural determinants of risk factors and disease are also eligible. The object of study must be individual humans or human populations.


Application for this award is to be made using the HSF junior personnel application form that can be downloaded from Applications must be received in the HSF office no later than the submission deadline indicated in the HSF Research Fellowship Guidelines.


The HSF research fellowship review committee will evaluate all applications for this award. The successful candidate must be highly ranked and will be selected by a committee consisting of the HSF President (or delegate), the CCS President (or delegate), and the executive of the 4th ICPC.
The successful candidate will be identified in the spring of 2014 for funding to commence July 1, 2014. This award can be held for up to three years.
In addition to the stipend for this award, a one time amount of up to $10,000 will be awarded to the successful candidate.
For more information, please contact:
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Suite 1402, 222 Queen Street
Ottawa ON    K1P 5V9
613 569 4361 ext. 257