The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada - Henry J. M. Barnett Scholarships

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC)'s Henry J. M. Barnett Scholarship is presented annually to a highly rated investigator working in the area of cerebrovascular research. This prestigious award was established to honour Dr. Henry J. M. Barnett’s exceptional contributions to stroke research, education, and patient care in Canada.

2014 - 2015

  • Dr. Richard H. Swartz (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    New Investigator
    DOC: screening depression, OSA, and cognition to identify high-risk stroke clinic patients.

2013 - 2014  

  • Dr. Clare L. Atzema (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)
    New Investigator
    Atrial fibrillation in the emergency room, The AFTER study.

2012 - 2013   

  • Dr. Louis-Philippe Bernier (University of British Columbia)
    Research Fellow
    Mechanisms of ATP release from pyramidal neurons in stroke-induced excitotoxicity.

2011 - 2012    

  • Dr. Teresa Y.L. Liu-Ambrose (University of British Columbia)
    New Investigator
    Role of exercise on cognition and function in vascular cognitive impairment.

2010 - 2011     

  • Dr. Majid Heidari-Mohajerani (University of British Columbia)
    Research Fellow
    Determining the rhythm of post stroke activity-dependent neural repair.

2009 - 2010      

  • Dr. Hsiao-Huei Chen (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    New Investigator
    Mechanisms to reduce injury and improve recovery from stroke.   

2008 - 2009      

  • Dr. Roger Thompson (University of Calgary)
    New Investigator
    A critical role for pannexin-1 hemichannels in excitotoxic neuronal death.

2007 - 2008      

  • Dr. Ken Butcher (University of Alberta)
    New Investigator
    Cerebral perfusion and blood pressure in intracerebral hemorrhage: a safety study.

2006 - 2007      

  • Dr. Michael Colicos (University of Calgary)
    New Investigator
    Role of neuroligin during photoconductive stimulation-driven synaptic reorganization of mammalian neuronal networks.

2005 - 2006     

  • Dr. Philip Barber (University of Calgary)
    New Investigator
    Magnetic resonance molecular imaging (MRMI) of the early endothelial inflammatory response in focal ischemia.

2004 - 2005      

  • Dr. Kathryn Todd (University of Alberta)
    New Investigator
    Investigations of novel strategies to improve cellular and behavioral outcomes after adult and perinatal cerebral ischemia.

2003 - 2004      

  • Dr. Shayna Rosenbaum (Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto)
    Research Fellow
    Integration of affective and cognitive processing within the frontal lobes in stroke.

2002 - 2003      

  • Dr. James Kennedy (University of Calgary)
    Research Fellow
    Patient preferences for outcome with thrombolysis following acute ischemic stroke.

2001 - 2002

  • Dr. Michael Hill (University of Calgary)
    New Investigator
    Stratifying risk in acute ischemic stroke.

2000 - 2001      

  • Dr. Richard Frayne (University of Calgary) 
    New Investigator
    Endovascular MR system for stroke therapy.

1999 - 2000      

  • Dr. David Steinman (University of Western Ontario)
    New Investigator
    Computational imaging of hemodynamics and vascular disease.

1998 - 1999      

  • Dr. Peter Chidiac (University of Western Ontario)
    New Investigator
    Mechanism of receptor-effector coupling specificity.

1997 - 1998      

  • Dr. Jerome Yager (University of Saskatchewan)
    New Investigator
    Influence of thermoregulation on hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in the immature rat.