Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Career Investigator Competitions - Competition Results September 2011

The Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF), Ontario, is pleased to announce the results of the September 2011 Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Career Investigator competitions.

Of the 273 GIA applications received, 100 were reviewed for budget consideration and 87 were offered funding by the HSF Grants Allocation Committee. Final budgets were assessed using a four-tiered system based on the applications' final rankings in the Scientific Review process.

Of 17 Career Investigator applications received, 5 were offered funding.

The competition results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be available to all applicants via CIRCUlink the week of March 26, 2012, along with the budget / funding details and rankings.

The list provides the name of the principal investigator, institution, title, type of grant, first-year operating budget, term of the grant, and whether any condition has been placed on approval of the grant. For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided. This will be addressed in the letters to applicants noted above.

This list is for information only.

The Foundation requests that applicants do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving the award letters.

Adamo, Kristi (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
Activity Begins in Childhood (ABC)- a randomized controlled trial to inspire healthy active behaviour in preschoolers
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $82,380

Adams, Michael (Queen's University)
Mechanisms of Regional Susceptibility of Vascular Calcification in Chronic Kidney Disease: Implications of Erection Dysfunction
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,489

Adeli, Khosrow (Hospital for Sick Children)
Mechanisms of Hepatic VLDL Overproduction and Steatosis in Insulin Resistant States
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $98,337

Anand, Sonia (McMaster University)
Aboriginal Birth Cohort (ABC) Project
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $72,374

Beique, Jean-Claude (University of Ottawa)
Trafficking of glutamate receptors during stroke
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $78,760

Bendeck, Michelle (University of Toronto)
Cadherins and the Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell Function
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $110,086

Birken, Catherine (Hospital for Sick Children)
PROMOTE: Preschoolers at Risk - Obesity trajectories and cardioMetabolic factors: Toward Early identification
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $72,613

Bolz, Steffen-Sebastian (University of Toronto)
Smooth muscle TNF/S1P signalling drives reduced cerebral perfusion in heart failure.
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $73,400

Brooks, Steven (University of Toronto)
A novel Smartphone application to increase bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillator use on victims of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $114,824

Burgon, Patrick (Ottawa Heart Institute)
Manifestation of Cardiac Related Laminopathies
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,683

Caldarone, Christopher (Hospital for Sick Children)
A Randomized Controlled Trial of Hybrid and Norwood Surgical Strategies for Single Ventricle Congenital Heart Disease
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,743

Carrier, Marc (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
The Management of Subsegmental Pulmonary Embolism: A Prospective Cohort Study (SUSPECT)
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,025

Carroll, Sandra (McMaster University)
Development of and feasibility testing of decision support for patients who are candidates for an implantable defibrillator.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $65,930

Cepinskas, Gediminas (Lawson Health Research Institute)
Carbon Monoxide(CO)-dependent modulation of septic responses in human cerebrovascular endothelial cells
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,000

Cheng, Hai-Ling (Hospital for Sick Children)
Strategies for MRI assessment of microvessel integrity in angiogenesis
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,591

Connelly, Kim (St. Michael's Hospital)
Impaired anti-oxidant activity in diabetic cardiomyopathy: Exploring the role of the thiol reducing system
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $75,991

Cunningham, Charles (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 in Congestive Heart Failure
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $72,015

Cybulsky, Myron (University Health Network)
Initiation of atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and cell biology
2.5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000

Cybulsky, Myron (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute)
Reverse transmigration of arterial intimal dendritic cells
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $96,507

Danckert, James (University of Waterloo)
Spatial working memory training as a means to rehabilitate spatial neglect arising from right hemisphere stroke.
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $70,589

Dawson, John (University of Guelph)
Sarcomere Protein Interactions in Cardiomyopathies
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $55,560

Dowlatshahi, Dar (University of Ottawa)
Predicting intracerebral hemorrhage expansion using the dynamic CT-angiography spot sign.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $48,360

Drangova, Maria (Robarts Research Institute,  34)
Cardiac Imaging for Therapy Guidance and Pre-clinical Research Studies
5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000

Drangova, Maria (University of Western Ontario)
Dual energy micro-CT for angiography and cardiovascular histology
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $71,545
Eubanks, James
(Toronto Western Hospital)
The Mammalian Sirtuin SIRT3: Novel Cytoprotective Factor?
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $73,473

Feng, Qingping (University of Western Ontario)
Nitric Oxide and Heart Valve Development
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $80,800

Ferguson, Alastair (Queen's University)
Nesfatin 1 - A Novel Co-regulator of Central Cardiovascular and Metabolic Control - Implications for Metabolic Syndrome
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $71,365

Fish, Jason (Toronto General Hospital Research Institute)
Modulation of Vegf receptor activity and angiogenesis by Slit/Robo signalling
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $91,930

Friedberg, Mark (Hospital for Sick Children)
Can sustained post-operative biventricular pacing improve hemodynamics in children with electro-mechanical dyssynchrony after surgical repair of congenital heart disease?
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $88,181

Fujioka, Takako (Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care)
Examination of the intensity of music-supported stroke rehabilitation
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,999

Ghugre, Nilesh (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Imaging of disease progression after myocardial infarction
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,000

Gilbert, Richard (St. Michael's Hospital)
Cell Free Progenitor Derived Therapy for Cardio-Renal Disease
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,045

Gollob, Michael (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
Clinical Genetic Testing in the Evaluation of Familial Atrial Fibrillation
1 Year, New Annual (Pending), $40,000

Graham, Charles (Queen's University)
Role of maternal inflammation in the pathophysiology of intrauterine growth restriction and pre-eclampsia
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,594

Hegele, Robert (University of Western Ontario)
Phenomics of monogenic cardiometabolic syndrome
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $109,056

Henderson, Jeffrey (University of Toronto)
Regulatory interaction of apoptotic / necroptotic PCD pathways in vivo and their functional effect on animal stroke models
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $73,000

Hoffman, Lisa (University of Western Ontario)
Stem cell therapy for the treatment of Duchenne muscular dystrophy-related cardiomyopathy
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,315

Huff, Murray (University of Western Ontario)
Regulation of intestinal lipoprotein overproduction in insulin resistant states by citrus flavonoids.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,902

Jackson, Michael (University of Western Ontario)
Endoplasmic reticulum stress, Ca2+ permeation pathways and neurotoxicity
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,250

Kantor, Paul (Hospital for Sick Children)
Determinants of Disease Progression and Recovery in Paediatric Heart Failure
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $63,793

Karmazyn, Morris (University of Western Ontario)
NOS2/COX2 Dependent Cardiac Hypertrophy and its Modulation by PPARα Activation
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $80,338

Kearon, Clive (McMaster University)
Biochemical mechanisms of unprovoked VTE
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $106,448

Ko, Dennis (Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences)
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $107,088

Kovacs, Adrienne (University Health Network)
Feasibility Study of the Adult Congenital Heart Disease - Coping and Resilience (ACHD-CARE) Trial
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $65,808

Lagace, Thomas (University of Ottawa)
Regulation of the PCSK9 binding interaction with LDL receptor
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $90,630

Lavi, Shahar (London Health Sciences Centre)
Remote Ischemic Postconditioning During Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $68,305

Leenen, Frans (Ottawa Heart Institute)
Molecular Dissection of Brain Mechanisms Contributing to HF post MI.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $67,147

Leong-Poi, Howard (St. Michael's Hospital)
Targeted MicroRNA-126 Therapy for Chronic Ischemia
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $72,615
Lewis, Gary
(University of Toronto)
Determining the regulatory mechanisms of apolipoprotein C-III (apoC-III) production in humans
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,108

Li, (Shawn) Shuncheng (University of Western Ontario)
Investigation into the role of NIP1/DUOXA1 in smooth muscle differentiation from stem cells
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,250

Li, Ren-Ke (University Health Network)
Ultrasound-targeted gene delivery to enhance cell engraftment in the aged heart after ischemic injury
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $82,356

Lillicrap, David (Queen's University)
Quantitative and qualitative age-related pathologies of von Willebrand factor
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $93,453

Lonn, Eva (McMaster University)
A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial for the evaluation of a polypill in primary prevention to reduce cardiovascular disease (CVD) outcomes - The International Polycap Study 3 (TIPS-3)
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $82,350

Martino, Tami (University of Guelph)
Circadian Control of Cardiac Remodeling
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $78,138

McCulloch, Chris (University of Toronto)
Role of cell adhesions in diabetic cardiomyopathy
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $80,100

McDermott, John (York University)
Regulation of Cardiac Gene Expression by Beta Blockers
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,000

Mielniczuk, Lisa (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
Right ventricular metabolism and malonyl-coA decarboxylase inhibition in experimental right ventricular failure
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $51,461

Morshead, Cindi (University of Toronto)
Promoting self repair by endogenous stimulation and rehabilitation following stroke
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $91,210

Nanthakumar, Kumaraswamy (University Health Network)
Human Ventricular Fibrillation, Refibrillation, and Cardiac arrest: Mechanisms & Modulation
5 Years, Career Investigator (Pending), $83,000

Ni, Heyu (St. Michael's Hospital)
Novel Mechanisms of Platelet Aggregation: Roles of fibronectin and other non-classical beta3 integrin ligands in thrombosis and hemostasis
3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $90,730
Ooi, Teik (University of Ottawa)
Effect of Loss of Function Variants on Postprandial Lipemia in Humans
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,417

Park, David (University of Ottawa)
Mechanisms of delayed death in stroke
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $69,674

Patterson, Kara (University of Western Ontario)
Motor learning and rehabilitation in the lower extremity post-stroke.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $88,435

Rand, Margaret (Hospital for Sick Children)
The procoagulant surface of activated platelets: Development and persistence in vtiro and in vivo
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $80,272

Rao, Vivek (University Health Network)
Prognostic role of endothelial progenitor cells in patients with heart failure
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,200

Reid, Robert (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
Ecologically Optimizing Exercise Maintenance in Men and Women Following Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Efficacy with Economics
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,400

RUI, TAO (London Health Sciences Centre)
MicroRNA380-5p/IL-33 in the development of diabetic cardiomyopathy
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $81,949

Schlichter, Lyanne (University Health Network)
Microglia podosomes: Signalling structures for ECM degradation & migration
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $104,325

Schweizer, Tom (St. Michael's Hospital)
White matter injury and cognitive outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,391

Scott, Ian (Hospital for Sick Children)
Dissecting the earliest events of cardiovascular progenitor development using the zebrafish embryo.
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $68,649

Sheffield, William (McMaster University)
Tapping the potential of engineered antithrombotic serpin proteins
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $73,680

Simmons, Craig (University of Toronto)
C-type natriuretic peptide in early aortic valve disease
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $68,939
Skerjanc, Ilona (University of Ottawa)
The regulation and role of Nkx2.5 in cardiac muscle development and disease
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,066

Stefanovic, Bojana (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
The role of neurovascular remodelling in stroke rehabilitation
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $102,173

Sugita, Shuzo (University Health Network)
The roles of CAPS1 in catecholamine secretion from pheochromocytoma cells
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $76,513

Suuronen, Erik (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
Glyoxalase-1 and Cell Therapy in Defective Ischemia-induced Neovascularization in Diabetes
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,681

Swartz, Richard (Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre)
Post-stroke triage “DOC”: simple screening for Depression, Obstructive sleep apnea and Cognitive impairment
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,799

Sweeney, Gary (York University,  29)
Cardiac remodeling by adipokines: mechanisms and pathophysiological significance in heart failure
5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000

Tesson, Frederique (University of Ottawa)
Study of Cell Nucleus Impairment in Dilated Cardiomyopathy
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $69,042

Tyml, Karel (University of Western Ontario)
A novel animal model of sepsis in the elderly: mechanism and treatment of microvascular dysfunction
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $68,130

Vaillancourt, Christian (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Improving the cardiac arrest diagnostic accuracy of 9-1-1 emergency medical dispatchers
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $91,144

Vasconcelos, Sara (University Health Network)
Vessel arterial-venous specification in adult neovascularization
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $68,400

Verma, Subodh (St. Michael's Hospital)
Elucidating the Role of MicroRNA-145 in Atherosclerosis
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,023

Wells, Philip (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
Analysis of Pro-coagulant Markers for the prediction of therapeutic failure during anticoagulation in cancer patients at high-risk for recurrence of Venous Thromboembolism: A pilot study
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,468

Werstuck, Geoffrey (McMaster University)
Investigating the Role of Glycogen Synthase Kinase (GSK)-3 in Accelerated Atherogenesis
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $83,165

White, James (University of Western Ontario)
MRI Allocation of Pacing Targets in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (MAPIT-CRT)
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $100,964

Yang, Burton (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Ctr,  13)
The roles of MicroRNAs in Regulating Cell Activities and Angiogenesis
5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000

Yang, Guangdong (Lakehead University)
Functional relevance of cystathionine gamma-lyase/H2S system in vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypes: a novel target for the prevention of neointimal hyperplasia
3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,000

Yao, Zemin (University of Ottawa)
Functional Analysis of APOB Variants Identified by GWAS in Familial Hypobetalipoproteinemia (FHBL) and Hypertriglyceridemia (HTG)
2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $80,500

Yusuf, Salim (McMaster University)
INTERSTROKE - Phase2: Importance of Conventional and Emerging Risk Factors for Stroke in Different Regions and Ethnic Groups of the World
2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,233