Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario - Master's Studentships - 2009/2010

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the students who were awarded funding in the 2009/2010 Master's Studentship competition.

These scholarships are awarded annually in Ontario to students enrolled in a Master's level program in cardiovascular/cerebrovascular research. The scholarships are valued at $18,500 per year for up to two years.
The results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be sent to all award recipients the week of June 1, 2009. The Foundation requests that applicants do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving this letter.
  •  Matthew G. Andrusiak 
    The role of pRb in the regulation of neural stem cell fate.
    Supervisor: Ruth Slack (University of Ottawa)
  • Julia Assini
    Prevention of dyslipidemia and atherosclerosis by the citrus flaveonoid, nobiletin.
    Supervisor: Murray W. Huff (University of Western Ontario)
  • Beca Bogdan 
    High-throughput screening of heart valve tissue 
    engineering systems.
    Supervisor: Craig A. Simmons (University of Toronto)
  • Karen E. Britto 
    The role of macrophage collagen receptor DDR1 in the progression of atherosclerosis.
    Supervisor: Michelle P. Bendeck (University of Toronto)
  • Jordan S. Chou 
    Novel binding partners of calpastatin and calpain.
    Supervisor: Peter L. Davies (Queen's University)
  • Candi J. Flynn 
    Exploring the exercise dose-response relationship in women involved in cardiac rehabilitation programs.
    Supervisor: Neville Suskin (University of Western Ontario)
  • Allison Gates 
    Assessment of food intake and physical activity in Cree school children.
    Supervisor: Leonard Tsuji (University of Waterloo)
  • Michelle Gates 
    Assessment of Cree children's food intake using an innovative web-based survey.
    Supervisor: Rhona Hanning (University of Waterloo)
  • Celine Giordano 
    Functional comparison of circulating progenitor cell subpopulations for cell-based angiogenesis.
    Supervisor: Marc Ruel (University of Ottawa)
  • Allison Gregory 
    Generation of a soluble form of endoglin for structural and biological studies.
    Supervisor: Michelle Letarte (University of Toronto)
  • Steve Hawley 
    Functional role of ShcD in neural crest lineages.
    Supervisor: Nina Jones (University of Guelph)
  • Sai Fai Bosco Law 
    Improving effectiveness of cardiac resuscitation through high fidelity simulation and team training.
    Supervisor: David Musson (McMaster University)
  • Ilya M. Mukovozov 
    The role of Slit and Robo in vascular inflammation.
    Supervisor: Lisa Robinson (University of Toronto)
  • Anna Rosen 
    Understanding the role of the transcription factor Iroquois 3 in the ventricular conduction system.
    Supervisor: Peter H. Backx (University of Toronto)
  • Farzaneh F. S. Safarpour 
    The potential role of Parkinson's disease gene PINK1 in stroke-induced cellular damage.
    Supervisor: David Park (University of Ottawa)
  • Alina J. Sobiesiak 
    Mechanism of the anti-hypertrophic function of RGS2 in cardiomyocytes.
    Supervisor: Peter Chidiac (University of Western Ontario)
  • Tanja Sofrenovic 
    Enhanced matrix for recruitment of circulating progenitor cells to the heart.
    Supervisor: Erik Suuronen (University of Ottawa)
  • Andrew J. Syrett 
    Bioactive glycerophospholipids and their role in modulating neuronal vulnerability following ischemia.
    Supervisor: Steffany Bennett (University of Ottawa)
  • Anna Vainshtein 
    Effects of endurance training on apoptotic susceptibility in cardiac muscle.
    Supervisor: David A. Hood (York University)
  • Kaley J. Veerman 
    Investigating the role of the vasa vasorum in the development of diabetic atherosclerosis.
    Supervisor: Geoff Werstuck (McMaster University)