Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Career Investigator Competitions - Competition Results September 2010

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario is pleased to announce the results of the September 2010 Grant-in-Aid (GIA) and Career Investigator competitions.

Of the 250 GIA applications received, 100 were reviewed for budget consideration and 77 were offered funding by the HSFO Grants Allocation Committee. Final budgets were assessed using a four-tiered system based on the applications' final rankings in the Scientific Review process.
Of 11 Career Investigator applications received, 5 were offered funding.
The competition results posted below are to be considered preliminary only. An official letter will be sent to all applicants the week of March 21, 2011, along with the budget / funding details and rankings.
The list provides the name of the principal investigator, institution, title, type of grant, first-year operating budget, term of the grant, and whether any condition has been placed on approval of the grant. For those awards identified as "pending", funding is encumbered until additional information is provided. This will be addressed in the letters to applicants noted above. This list is for information only.
The Foundation requests that applicants do not write or telephone with any enquiries before receiving the award letters.
  • Anand, Sonia S. (McMaster University)
    START - SouTh Asian biRth cohorT
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $125,000
  • Askalan, Rand (Hospital for Sick Children)
    A novel approach to protect the developing brain against ischemic injury
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,800
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Contribution of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress to atherothrombotic disease
    2.5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    Contribution of cell surface GRP78 to the development and progression of atherothrombosis
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $80,366
  • Austin, Richard C. (McMaster University)
    TDAG 51 in vascular calcification associated with chronic renal disease
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $71,450
  • Aviv, Richard (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    A novel animal model of contrast extravasation in intracranial hemorrhage
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Basak, Ajoy (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Novel functional inhibitors of proprotein convertase subtilisin Kexin 9 (PCSK9] for intervention of hypercholesterolemia
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $68,700
  • Beanlands, Rob S. B. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Effects of long term adaptive servoventilation therapy on myocardial energentics and sympathetic nerve function in patients with heart failure and sleep apnea. A substudy of the ADVENT trial
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $87,588
  • Brouwer, Brenda (Queen's University)
    Biomechanical, neuromuscluar and cardiorespiratory costs of stair negotiation in healthy individuals and persons with stroke
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $101,353
  • Chakrabarti, Subrata (University of Western Ontario)
    Vasoactive and cardioactive factors in diabetic heart disease
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $71,480
  • Chan, Christopher T.M. (University Health Network)
    Pathways influencing left ventricular hypertrophy in hemodialysis patients
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $87,066
  • Connelly, Kim A. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Roles of smad acetylation in the pathogenesis of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $89,632
  • Cregan, Sean P. (University of Western Ontario)
    Mechanisms of p53 and ATF4 induced neuronal apoptosis
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,734
  • DaSilva, Jean N. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Effect of Glycemic Therapy on Impaired Myocardial Noradrenergic Innervation and Beta-Adrenoceptors in Rat Models of Diabetes
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,628
  • DaSilva, Jean N. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Impaired cardiac cAMP-specific phosphodiesterase-4/beta-adrenoceptors in a LAD-ligation rat model: effect of various therapeutic approaches and initial human PET studies
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $76,465
  • Davis, Darryl R. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Strategies to enhance cardiac repair
    3 Years, 
    New Annual (Pending), $111,801
  • Davis, Darryl R. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Personalized medicine: Patient specific in vitro model of atrial fibrillation
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $49,264
  • Devereaux, Philip J. (McMaster University)
    Major vascular complications after noncardiac surgery
    5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Emili, Andrew (University of Toronto)
    Mechanistic investigation of microRNA-mediated regulation of dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $91,250
  • Fish, Jason E. (University Health Network)
    Regulation of endothelial inflammatory pathways by micro RNA-146
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $70,000
  • Floras, John S. (University Health Network)
    Central regulation of autonomic cardiovascular function in human heart failure and sleep apnea
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $79,084
  • Funk, Colin D. (Queen's University)
    Bioactive lipid signaling pathways in cardiovascular disease
    2.5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Giacca, Adria (University of Toronto)
    Local insulin effect on restenosis
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $85,290
  • Goldstein, Benjamin I. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    Inflammation and brain-derived neurotrophic factor: at the heart of cardiovascular risk amoung adolescents with bipolar disorder
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $53,218
  • Gollob, Michael H. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    A Cutting-Edge Approach to Gene Discovery in Lone Atrial Fibrillation: Whole Exome Sequencing
    1 Year, New Annual (Pending), $80,000
  • Graham, Simon J. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    FMRI neurofeedback applied to motor imagery in stroke
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $51,427
  • Gramolini, Anthony O. (University of Toronto)
    Phospholamban mutations, sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium defects, and dilated cardiomyopathy
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $91,000
  • Grant, David R. (University Health Network)
    Fgl2 gene/ FGL2 Protein and Heart Transplantation
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $73,900
  • Gross, Peter L. (McMaster University)
    Statin effect on platelet function: G-gamma-5
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $77,333
  • Hammond, James R. (University of Western Ontario)
    Role of Nucleoside/Nucleobase Transporters in the Regulation of the Vascular Effects of Adenosine and its Metabolites
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $83,685
  • Hayward, Catherine P. (McMaster University)
    Multimerin 1 Functions as a Binding Protein for Multiple Components of Prothrombinase
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $73,919
  • Hess, David A. (University of Western Ontario)
    Progenitor cell regulation of the vascular regenerative niche
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $69,952
  • Ikura, Mitsuhiko (University Health Network)
    Structural elucidation of intracellular calcium channels
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $77,350
  • Janssen, Ian M. (Queen's University)
    Generating evidence to inform physical activity guidelines
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $79,044
  • Kapral, Moira K. (University Health Network)
    Evaluation of stroke care in Canada
    5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Karmazyn, Morris (University of Western Ontario)
    Sodium-regulatory transporter in myocardial remodelling and heart failure
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $83,875
  • Lanctot, Krista L. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    The Neurotrophic Effects of Lithium Carbonate Following Stroke: A Feasibility Study
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $65,288
  • Leatherdale, Scott T. (University of Waterloo)
    Shaping the direction of youth health by evaluating how Changes in policies, programs and resources in the school environment impact Obesity, Marijuana use, Physical activity, Alcohol use, Smoking and Sedentary behaviour of students over time: the CO
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,474
  • Lee, Douglas S. (University Health Network)
    Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Selection to Improve Survival in Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction: ISIS-LVSD Study (Ontario ICD Database Phase 2)
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $77,810
  • Lownie, Stephen P. (University of Western Ontario)
    Selective Brain Cooling
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $85,153
  • Macdonald, Robert L. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $86,544
  • Mak, Alan S. (Queen's University)
    Regulation of smooth muscle cell invasion and migration: the roles of 8- and m-Calpain proteases
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $73,415
  • Mak, Susanna (Mount Sinai Hospital)
    Determinants of Left Ventricular Performance in Women and Men
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $59,977
  • Marsden, Philip A. (University of Toronto)
    The neuronal NOS gene: regulated expression and function
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $124,265
  • McKelvie, Robert S. (McMaster University)
    The Effects of Tai Chi in Older Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $66,334
  • McPherson, Ruth (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Genotype to Phenotype: Functional Analysis of CAD Genetic Variants
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $108,543
  • Mequanint, Kibret (University of Western Ontario)
    Smooth muscle cell phenotype regulation in 3D fibrous biodegradable scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $78,165
  • Meyre, David (McMaster University)
    Early genetic origins of cardiovascular risk factors
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $102,560
  • Mital, Seema (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Biologic determinants of right ventricular remodeling in Tetralogy of Fallot
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $75,317
  • Nanthakumar, Kumaraswamy (University Health Network)
    Modulation of cardiac energy source for the managemente of post-resuscitation cardiac dysfunction and ventricular re-fibrillation
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $66,469
  • Nemer, Mona (University of Ottawa)
    Transcription networks in cardiac hypertrophy
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $102,428
  • Nemer, Mona (University of Ottawa)
    Mechanisms of TBX5 action in the heart
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $119,825
  • Ni, Heyu (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Apolipoprotein A-IV and platelet function: novel links with thrombosis, inflammation, and atherosclerosis
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $104,440
  • O'Brien, Edward R.M. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Atheroprotection via Modulation of Monocyte / Macrophage Biology by Heat Shock Protein 27
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $66,469
  • Opavsky, Mary Anne (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Innate immune signaling via the inflammasome and resistance to viral myocarditis
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $75,951
  • Pang, Stephen C. (Queen's University)
    Mechanistic Study on Gender-Based Differences in Myocardial Infarction
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $67,866
  • Pare, Guillaume (McMaster University)
    Contribution of Rare Protein-Coding Genetic Variants to Stroke Risk in the INTERSTROKE Study
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $110,000
  • Park, David S. (University of Ottawa)
    Pathways which regulate neuronal death
    5 Years, Career Investigator, $83,000
  • Parker, Thomas G. (St. Michael's Hospital)
    The role of the calcium-binding protein, S100B, in cardiovascular disease
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $84,850
  • Pipe, Andrew L. (University of Ottawa Heart Institute)
    Integrating the ""Ottawa model"" for smoking cessation into routine primary care practice: a cluster randomized controlled trial
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $75,601
  • Robinson, Lisa A. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Modulation of Vascular Injury by Slit and Roundabout
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $97,650
  • Rochon, Elizabeth A (University of Toronto)
    Anomia therapy in aphasia and associated neural correlates
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $74,151
  • Ross, Heather J. (University Health Network)
    Do Palliative Care Instruments Predict Heart Failure Severity When Compared to Standardized Heart Failure Instruments?
    1 Year, New Annual (Pending), $25,942
  • Saposnik, Gustavo (St. Michael's Hospital)
    Efficacy of Virtual Reality Exercises using Wii gaming technology in STroke Rehabilitation: A multicentre randomized clinical trial (EVREST multicentre)
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $82,327
  • Schwartz, Steven M. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Glucose Homeostasis and Cardiac Output After Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $94,382
  • Screaton, Robert A. (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
    Functional genomic screening to identify novel regulators of bax activation
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $81,459
  • Slack, Ruth (University of Ottawa)
    Regulation of autophagy to treat stroke
    3 Years, 
    Renewal (Pending), $125,506
  • So, Derek Y.F. (University of Ottawa)
    Obstructive sleep apnea as a risk factor for clopidogrel unresponsiveness in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention: prevalence, mechanisms and possible influence on clinical outcomes
    2 Years, 
    Renewal (Pending), $102,056
  • Spafford, J. David (University of Waterloo)
    Structure-function analyses of drug interactions with L-type calcium channels
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $69,600
  • Spence, John David (University of Western Ontario)
    Effect of aldosterone antagonism on carotid atherosclerosis
    2 Years, 
    New Annual (Pending), $80,508
  • Steele, Catriona M. (Toronto Rehabilitation Institute)
    Tongue Pressure Profile Training for Dysphagia Post Stroke
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $90,682
  • Steinberg, Gregory R. (McMaster University)
    Role of AMPK in the prevention of atherosclerosis
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $65,875
  • Strauss, Bradley H. (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
    Microvascular Injury in Acute Myocardial Infarction
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $93,142
  • Sun, Hong-Shuo (University of Toronto)
    The impact of ATP-sensitive potassium channels on stroke in diabetes and their therapeutic implications
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $64,100
  • Trigatti, Bernardo L. (McMaster University)
    Molecular Mechanisms by which HDL contributes to atherosclerotic plaque regression
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $85,084
  • Tuana, Balwant S. (University of Ottawa)
    SLMAPs: Roles in cardiac structure and function
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $123,611
  • Wang, Hao (University of Western Ontario)
    Prevention of antibody-mediated rejection by soluble CD83 in presensitized cardiac allograft recipients
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $71,371
  • Wang, Lisheng (University of Ottawa)
    Effective generation of endothelial progenitor cells
    3 Years, New Annual (Pending), $89,894
  • Wells, James W. (University of Toronto)
    Nature of the signalling complex between cardiac muscarinic receptors and G proteins
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $83,364
  • Yang, Kaiping (University of Western Ontario)
    Early-life Origins of Visceral Adiposity
    2 Years, Renewal (Pending), $70,165
  • Yeung, Rae S.M. (Hospital for Sick Children)
    Towards a Better Understanding of Kawasaki Disease
    3 Years, Renewal (Pending), $99,000
  • Zha, Xiaohui (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
    Characterization of microparticles released by ABCA1-expressing macrophages
    2 Years, New Annual (Pending), $82,000