Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario - Master's, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Awards in Health Services/Population Health - 2009/2010

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (HSFO) is pleased to announce the students who were awarded funding in the 2009/2010 Health Services/ Population Health Master's, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Program competitions.

These awards are part of a program to strengthen HSFO's investment in health services/population health research in Ontario. They are awarded to students enrolled in a Master's level, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral program in cardiovascular/cerebrovascular research with a focus in the area of health services/population health research. The awards are valued at $18,500, $31,000 and $59,500 per year for up to three years.
The results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be sent to all award recipients the week of June 1, 2009. The Foundation requests that applicants do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving this letter.


  • Mark A. McPherson
    Physical activity as a determinant of melatonin levels in rotating shift nurses.
    Supervisor: Kristan J. Aronson (Queen's University)
  • Graham C. Mecredy
    Built environments as determinants of cardioprotective behaviours in Canadian adolescents.
    Supervisor: Ian Janssen (Queen's University)


  • Megan A. Carter
    Diet and weight in childhood: a logitudinal analysis.
    Supervisor: Lise Dubois (University of Ottawa)
  • Sylvia H. Ley
    Impact of maternal metabolic abnormalities on breast milk and infant metabolic development.
    Supervisor: Anthony J. Hanley (University of Toronto)


  • Amy E. Mark
    Intervention for dietary behaviour change among individuals at risk for CHD.
    Supervisor: Robert Reid (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
  • Catriona A. Syme
    Determinants of cardiovascular and metabolic risk in overweight children and adolescents.
    Supervisor: Brian McCrindle (Hospital for Sick Children)
  • Meredith E. Young
    Factors affecting urgency of care- seeking behaviour: the role of the media, advocacy, and patient models of health.
    Supervisor: Karin Humphreys (McMaster University)