HSFC Personnel Support Program - 2003/2004

Personnel awards funded by HSFC for 2003/2004:

Visiting Scientists

  • Kubes, Paul (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Sponsor: McNagy, Kelly (Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia)
    Making lineage specific transgenic mice.

New Investigator

* - Applicants funded via the HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund.

  • Allen, Bruce G. (Research Centre, Montreal Heart Institute)
    Hypertrophic signal transduction in the adult ventricular myocardium.
  • *Blostein, Mark D. (Medicine, McGill University)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Novel role of gamma-carboxyglutamic acid in vascular biology. 
  • Brown, Arthur (Neurodegeneration Research Group, John P. Robarts Research Institute)
    Genetic control of heart development and autonomic dysreflexia. 
  • Chan, Anthony (Hematology/Oncology, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Development of a novel covalent antithrombin-heparin complex. 
  • Childs, Sarah J. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary)
    Blood vessel development in zebrafish. 
  • Coorssen, Jens R. (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Defining the fusion site of regulated exocytosis. 
  • *Douketis, James (Medicine, McMaster University)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Duration of anticoagulation for estrogen-associated venous thromboembolism. 
  • Drysdale, Thomas (Lawson Research Institute, St. Joseph's Health Centre)
    Early events in the establishment of the myocardium. 
  • Fernandez-Patron, Carlos A. (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    New vasoconstrictor mechanism triggered by transactivation of a growth pathway. 
  • Frayne, Richard (Clinical Neurosciences and Radiology, University of Calgary)
    Endovascular MR system for stroke therapy. 
  • Greenwood, Michael T. (Medicine, Royal Victoria Hospital)
    The role of regulators of G-protein signalling (RGS) in regulating angiotensin II mediated signalling. 
  • Hebert, Terence (Anesthesia, University of Montreal)
    Organization and specificity in G protein-coupled receptor signalling. 
  • Hill, John S. (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, University of British Columbia)
    Structure-function relationships of hepatic lipase and lipoprotein lipase. 
  • *Hill, Michael D. (Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Stratifying risk in acute ischemic stroke. 
  • Hornberger, Lisa (Pediatrics, University of Toronto)
    B1 integrins and the IGF2-IGF1 receptor system in fetal cardiac myocyte proliferation: regulatory role for the nuclear transcription, Sp1. 
  • Jacques, Danielle (Anatomy, University of Sherbrooke)
    Regulation of intracellular calcium by NPY in endocardial endothelial cells. 
  • Krahn, Andrew D. (Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre)
    Canada Life Research Award
    Dynamic adaptation of the QT interval in long QT syndrome. 
  • Liaw, Patricia C.Y. (Medicine, McMaster University)
    Modulation of inflammation and apoptosis by activated protein C, a natural anticoagulant. 
  • Liu, Fang (Neuroscience, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative
    Protein-protein interactions in the regulation of AMPA receptor mediated neurotoxicity. 
  • Melo, Luis Gabriel (Physiology, Queen's University)
    Gene therapy for long term myocardial protection and rescue
  • Mesaeli, Nasrin (Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, University of Manitoba)
    Role of endoplasmic reticulum in vascular development. 
  • Pasumarthi, Kishore Babu S. (Pharmacology, Dalhousie University)
    Isolation and characterization of cardiac progenitor cells. 
  • Reid, Robert D. (Medicine, University of Ottawa)
    Interventions to promote physical activity for the secondary prevention of CAD. 
  • Richard, Darren E. (Medicine, Laval University)
    Vasoactive hormones and hypoxia in the control of vascular endothelial growth factor. 
  • Rodger, Marc A. (Medicine, University of Ottawa)
    Thrombophilia: novel associations and therapeutic interventions.
  • Shaughnessy, Stephen G. (Pathology, McMaster University)
    The effects of low molecular-weight and standard heparin on bone. 
  • Steinman, David A. (Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario)
    Computational imaging of hemodynamics and vascular disease. 
  • *Therrien, Judith (Medicine, University of Toronto)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Effects of ACE1 and beta blocking therapy in patients with systemic right ventricles.
  • Thorin, Eric (Chirugie, Université de Montréal)
    Influence des changements de couplages récepteurs / protéines G sur la fonction endothéliale. 
  • Trigatti, Bernado L. (Biochemistry, McMaster University)
    Effect of tissue specific expression or suppression of the HDL receptor SR-BI on cardiovascular disease. 
  • Tsushima, Robert G. (Medicine, University of Toronto)
    Defining the fusion site of regulated exocytosis. Regulation of cardiac calcium-activated nonselective cation channels. 
  • Wang, Hui Di (Community Health Sciences, Brock University)
    Vascular gp-91phox containing NADPH oxidase in angiotensin II-induced hypertension. 
  • Welsh, Donald G. (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Basis of pyrimidine-induced vasoconstriction. 
  • Whitman, Stewart C. (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Great-West Life and London Life Research Award
    The role of the immune system in atherosclerosis: mechanism of action of IL-12 and IL-18. 
  • Wilson, Richard J.A. (Medical Physiology, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Chemoreceptor interactions and neural plasticity in the control of breathing. 
  • Zha, Xiaohui (Hormone, Growth and Development, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    ABCA1 and molecular mechanism of cholesterol efflux. 
  • Zheng, Xi-Long (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary)
    Atherogenesis: an investigation of vascular smooth muscle phospholipase D.

Research Fellowships

* - Applicants funded via the HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund. 

  • *Aarts, Michelle M. (Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Toronto Western Research Institute)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Treatment of ischemic injury and excitotoxicity by uncoupling NMDA receptor - PSD95 interactions.
    Supervisor: Tymianski, Michael 
  • Ainslie, Philip N. (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Ventilatory and cerebrovascular control in healthy humans with obstructive sleep apnea.
    Supervisor: Poulin, Marc J. 
  • Aitken, Susan-Marie (Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California)
    Cystathionine beta-synthase: mechanism and structure-function studies of homocystinuria-associated mutants.
    Supervisor: Kirsch, Jack F. 
  • Allister, Emma M. (Vascular Biology Research Group, John P. Robarts Research Institute)
    Joint HSFC/Pharma Research Fellowships
    Regulation of lipoprotein secretion from cultured primary hepatocytes.
    Supervisor: Huff, Murray W. 
  • Altier, Christophe (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Determinants of N-type calcium channel targeting and physiology.
    Supervisor: Zamponi, Gerald W. 
  • Arrell, David Kent (Ion Cyclotron Resonance, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory)
    Proteomic analysis of the cardioprotective mechanism underlying sodium hydrogen exchange inhibition.
    Supervisor: Marshall, Alan G.
  • Bedard, Karen Joan (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    Calreticulin in cardiac development and pathology.
    Supervisor: Michalak, Marek 
  • Beletsky, Vadim Y. (Clinical Neurological Sciences, John P. Robarts Research Institute)
    Doppler or angiography prior to carotid surgery.
    Supervisor: Spence, J. David 
  • Benisty, Jacques (Surgery & Cell Biology, Children's Hospital)
    The role of angiogenesis in pulmonary vascular disease.
    Supervisor: Folkman, Judah 
  • Champagne, Maud C.M. (Medicine, Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    États mentaux et troubles de la communication chez les cérébrolésés droits.
    Supervisor: Joanette, Yves 
  • Chilton, E. Lisa (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Electrophysiological studies of membrane potential of cardiac fibroblasts and myofibroblasts.
    Supervisor: Giles, Wayne R. 
  • Cottrell, Trevor G. (Physiology, Queen's University)
    Mechanisms of orexin-medicated regulation of cardiovascular control in the nucleus tractus solitarius.
    Supervisor: Ferguson, Alastair 
  • Coutts, Shelagh B. (Clinical Neurosciences, Foothills Hospital)
    Joint HSFC/Pharma Research Fellowships
    Vascular imaging of acute stroke for identifying occlusion and nominal perfusion (vision).
    Supervisor: Buchan, Alastair M. 
  • Di Legge, Sylvia (Clinical Neurological Sciences, London Health Sciences Centre)
    Joint HSFC/Pharma Research Fellowships
    Impact of lesion side on acute stroke treatment.
    Supervisor: Hachinski, Vladimir 
  • Dickhout, Jeffrey Gordon (Physiology, Hamilton Civic Hospital Research Centre)
    Mechanisms of hyperhomocysteinemia-induced vascular dysfunction and their interactions with hypertension.
    Supervisor: Austin, Richard C. 
  • Ellis, Anthie (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, University of Calgary)
    The role of hydrogen peroxide on endothelial dysfunction in type II diabetes.
    Supervisor: Triggle, Christopher R. 
  • Emsley, Jason George (Neurology & Neurosurgery, Massachusetts General Hospital)
    Molecular phenotyping of newborn cortical neurons recruited from endogenous neural precursors.
    Supervisor: Macklis, Jeffrey 
  • Essebag, Vidal (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard University)
    Risk of pacemaker requirement in patients with atrial fibrillation treated with amiodarone.
    Supervisor: Josephson, Mark E. 
  • Fuse, Koichi (Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, Toronto General Hospital)
    Roles of innate immune signaling pathways including Toll-like receptors in viral heart failure.
    Supervisor: Liu, Peter 
  • Garenc, Christophe (Biology, Lausanne University)
    Role of PPARs in lipase gene expressions. Physiopathological and therapeutic consequences.
    Supervisor: Desvergne, Béatrice 
  • Ghanam, Khadija (Pharmacology, University of Alberta)
    Mechanisms of estrogen-induced cardioprotection.
    Supervisor: Clanachan, Alexander S. 
  • Gilbert, Robert W. (Pharmacology, Dalhousie University)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Stroke, gene expression and neuroprotection: targets for treatment.
    Supervisor: Robertson, Harold 
  • Girouard, Hélène H.G. (Neurobiology, Weill Medical College of Cornell University)
    Hypertension, oxidative stress and neurovascular coupling.
    Supervisor: Iadecola, Constantino 
  • Gould, Douglas B. (The Jackson Laboratory, Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Identification and characterization of a model for perinatal and age-related stroke.
    Supervisor: John, Simon W.M. 
  • Gramolini, Anthony (Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, University of Toronto)
    Physiological consequences of calcium dysregulation in cardiac muscle.
    Supervisor: MacLennan, David H. 
  • Grenon, Marlene (Endocrine-Hypertensive Division, Brigham and Women's Hospital)
    The effects of simulated weightlessness on the cardiovascular system.
    Supervisor: Williams, Gordon Harold 
  • Han, Wei (Pharmacology & Therapeutics, McGill University)
    Characterization of the molecular nature of transient outward current: protein interactions of Kv4.4.
    Supervisor: Shrier, Alvin 
  • Heckman, George A.W. (Medicine, McMaster University)
    Development and evaluation of a CHF care map for long-term care.
    Supervisor: McKelvie, Robert S. 
  • *Hemmings, Denise G. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Alberta)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Vasoactivity of sphingosine-1-phosphate in aging and preeclampsia.
    Supervisor: Davidge, Sandra T. 
  • Jackson, Michael F. (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Role of coincident signaling through metabotropic and NMDA subtypes of glutamate receptors in plasticity and excitotoxicity.
    Supervisor: MacDonald, John F. 
  • Kassiri, Zamaneh (Experimental Therapeutics, Princess Margaret Hospital)
    Role of TIMMP-3 in development and progression of experimental heart disease.
    Supervisor: Khokha, Rama 
  • Kennedy, James (Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Patient preferences for outcome with thrombolysis following acute ischemic stroke.
    Supervisor: Buchan, Alastair M. 
  • Kiss, Enikö (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Calgary)
    The molecular basis of calcium sensitization of vascular smooth muscle contraction.
    Supervisor: Walsh, Michael P. 
  • Kohen Avramoglu, Rita L. (Clinical Biology, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Mechanisms of VLDL overproduction in insulin resistance.
    Supervisor: Adeli, Khosrow 
  • *Lee, Douglas S.Y. (Medicine & Public Health Science, University of Toronto)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Determination of prognosis and outcomes of congestive heart failure in Ontario.
    Supervisor: Tu, Jack V. 
  • Lekas, Michael C. (Cardiology, St. Michael's Hospital)
    Interactions between angiopoietin-1 and angiopoietin-2 in neovascularization of the ischemic hindlimb.
    Supervisor: Stewart, Duncan J. 
  • Linkins, Lori-Ann (Medicine, McMaster University)
    Anticoagulant effect of heparin derivatives.
    Supervisor: Weitz, Jeffrey I. 
  • Liu, Lixin (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    P38 MAP Kinase and neutrophil chemotaxis.
    Supervisor: Kubes, Paul 
  • Loucks, Eric B. (Health and Social Behavior, Harvard School of Public Health)
    Cardiovascular biomarkers as measures of health for the social determinants of health.
    Supervisor: Berkman, Eric B. 
  • Mackova, Martina (Medical Microbiology & Immunology, University of Alberta)
    Mechanisms of placental endothelial cell death and survival in intrauterine growth restriction.
    Supervisor: Guilbert, Larry J. 
  • Maj, Mary C. (Metabolism Research Program, Hospital for Sick Children)
    Control of oxygen free radical production by mitochondria mediated through the phosphorylation of complex I subunits.
    Supervisor: Robinson, Brian H. 
  • Maruyama, Yoshiaki (Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Calgary)
    TRPC heteromultimers form the non-selective cation channel of resistance arterial smooth muscle.
    Supervisor: Cole, William C. 
  • McDonald, Paul C. (BC Cancer Agency, Jack Bell Research Centre)
    Role of integrin-linked kinase in vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration.
    Supervisor: Dedhar, Shoukat 
  • Millette, Esther (Surgery, University of Washington)
    Effects of the interaction between endothelin and PDFG on cell proliferation, migration and the synthesis of extracellular matrix.
    Supervisor: Clowes, Alexander W. 
  • Morabito, Dominique (Pediatrics & Pharmacology, University of Alberta)
    Adipocytokine control of fatty acid oxidation in the heart.
    Supervisor: Lopaschuk, Gary D. 
  • Morrison, Janna (Physiology, University of Adelaide)
    Restriction of fetal growth during pregnancy and programming of hypertension in adulthood.
    Supervisor: McMillen, I. Caroline 
  • Morrison, Katherine M. (Medicine, McMaster University)
    4th ICPC Fellowship Award
    Atherosclerosis birth cohort: The ABC study.
    Supervisor: Yusuf, Salim 
  • Ndisang, Joseph Fomusi (Physiology, University of Saskatchewan)
    The cardio-protective and anti-inflammatory circuits of hydrogen sulphide.
    Supervisor: Wang, Rui 
  • Nian, Min (Heart and Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, Toronto General Hospital)
    Molecular pathogenesis of viral myocarditis.
    Supervisor: Liu, Peter 
  • O'Donnell, Martin (Medicine, Hamilton Civic Hospital Research Centre)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Improving anticoagulant control in patients with erratic control by daily vitamin K supplementation. 2. Effect of antithrombotic therapy and cerebrovascular risk factors on cognitive decline.
    Supervisor: Hirsh, Jack 
  • Pu, Qian (Experimental Hypertension, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal)
    Vascular and remodeling in animal hypertension models and in hypertensive patients and the mechanisms involved.
    Supervisor: Schiffrin, Ernesto 
  • Rocnik, Edward F. (Molecular Cardiology, Boston University)
    Regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell hypertrophy and vascular remodeling by Akt.
    Supervisor: Walsh, Kenneth 
  • Rosenbaum, Shayna (Geriatrics, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care) 
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Integration of affective and cognitive processing within the frontal lobes in stroke.
    Supervisor: Stuss, Donald T. 
  • Segev, Amit (Cardiology, St. Michael's Hospital)
    The role of adventitial angiogenesis in the arterial response to injury.
    Supervisor: Strauss, Bradley H. 
  • Shiraishi, Mitsuya (Medicine, University of Calgary)
    Smooth muscle regulatory mechanisms in renal afferent and efferent arterioles.
    Supervisor: Loutzenhiser, Rodger D. 
  • Spaak, Jonas (Cardiology, Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Neural and humoral cardiovascular control in human hypertension and heart failure.
    Supervisor: Floras, John S. 
  • Spears, Julian (Neurosurgery, Toronto Western Hospital)
    Joint HSFC/Pharma Research Fellowships
    Development of a prediction model for neurological outcome following surgery of brain AVMs in the prevention of hemorrhagic stroke.
    Supervisor: Wallace, M. Christopher 
  • Tsuji, Yukiomi (Medicine, Montreal Heart Institute)
    Potassium channel modifications in rabbits with acquired QT prolongation and torsades de pointes.
    Supervisor: Nattel, Stanley 
  • Ustinova, Ksenia I. (Institut de réadaptation de Montréal, Université de Montréal)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    The control of posture and bilateral limb movements in stroke patients.
    Supervisor: Levin, Mindy F. 
  • Uwabo, Jiro (Medicine, University of Montreal)
    Molecular genetics of hypertension.
    Supervisor: Hamet, Pavel 
  • Verma, Atul (Cardiology, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
    The radiofrequency ablation of atrial fibrillation trial (RAAFT).
    Supervisor: Natale, Andrea 
  • Voisine, Pierre (Cardiothoracic Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center)Z
    Effects of cardiopulmonary bypass and cardioplegia on coronary and peripheral microvascular reactivity.
    Supervisor: Sellke, Frank 
  • Weerapura, Manjula (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Regulation of NMDA channels by protein kinase A-dependent signaling pathways.
    Supervisor: MacDonald, John F. 
  • Wright, Christopher (Medicine, University of Calgary)
    Hemodynamics of faintlets in rabbits.
    Supervisor: Tyberg, John V. 
  • Yoshida, Hideyuki (Genes & Development Research Group, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Adult neural stem cells to treat stroke.
    Supervisor: Weiss, Samuel 
  • Zaid, Ahmed Elagili (Biochemical Neuroendocrinology, Clinical Research Institute of Montreal)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    NARC-1 and familial hypercholestrolemia type 3.
    Supervisor: Seidah, Nabil G. 
  • Zhu, Dong Ya (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Nitric oxide-mediated down-regulation of GABAa receptor function following cerebral ischemia.
    Supervisor: Lu, YouMing 
  • Zou, Renqiang (Research Center, Montreal Heart Institute)
    Mechanisms of AF maintenance and termination probed with a realistic mathematical model.
    Supervisor: Nattel, Stanley

Doctoral Research Awards

* - Applicants funded via the HSFC/CIHR Health Reseach Partnership Fund. 
  • Adhihetty, Peter J. (Kinesiology & Health Science, York University)
    Contractile activity-induced changes associated with apoptosis in skeletal and cardiac myocytes.
    Supervisor: Hood, David A. 
  • Ardern, Chris (Kinesiology & Health Education, Queen's University)
    HSFC/IGH Doctoral Research Award
    Obesity screening, future health risk, and the role of gender.
    Supervisor: Katzmarzyk, Peter T. 
  • Atkins, Ross (Biology & Biochemistry, University of Victoria)
    Integrin function in the migration of cardiac neural crest cells.
    Supervisor: Burke, Robert D. 
  • Balasubramaniam, Janani (Pathology, University of Manitoba)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Time and age dependent responses following intracerebral hemorrhage in rodent brain.
    Supervisor: Del Bigio, Marc R. 
  • Bandali, Karim S. (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    The effects of hyperoxia on the neonatal heart and its mechanism.
    Supervisor: Wittnich, Carin 
  • Beauchamp, Marie-Claude (Nutrition, Université de Montréal)
    Rôle des produits terminaux de glycation (AGEs) dans la surexpression de la lipoprotéine lipase macrophagique dans le diabète de type 2.
    Supervisor: Renier, Genevieve 
  • Bernier, Virginie (Médecine, Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur)
    Des chaperons pharmacologiques pour traiter le diabète insipide néphrogénique.
    Supervisor: Bichet, Daniel G. 
  • Bhagat, Yusuf A. (Biomedical Engineering, University of Alberta)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging of clinical stroke.
    Supervisor: Beaulieu, Christian 
  • Boucard, Antony A. (Pharmacologie, Université de Sherbrooke)
    Elucidation des intéractions ligand-récepteur pour les GPCR à ligands peptidiques.
    Supervisor: Leduc, Richard 
  • Brown, Kelly L. (Microbiology and Immunology, University of British Columbia)
    Factors and molecular mechanisms that regulate CD44 binding to hyaluronan in myeloid cells.
    Supervisor: Johnson, Pauline 
  • Butler, Beverly C. (Psychology, Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre)
    Attention and motor interactions in neglect subjects and controls.
    Supervisor: Eskes, Gail 
  • Cardin, Sophie (Centre de recherche, Institut de cardiologie de Montréal)
    Changement de l'expression génique au cours du remodelage auriculaire et ventriculaire induit par l'insuffisance cardiaque.
    Supervisor: Nattel, Stanley 
  • Chen, Tim T. (Pharmacology and Therapeutics, University of Calgary)
    Vascular smooth muscle delayed rectifier K+ channel regulation of resistance arterial diameter.
    Supervisor: Cole, William C. 
  • Cheng, Xing (Pharmacology &Therapeutics, University of British Columbia)
    Abnormal response to vasoactive agents in pulmonary hypertension.
    Supervisor: Pang, Catherine C.Y. 
  • Choi, Hong Y. (Medicine, University of Alberta)
    Apolipoprotein-mediated lipid efflux from arterial smooth muscle cells.
    Supervisor: Francis, Gordon A. 
  • Cimini, Massimo (Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre)
    Cellular phenotypes of the aortic heart valve in health and disease.
    Supervisor: Boughner, Derek R. 
  • Colantonio, David A. (Physiology, Queen's University)
    Detection of cardiac troponin I in patients with acute coronary syndromes.
    Supervisor: Van Eyk, Jennifer E. 
  • Con, Andrea H. (Applied Psychology, University of Calgary)
    Psychosocial predictors of pain and functional impairment in patients recovering from coronary artery bypass graft surgery.
    Supervisor: Hiebert, Bryan 
  • Crawley, Scott W. (Biochemistry, Queen's University)
    Phosphorylation of caldesmon by Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent kinase III.
    Supervisor: Côté, Graham P. 
  • Danelisen, Igor (Physiology, University of Manitoba)
    The role of retinoic acid in oxidative stress-mediated adriamycin-induced cardiomyopathy.
    Supervisor: Singal, Pawan K. 
  • *Der Sarkissian, Shant (Cardiovascular Pathology, CHUM)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Pharmacological control of cardiovascular remodeling and correction of endothelial dysfunction.
    Supervisor: deBlois, Denis 
  • Dodds, Marnie L. (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Regulation of cardiac sacoplasmic reticulum by anions.
    Supervisor: Kargacin, Gary J. 
  • Drew, Erwin (Medical Genetics, University of British Columbia)
    The role of the stem cell antigen, CD34, on murine mast cells.
    Supervisor: McNagny, Kelly M. 
  • Dunkerley, Heather (Pharmacology & Toxicology, Queen's University)
    Loss of cyclic nucleotide phoshpodiesterase3 expression in cultured and neointimal vascular smooth muscle cells.
    Supervisor: Maurice, Donald H. 
  • Edwards, Michael R. (Kinesiology, University of Waterloo)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    The effects of blood pressure and carbon dioxide on dynamic cerebral autoregulation.
    Supervisor: Hughson, Richard L. 
  • Elias, Chadwick L. (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    Investigating the spatial relationships between functional regions of voltage-gated sodium channels.
    Supervisor: Backx, Peter H. 
  • Esmail, Muneer (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Simon Fraser University)
    Functional characterization of a novel putative molecular chaperone associated with Bardet-Biedl syndrome.
    Supervisor: Leroux, Michel R. 
  • Ferri, Catharine (Physiology, Queen's University)
    An investigation of the effects of IL-1b in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus.
    Supervisor: Ferguson, Alastair 
  • Franco, Christopher (Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto)
    The role of MMP-dependant endothelin processing in vascular smooth muscle contraction and vascular remodeling.
    Supervisor: Bendeck, Michelle P. 
  • Gendron, Tania F. (Institute for Biological Sciences, National Research Council of Canada)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    The role of transcription factors in neurotoxicity and neuroprotection.
    Supervisor: Morley, Paul 
  • *Grandy, Scott (Pharmacology, Dalhousie University)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Excitation-contraction coupling in a transgenic model of heart failure.
    Supervisor: Howlett, Susan 
  • Gritsenko, Valeriya (Neuroscience, University of Alberta)
    Automated FES-assisted therapy for hemiplegic hand function.
    Supervisor: Prochazka, Arthur 
  • Ho, Andrew Tri Van (Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Toronto)
    Compensatory effects of retinoblastoma protein family and novel apaf1-independent apoptosis in myogenesis.
    Supervisor: Zacksenhaus, Eldad 
  • Hurtado, Cecilia (Physiology, University of Manitoba)
    Role of sodium-calcium exchange and sodium-proton exchange in ischemia-reperfusion injury to the heart.
    Supervisor: Pierce, Grant N. 
  • Izzi, Luisa (Biochemistry, University of Toronto)
    Smad2 sumoylation modulates the transcriptional activation of FoxH1 target genes during cardiogenesis.
    Supervisor: Attisano, Liliana 
  • Jackson, Dwayne N. (Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario)
    HSFC/IGH Doctoral Research Award
    In vivo investigations of gender and sympathetically-mediated vascular remodeling.
    Supervisor: Shoemaker, J. Kevin 
  • Jenkins, Alexandra L. (Clinical Nutrition, St. Michael's Hospital)
    Short and long term effects of American ginseng and Konjac mannan fiber on cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes.
    Supervisor: Vuksan, Vladimir 
  • Jimenez, Sarah (Physiology, University of Manitoba)
    Genetic regulation of cardioprotective fibroblast growth factors in the adult heart.
    Supervisor: Cattini, Peter A. 
  • Kolodziejska, Karolina Maria (Cellular & Molecular Biology, Toronto General Hospital)
    c-Myb dependent vascular smooth muscle cell differentiation.
    Supervisor: Husain, Mansoor 
  • Labonté, Julie (Pharmacologie, Université de Sherbrooke)
    Réactivité croisée endothéline-oxide nitrique.
    Supervisor: D'Orléans-Juste, Pédro 
  • Laplante, Marc-André (Physiologie, Université de Montréal)
    Rôle de la voie ERK-MAPK dans l'hypertension induite par l'angiotensine.
    Supervisor: de Champlain, Jacques 
  • Larrivee, Bruno (Medical Biophysics, BC Cancer Research Centre)
    The role of VEGF-2 in hematopoiesis and vasculogenesis.
    Supervisor: Karsan, Aly 
  • Leclerc, Patrice (Pharmacologie, Université de Sherbrooke)
    Modulation de l'activité de liaison du récepteur AT1 par l'oxide nitrique.
    Supervisor: Guillemette, Gaetan 
  • Lee, Joanne S.Y. (Laboratory of Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto)
    Microtubules regulate actin organization and distribution of focal adhesions and adherens junctions.
    Supervisor: Gotlieb, Avrum I. 
  • Liu, Pinggang (Pharmacology, University of Saskatchewan)
    Cysteinyl leukotriene dependent responses to angiotensin II in cardiac and vascular smooth cells.
    Supervisor: Gopalakrishnan, Venkat 
  • Lynch, Jeffrey M. (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    Regulation of calreticulin promoter and calcium homeostasis in cardiomyocytes.
    Supervisor: Michalak, Marek 
  • MacKenzie, Cheri L. (Kinesiology, McMaster University)
    Isometric handgrip training and arterial pressure reduction: effects and mechanisms.
    Supervisor: McCartney, Neil 
  • Michaud, Sophie Élise (Sciences biomédicales, Université de Montréal)
    Angiogenèse et ischémie vasculaire: Rôle du tabagisme.
    Supervisor: Rivard, Alain 
  • Montague, Patricia (Medicine, McMaster University)
    The study of health assessment and risk in ethnic groups: SHARE offspring.
    Supervisor: Yusuf, Salim 
  • Mullaly, Sarah C. (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    CD14, TLR4, P38 and leukocyte recruitment in shock.
    Supervisor: Kubes, Paul 
  • Mulligan, Sean J. (Neuroscience, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Increased calcium in astrocytes causes contraction of the cerebral microvasculature.
    Supervisor: MacVicar, Brian A. 
  • Murdoch, Barbara (Zoology, University of British Columbia)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Molecular identification and characterization of neural stem cells.
    Supervisor: Roskams, Jane Angela 
  • Netherton, Stuart J. (Pharmacology & Toxicology, Queen's University)
    The role of phosphodiesterases in diabetes associated cardiovascular disease.
    Supervisor: Maurice, Donald H. 
  • Pelletier, Stephane (Pharmacology, University of Montreal)
    Role of the Jak/STAT pathway in hypertrophic and chimiotactic actions of angiotensin II on vascular smooth muscle cells.
    Supervisor: Meloche, Sylvain 
  • Perry, Ryan J. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University)
    The role of oxysterol binding protein in cellular cholesterol homeostasis.
    Supervisor: Ridgway, Neale D. 
  • Quiniou, Christiane (Pédiatrie, Hôpital Ste-Justine)
    Mécanisme de la mort cellulaire endothéliale microvasculaire causée par le thromboxane.
    Supervisor: Chemtob, Sylvain 
  • Rahmani, Maziar (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, St. Paul's Hospital)
    Versican gene regulation: molecular mechanisms in valvular and vascular cells.
    Supervisor: McManus, Bruce M. 
  • Ramirez, Rafael J. (Physiology, University of Toronto)
    The role of sodium-calcium exchanger in excitation-contraction coupling in cardiomyocytes.
    Supervisor: Backx, Peter H. 
  • Rose, Patricia Anne (Ophthalmology & Vision Science, Toronto Western Hospital)
    Age-related changes in retinal vascular autoregulation in normal and atherosclerotic patients.
    Supervisor: Hudson, Chris 
  • Rose, Robert A. (Physiology & Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Effects of C-type natriuretic peptide in the heart.
    Supervisor: Giles, Wayne R. 
  • *Ruel, Isabelle (Nutrition, Université Laval)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Étude de la déficience en lipase hépatique dans le métabolisme des lipoprotéines chez l'humain.
    Supervisor: Lamarche, Benoit 
  • Sabati, Mohammad R. (Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences, University of Calgary)
    Interactive large field-of-view peripheral magnetic resonance angiography.
    Supervisor: Frayne, Richard 
  • Schneider, Mark (Biochemistry, Queen's University)
    A study of TAFIa mediated suppression of the fibrinolytic cascade.
    Supervisor: Nesheim, Michael E. 
  • Slepkov, Emily R. (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    Structure function analysis of the mammalian Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 1.
    Supervisor: Fliegel, Larry 
  • Smith, Kelly Michelle (Health Sciences, McMaster University)
    Strength training in heart failure: impact on health related quality of life, self-efficacy, strength and functional capacity.
    Supervisor: McKelvie, Robert S. 
  • Smith, Robin H. (Pharmacology, Dalhousie University)
    Cardiac excitation - contraction coupling in a transgenic model of heart failure.
    Supervisor: Ferrier, Gregory R. 
  • St-Pierre, Annie (Nutrition, Centre hospitalier de l'Université Laval)
    Études du risques cardio-vasculaires associés au syndrome de résistance à l'insuline.
    Supervisor: Lamarche, Benoit 
  • *Sturk, Celina (Cancer Biology Research, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    HSFC/CIHR Health Research Partnership Fund
    Determining a biological role for Grb7 and Grb14 in Tek/Tie2 mediated endothelial biology.
    Supervisor: Dumont, Daniel J. 
  • Sun, Hong-Shuo (Physiology and Biophysics, University of Calgary)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Neuroprotective role of k(ARP)-channels of interneurons and neuroglia in stroke using knockout-mice.
    Supervisor: French, Robert J. 
  • Swayze, Richard (Psychiatry, University of British Columbia)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    Uncoupling of the PKA/AKAP/GluR complex in hypoxia-ischemia.
    Supervisor: El Husseini, Alaa 
  • Sy, Sherwin K.B. (Physiology, McGill University)
    Pharmacological effects on the dynamics of cardiac arrhythmia in cell cultures.
    Supervisor: Glass, Leon 
  • Tang, Guanghua (Physiology, University of Saskatchewan)
    ATP-sensitive K+ channels in vascular smooth muscle cells in hypertension.
    Supervisor: Wang, Rui 
  • Tessier, Sophie (Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Université du Québec)
    Caractérisation du domaine de liaison du récepteur ETA de l'endothéline par photomarquage.
    Supervisor: Fournier, Alain 
  • Tilley, Douglas G. (Pharmacology & Toxicology, Queen's University)
    In vivo regulation of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase expression by cAMP in the cardiovascular system.
    Supervisor: Maurice, Donald H. 
  • Truong, To-Quyen (Sciences Biologiques, Université du Québec à Montréal)
    Rôle des cavéoles dans le métabolisme du cholestérol.
    Supervisor: Brissette, Louise 
  • Villar, Juan C. (Cardiology, McMaster University)
    Cardiovascular investigation to assess the markers and outcomes of Chagas' disease.
    Supervisor: Yusuf, Salim 
  • Voskas, Daniel (Medical Biophysics, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre)
    Investigating the role of Tek/Tie2-mediated survival in cardiovascular development and disease.
    Supervisor: Dumont, Daniel J. 
  • Wang, Jiaxu (CIHR Group in Matrix Dynamics, University of Toronto)
    Regulation of alpha-smooth muscle actin (SMA) by mechanical force in cardiac hypertrophy.
    Supervisor: McCulloch, Christopher A. 
  • Wiebe, Christine A. (Biochemistry, University of Alberta)
    Identification of conserved polar amino acid residues important for Na+/H+ exchange.
    Supervisor: Fliegel, Larry 
  • Wilson, Timothy D. (Kinesiology, University of Western Ontario)
    Focus on Stroke Training Initiative

    The sympathetic nervous system and cerebrovascular control.
    Supervisor: Shoemaker, J. Kevin 
  • Wong, Brian Wing Chi (Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, St. Paul's Hospital)
    Vascular endothelial growth factor-induced endothelial cell hyperpermeability in atherosclerotic diseases.
    Supervisor: McManus, Bruce M. 
  • Wong, C. Guin Ting (Brain and Behaviour, Hospital for Sick Children)
    PI3 kinase transgenic mice: AMPA receptors and ischemic cell death.
    Supervisor: Snead, Orlando Carter 
  • Yang, Bo (Physiology, Queen's University)
    Electrophysiological effects and their mechanisms of orexin-A on NTS and AP neurons.
    Supervisor: Ferguson, Alastair 
  • Yang, Li (Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, St. Michael's Hospital)
    Conditional cardiac overexpression of endothelin-1 in transgenic mice.
    Supervisor: Stewart, Duncan J. 
  • Zaiss, Anne Kathrin (Medicine, University of Calgary)
    Analysis of virus vector mediated apolipoprotein AI gene transfer.
    Supervisor: Wong, Norman C.W. 
  • Zhang, Yiqiang (Research Centre, Montreal Heart Institute)
    Roles of HERG K+ channel in arrhythmias and apoptosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy.
    Supervisor: Wang, Zhiguo

Nursing Research Fellowships

  • Burns, Susanne L. (Nursing, University of British Columbia)Z
    HSFC/IGH Nursing Research Fellowship Award
    The accuracy of cardiovascular risk perception in first degree relatives of patients with premature atherosclerosis: does gender matter?
    Supervisor: Ratner, Pamela A. 
  • Colella, Tracey (Nursing, University of Calgary)
    The effect of peer support follow-up on CABG patient's recovery.
    Supervisor: King, Kathryn M. 
  • Cortes, Olga L. (Nursing, McMaster University)
    Progressive upright mobilization program of patients after acute myocardial infarction in coronary care units.
    Supervisor: Arthur, Heather M. 
  • Gélinas, Céline (Sciences infirmières, Université Laval)
    Développement et validation préliminaire d'une grille d'observation de la douleur en soins critiques.
    Supervisor: Fillion, Lise 
  • Green, Theresa L. (Nursing, University of Calgary)
    HSFC/CSN Nursing Research Fellowship Award
    The post-discharge impact of stroke.
    Supervisor: King, Kathryn M. 
  • Harkness, Karen (Nursing, McMaster University)
    Anxiety & depression in patients with heart failure & their caregivers: is there a co-variance.
    Supervisor: Arthur, Heather M. 
  • Ireland, Sandra E. (Nursing, McMaster University)
    HSFC/CSN Nursing Research Fellowship Award
    Stroke prevention clinic: relationships among patient satisfaction, health related quality of life and self-management of risk factors.
    Supervisor: Arthur, Heather M. 
  • Keeping, Lisa M. (Nursing, McGill University)
    Telehealth (VITAL Program) and psychosocial adjustment of post-CABG patients and their partners.
    Supervisor: Purden, Margaret Ann 
  • Rempel, Gwendolyn R. (Nursing, University of Alberta)
    Parenting a child with HLHS whose treatment includes the Norwood surgical approach.
    Supervisor: Harrison, Margaret J. 
  • Sanguins, Julianne (Nursing, University of Calgary)
    Understanding capacity in first nation people with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
    Supervisor: Thomlinson, Elizabeth 
  • Wyatt, Peggy A. (Nursing, University of British Columbia)
    Supporting timely AMI treatment: gender differences in treatment seeking for acute coronary symptoms.
    Supervisor: Ratner, Pamela A.