Multi-Year Research Grants and Personnel Awards - Release of Funds - July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce confirmation of budget commitment on existing multi-year grants-in-aid and personnel awards as indicated below. An official letter will also be sent to all grant recipients shortly. For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided.

Additionally, for projects that were identified as being "applied" or "clinically oriented" in the September 2009 competition, funding is encumbered pending receipt and approval of the May 15, 2011 Progress Report. For all other awards, please refer to your award letter for details.

September 2010 Competition Funding Decisions

The funding decisions for the September 2010 competition will be announced by March 15, 2011 on the national website
  • Adeli, Khosrow (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Molecular mechanisms of hepatic VLDL overproduction in insulin resistance
    2007, Renewal, $145,472
  • Adeli, Khosrow (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Molecular mechanisms of apolipoprotein B degradation
    2009, Renewal, $138,740
  • Anand, Sonia S. (McMaster University)
    South asian heart and health risk assessment project
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Anand, Sonia S. (McMaster University)
    Genome wide association study of metabolic syndrome traits among south asians
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $90,000
  • Andrew, Robert David (Queen's University)
    Mechanisms that drive acute neuronal swelling and dysfunction in stroke
    2009, Renewal, $85,003
  • Attisano, Liliana (University of Toronto)
    The role of Foxh1 in heart development
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $68,920
  • Atzema, Clare L. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Atrial Fibrillation in The Emergency Room: the AFTER study
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Austin, Peter C. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Statistical methods for cardiovascular research
    2008, Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Identification and characterization of novel and therapeutic strategies that decrease atherothrombotic disease
    2008, Program Grant (Pending), $250,000
  • Backx, Peter H. (University Health Network)
    Transcriptional regulation of cardiac transient outward K+ currents and function in heart
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $145,942
  • Backx, Peter H. (University of Toronto)
    Studies into molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease
    2009, Career Investigator, $43,975
  • Bailey, David G. (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Coffee - cardiovascular drug interactions
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $50,282
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Elucidation of metabolic and cellular function alterations in dysfunctional myocardium and their response to therapy
    2007, Program Grant (Pending), $249,905
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Metabolism, energetics and neurohormonal signaling and their response to therapy in dysfunctional myocardium
    2008, Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Beique, Jean-Claude (University of Ottawa)
    Trafficking of NMDA receptors during stroke
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $59,282
  • Bendeck, Michelle P. (University of Toronto)
    Cadherins and regulation of smooth muscle cell function
    2007, Renewal, $127,530
  • Bendeck, Michelle P. (University of Toronto)
    Discoidin domain receptors in atherosclerosis
    Renewal, $143,770
  • Bendeck, Michelle P. (University of Toronto)
    Cell adhesion signaling in the progression and complications of atherosclerosis
    2010, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Bergeron, Richard (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Glycine and brain ischemia
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $54,826
  • Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian (University of Toronto)
    A novel cardiovascular role for the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR): a critical transporter in the sphingosine-1-phosphate degradation pathway
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $75,597
  • Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian (University of Toronto)
    Mechanisms that regulate the pressure-dependent activation of sphingosine kinase 1 in resistance artery smooth muscle cells
    2009, Renewal $80,916
  • Cameron, Jill I. (University of Toronto)
    Optimizing stroke family caregiver support across the care continuum by improving the timing of intervention delivery
    2009, New Annual (Pending), $74,338
  • Cepinskas, Gediminas (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Paracellular and intracellular mechanisms of cerebrovascular endothelial cell dysfunction in sepsis
    New Annual (Pending), $86,986
  • Chauhan, Vijay S. (University Health Network)
    Structural and functional determinants of T wave alternans in human cardiomyopathy
    2010, Renewal, $110,206
  • Cherney, David Z.I. (University Health Network)
    Hemodynamic and molecular mechanisms of hyperfiltration in type I diabetes mellitus
    New Annual, $80,230
  • Chidiac, Peter (University of Western Ontario)
    Impact of RGS proteins on cardiovascular function
    Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Chidiac, Peter (University of Western Ontario)
    Mechanism of the protective effect of RGS2 in cardiac hypertrophy
    2010, Renewal, $77,050
  • Connelly, Kim A. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Role of TGFb acetylation in the pathogenesis of diabetic cardiomyopathy
    2009, Clinician Scientist, $64,000
  • Copeland, John W. (University of Ottawa)
    Role of formin proteins in shear stress-induced cytoskeletal remodeling in endothelial cells
    Renewal (Pending), $111,007
  • Cote, Graham P. (Queen's University)
    Formation and function of invadopodia in vascular smooth muscle cells
    007, Renewal, $95,909
  • Crowther, Mark A. (McMaster University)
    Does low dose oral vitamin K improve the quality of warfarin anticoagulation
    2009, New Annual, $129,852
  • Crowther, Mark A. (McMaster University)
    Reducing cardiovascular disease by improving our use of antithrombotic agents
    2009, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Cunningham, Charles H. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Metabolic Imaging with MRI for myocardial salvage
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $81,618
  • Cybulsky, Myron I. (University Health Network)
    Initiation of atherosclerosis: mechanisms and cell biology
    2007, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Cybulsky, Myron I. (University Health Network)
    Endothelial cell NF-kappaB homeostasis and function in atherosclerosis
    New Annual, $127,471
  • Danckert, James A. (University of Waterloo)
    Rehabilitating unilateral neglect: contrasting prism adaptation with saccade adaptation
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $45,276
  • Daneman, Denis (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Adolescent type 1 Diabetes cardio-renal Intervention trial (AdDIT)
    2009, New Annual, $91,043
  • Davis, Darryl R. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Mechanism of therapy: cardiac stem cells in myocardial repair
    2009, Clinician Scientist, $64,000
  • de Bold, Adolfo J. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Regulation of the endocrine function of the heart
    New Annual (Pending), $60,660
  • de Bold, Adolfo J. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Studies on cardiac structure and function post myocardial infarction following administration of a long acting ANF analogue
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $64,960
  • Demers, Catherine (McMaster University)
    The impact of mild cognitive deficits at hospital discharge on self-care in older heart failure patients
    New Annual (Pending), $100,997
  • Dorian, Paul (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Studies of the effect of fish oil derived omega-3 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and omega-6 fatty acids on experimental atrial fibrillation, and mechanisms of their antiarrhythmic effects
    2009, New Annual, $112,169
  • Dos Santos, Claudia C. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    The Role of PGC1a in sepsis-induced myocardial depression
    2008, Clinician Scientist, $64,000
  • Drangova, Maria (Robarts Research Institute)
    Cardiac imaging for therapy guidance and pre-clinical research studies
    2007, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Drucker, Daniel J. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Incretin action and the cardiovascular system
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $109,100
  • Dumont, Daniel J. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Examination of the novel angiopoietin peptide mimetic vasculotide as a treatment for atherosclerosis and limb ischemia
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $83,000
  • Dumont, Daniel J. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Molecular studies examining the role of lymphangiogenic signalling heart disease
    2010, Renewal, $91,000
  • Eikelboom, John W.A. (McMaster University)
    Thrombotic mechanisms as predictors of Vascular events In non-cardiac Surgery patIents cohOrt evaluatioN (ThromboVISION)
    2009, New Annual, $77,282
  • Epand, Richard M. (McMaster University)
    Mechanism of action of potent antiatherogenic peptides
    Renewal, $65,000
  • Eubanks, James H. (University Health Network)
    The mammalian sirtuin SIRT3: novel neuroprotective factor
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $78,091
  • Feldman, Ross D. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Determinants of adenylyl cyclase-mediated vascular responses
    2009, Renewal, $151,196
  • Feng, Qingping (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Cardioprotection by erythropoietin: role of nitric oxide
    2007, Renewal, $129,602
  • Feng, Qingping (University of Western Ontario)
    Heart development in diabetes: role of nitric oxide
    2009, New Annual, $125,472
  • Feng, Qingping (University of Western Ontario)
    Mechanisms of heart failure
    2010, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Ferguson, Alastair V. (Queen's University)
    Adiponectin actions in autonomic control centres of the brain
    2007, Renewal, $126,761
  • Ferguson, Stephen S.G. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Molecular regulation of G protein-coupled receptor signal transduction, desensitization and resensitization
    2008, Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Fowler, Robert A. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Prospective economic analysis in the prophylaxis for thromboembolism in critical care trial
    2009, Clinician Scientist, $70,250
  • Fremes, Stephen E. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Surgical and pharmacological novel intervention to improve overall results of saphenous vein graft patency in coronary artery bypass grafting surgery: An international multi-centre randomized controlled clinical trial
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $104,841
  • Gladstone, David J. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr)
    Improving the detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation following transient ischemic attack and stroke
    2009, Clinician Scientist, $70,250
  • Goldfield, Gary S. (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
    Behavioural engineering of physical activity in obese children: a randomized controlled trial
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $59,087
  • Gollob, Michael H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Insight into the mechanisms of atrial fibrillation
    2009, Clinician Scientist, $70,250
  • Gorczynski, Reginald M. (University Health Network)
    Regulation of transplant rejection and inflammation by soluble mediators of CD200:CD200R interaction
    2010, Renewal, $91,175
  • Grace, Sherry L. (University Health Network)
    An RCT of women's adherence to women-only, home-based and traditional cardiac rehabilitation (Cardiac Rehabilitation for Her heart Event Recovery [CR4HER])
    2009, New Annual, $128,609
  • Gruenwald, Colleen (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Antithrombin enhancement may improve anticoagulation efficiency in infants undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass for cardiac surgery
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Gula, Lorne J. (University of Western Ontario)
    Monitoring of Ventricular Rhythm & Exercise - ICD study (MOVE-IT)
    2009, New Annual, $52,941
  • Haas, Tara L. (York University)
    Roles of protease inhibitors in skeletal muscle micro vascular remodelling
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $74,560
  • Harper, Mary-Ellen (University of Ottawa)
    Implications of AMPK-gamma mutations for cardiac and skeletal muscle mitochondrial energetics
    2010, Renewal, $95,180
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Studies of novel platelet secretory proteins
    2010, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Hegele, Robert A. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Phenomics and genomics of atherosclerosis in monogenic metabolic syndrome
    2007, Renewal, $113,318
  • Hegele, Robert A. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Genomics of hypertriglyceridemia
    2009, Renewal, $168,291
  • Heximer, Scott P. (University of Toronto)
    Defining the molecular pathways through which RGS4 regulates parasympathetic signaling and heart rate control in sinoatrial node myocytes
    2009, Renewal, $150,865
  • Hinek, Aleksander (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Elastin and elastin receptor as crucial factors modulating cellular functions in cardiovascular development and diseases
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $125,029
  • Hinz, Boris (University of Toronto)
    Mechanical activation of a pro-fibrotic growth factor in cardiac myofibroblast differentiation and heart fibrosis
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $76,580
  • Holden, Rachel M. (Queen's University)
    Mechanisms of vascular calcification (VC) in a model of chronic kidney disease (CKD)
    2009, New Annual, $90,225
  • Holdsworth, David W. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Investigation of flow in the stenosed carotid bifurcation
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $112,764
  • Hou, Sheng T. (University of Ottawa)
    Investigation of SEMA3A's role in angiogenesis and vascular permeability during stroke recovery
    2009, Renewal, $72,710
  • Huff, Murray W. (University of Western Ontario)
    Regulation of ApoB metabolism: relationship to atherosclerosis
    2010, Renewal (Pending), $134,345
  • Husain, Mansoor (University Health Network)
    Plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase 4 isoforms: regulation and role in cardiac and smooth muscle
    2009, New Annual, $121,082
  • Husain, Mansoor (University Health Network)
    The role of glucagon-like peptide-1 in cardiac health and disease
    2009, Renewal, $144,808
  • Husain, Mansoor (University of Toronto)
    Molecular studies of cardiac and vascular disease
    2009, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Ikura, Mitsuhiko (University Health Network)
    Structural basis for regulation of store-operated calcium entry in the circulation system
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $113,400
  • Karmazyn, Morris (University of Western Ontario)
    Nitric oxide as an endogenous antihypertrophic factor
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $75,700
  • Karmazyn, Morris (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of adenosine in myocardial hypertrophy and heart failure
    2010, Renewal, $84,674
  • Kassner, Andrea (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Widening the therapeutic window in acute ischemic stroke with blood-brain barrier permeability imaging and its relationship with corresponding blood markers: implications for short and long-term outcomes
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $68,245
  • Kearon, Clive (McMaster University)
    Optimizing treatment and diagnosis of venous thromboembolism
    Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Keeley, Fred W. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Recombinantly expressed elastin-like polypeptides as a novel tool for investigations of the structure, assembly, and the properties of elastin-like materials
    2009, Renewal, $134,457
  • Keith, Mary E. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    A randomized controlled trial of the effect of thiamin supplementation on heart function in ambulatory patients with heart failure
    2009, New Annual, $88,428
  • Kelley, Beverley (University of Ottawa)
    Navigating Community Care Post-Stroke: An Examination of Older Adults' Experiences
    2009, Fellowship, $31,000
  • Kelton, John G. (McMaster University)
    Platelet-mediated acute thrombotic disorders
    2010, Renewal, $149,914
  • Khokha, Rama (University Health Network)
    Molecular dissection of the distinct functions of TIMP-3 and TIMP-4 in heart disease
    2009, Renewal, $114,381
  • Kislinger, Thomas (University Health Network)
    Identification and characterization of cell-surface associated protein in the heart: applications of a novel proteomic strategy
    2009, New Annual, $74,795
  • Koschinsky, Marlys L. (University of Windsor)
    Modulation of the TAFI pathway in health and disease: mechanistic analysis of the regulation of TAFI gene expression in hepatic and extrahepatic cells
    2008, New Annual (Pending), $124,400
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (University of Western Ontario)
    Inherited arrhythmias: clinical and genetic assessment of primary electrical disease
    2008, Career Investigator (Pending), $87,950
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (University of Western Ontario)
    Inherited causes of sudden death: phenotype genotype correlation
    2009, Renewal, $171,427
  • Kuebler, Wolfgang (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Mast cells in vascular remodeling and pulmonary hypertension with left heart disease
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $79,364
  • Lagace, Thomas A. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Regulation of the PCSK9 binding interaction with LDL receptor
    New Annual, $79,888
  • Le Foll, Bernard (Addiction and Mental Health)
    Role of ethanolamides in nocitine-seeking
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Lee, Ting-Yim (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Prediction of hemorrhagic transformation of ischemic stroke with CT perfusion derived blood-brain-barrier permeability surface area product
    2009, New Annual, $91,973
  • Letarte, Michelle V. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Soluble endoglin in endothelial cell function and hypertension associated with preeclampsia
    New Annual (Pending), $111,917
  • Leytin, Valery (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Mitochondrial control of platelet apoptosis
    Renewal (Pending), $101,616
  • Licht, Christoph P.B. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome: a new pathological role for complement and coagulation control in platelets
    New Annual, $99,356
  • Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
    Gain-of-function mutants affecting the glycoprotein Ib/von Willebrand factor interaction: Potential novel antithrombotic molecules
    2008, New Annual (Pending), $145,109
  • Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
    Age-related pathophysiology of von Willebrand factor
    New Annual (Pending), $73,610
  • Liu, Fang (Addiction and Mental Health)
    Functional and molecular characterization of protein-protein interaction between AMPA receptors and GAPDH (Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate Dehydrogenase)
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $95,300
  • Liu, Peter P. (University Health Network)
    Danger signal, innate immunity and cardiovascular inflammation
    2010, Renewal, $76,969
  • Logan, Alexander G. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Disturbed sleep and drug resistant hypertension: a pathophysiological study
    2010, Renewal, $59,729
  • Mark, Amy E. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Intervention for dietary behaviour change among individuals at risk for CHD
    2009, Felllowship, $59,500
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    Post-transcriptional regulation of endothelial gene expression
    2009, Renewal, $129,915
  • Martino, Tami A. (University of Guelph)
    Circadian control of cardiac remodeling
    2008, New Annual, $77,301
  • Maunder, Robert G. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    The impact of close interpersonal relationships and social support on heart failure
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $80,660
  • McBride, Heidi M. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Mechanism and function of mitochondrial derived vesicles
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $127,023
  • McCrindle, Brian W. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Increasing physical activity among children with congenital heart defects
    2009, Renewal, $190,193
  • McCulloch, Christopher A.G. (University of Toronto)
    Role of intercellular adhesions in diabetic cardiomyopathy
    2009, New Annual, $97,288
  • McCulloch, Christopher A.G. (University of Toronto)
    Regulation of myofibroblast differentiation by mechanical loading
    2010, Renewal, $95,280
  • McDermott, John C. (York University)
    Regulation of vascular smooth muscle gene expression by MEF2
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $92,736
  • McGuigan, Alison P. (University of Toronto)
    Exploiting planar cell polarity signaling to engineer tissue-engineered blood vessels
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $74,460
  • Mehta, Sanjay (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Complex regulation of microvascular endothelial cell function in sepsis
    Renewal (Pending), $124,441
  • Mielniczuk, Lisa M. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Right ventricular substrate metabolism as a predictor of right heart failure in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $66,469
  • Min, Wei-Ping (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Preventing heart graft rejection through interrupting CD40-CD40L pathway by cell-specific gene silencing
    Renewal, $72,431
  • Monnier, Philippe P. (University Health Network)
    Repulsive guidance molecule (RGMa) has multiple inhibitory activities that hamper neuronal regeneration after stroke
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $60,363
  • Nanthakumar, Kumaraswamy (University Health Network)
    Modulation of spatio-temporal dispersion of human myocardial repolarization by air pollution
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $94,083
  • Nanthakumar, Kumaraswamy (University Health Network)
    Electrophysiological implications of regenerative therapy
    New Annual, $92,654
  • Nesheim, Michael E. (Queen's University)
    The activation of TAFI and the properties of TAFIa
    2010, Renewal, $90,291
  • Ni, Heyu (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Novel mechanisms of platelet aggregation: unveiling new roles of non-classical beta3 integrin ligands in thrombosis and hemostasis
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $117,384
  • O'Donnell, Martin J. (McMaster University)
    Sodium intake and cardiovascular disease in diverse populations
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $107,362
  • Pare, Guillaume (McMaster University)
    Understanding the contribution of genetic variants to stroke risk in a multi-ethnic population: the interstroke genetics study
  • 2010, New Annual (Pending), $119,043
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Oxidative stress and ischemic death
    Renewal (Pending), $125,441
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Mechanism of delayed death in stroke
    2009, Renewal, $137,206
  • Parker, John D. (University of Toronto)
    Clinical studies concerning nitrate pharmacology and autonomic physiology in congestive heart failure
    2007, Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Parker, John D. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Development of a new technique to assess endothelial function: flow mediated constriction
    New Annual, $43,162
  • Parker, John D. (University of Toronto)
    The Sifton Distinguished Scientist Award
    2008, Sifton Award, $10,000
  • Parker, Thomas G. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    EF-hand proteins, S100A1 and A6, in cardiovascular pathophysiology
    2008, New Annual (Pending), $124,410
  • Parkinson, John (Hospital for Sick Children)
    An interdisciplinary approach to identifying and characterizing polymorphisms in tropoelastin and their role in late onset cardiovascular disease
    2009, Renewal, $116,768
  • Peng, Tianqing (London Health Sciences Centre)
    Targeting mitochondrial redox signaling to prevent myocardial dysfunction in sepsis
    Renewal, $113,177
  • Pickering, J. Geoffrey (Robarts Research Institute)
    Control of smooth muscle cell motility and vascular stabilization
    2010, Renewal, $125,757
  • Pipe, Andrew L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Self directed titrated nicotine patch versus standard treatment for smoking cessation in smokers motivated to quit
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $125,000
  • Prado, Marco A.M. (Robarts Research Institute)
    Decreased cholinergic tone and heart dysfunction
    2009, New Annual, $126,288
  • Prasad, Ramesh (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Impact of minimal steroid-based kidney transplantation on ventricular remodeling and function in end-stage renal disease
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $124,623
  • Rac, Valeria E. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Prehospital Evaluation and Economic Analysis of Different Coronary Syndrome Treatment Strategies - PREDICT
    Fellowship, $59,500
  • Radisic, Milica (University of Toronto)
    Chitosan hydrogel with immobilized growth factors for cell therapy in myocardial infarction
    Renewal, $89,813
  • Rand, Margaret L. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    The procoagulant surface of activated platelets: development and persistence in vitro and in vivo
    2010, Renewal, $81,417
  • Redington, Andrew N. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    The effect of remote ischemic preconditioning on clinical and genomic responses to open heart surgery in children
    New Annual, $254,300
  • Reid, Robert D. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of cost-free pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation for high-risk smokers with cerebrovascular disease
    2009, New Annual (Pending), $82,959
  • Retnakaran, Ravi R. (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    The early natural history of cardiovascular disease at 4-years postpartum in young women with varying degrees of glucose intolerance in pregnancy
    2009, New Annual (Pending), $74,428
  • Rocheleau, Jonathan V. (University Health Network)
    Interaction between vascular endothelial cells and pancreatic beta cells: understanding the role of fibroblast growth factor (FGF)
    New Annual, $88,767
  • Rochon, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
    The effects of intensity on a treatment for naming deficits in aphasia and associated neural underpinnings
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $89,327
  • Rodger, Marc A. (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Thrombophilia and placenta mediated pregnancy complications
    Career Investigator, $87,950
  • Rodger, Marc A. (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Recurrent venous thromboembolism risk stratification evaluation (REVERSE) : long term follow-up to define if lifelong anticoagulation is required in high risk patients with a first unprovoked venous thromboembolism
    New Annual, $92,056
  • Rose, David R. (University Health Network)
    The molecular basis for starch digestion in the intestine: Human maltase-glucoamylase and sucrase-isomaltase
    2008, New Annual (Pending), $82,604
  • Roy, Eric A. (University of Waterloo)
    Neuropsychological profiles and neuroanatomic correlates of limb apraxia
    2007, Renewal, $69,864
  • Ruzicka, Marcel (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Sympathetic activity in patients with end-stage renal disease on peritoneal dialysis
    2010, New Annual (Pending), $55,583
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (University Health Network)
    Pathophysiology and inflammation after intracerebral hemorrhage
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $113,398
  • Schlichter, Lyanne C. (University Health Network)
    Modulating modes of microglial activation to reduce secondary stroke injury
    Renewal, $118,475
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    Exploring engineered serpins as potential antithrombotic agents
    2008, Renewal (Pending), $101,740
  • Sheffield, William P. (McMaster University)
    Transforming hirudin into an activatable, clot-localized thrombin inhibitor
    2009, Renewal, $101,106
  • Silversides, Candice K. (University Health Network)
    Investigation of the prognostic importance of natriuretic peptides in pregnant women with heart disease: a prospective observational cohort study
    2010, Renewal, $70,770
  • Simmons, Craig A. (University of Toronto)
    The role of C-type natriuretic peptide in cardiac valve fibrosis
    2009, New Annual, $90,990
  • Slack, Ruth (University of Ottawa)
    Manipulating mitochondrial dynamics to promote brain recovery after stroke
    Renewal, $104,530
  • Sorisky, Alexander (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    MAPping adipose tissue malfunction in obesity: macrophages, adipose cells, and PDGF
    2009, New Annual, $141,814
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