Addressing Health Care and Health Policy Challenges of New Genetics Opportunities - Competition Results 2004

CIHR’s Institute of Genetics (IG), Institute of Health Services and Policy Research (IHSPR), Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH), the Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment (CCOHTA) and Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC), are pleased to announce the results of the competition under the strategic initiative "Addressing Health Care and Health Policy Challenges of New Genetics Opportunities".

The program was designed to provide operating grant funds in support of research projects, the results of which will better equip health care providers, administrators and policy makers to improve the health of populations and strengthen the health care system in Canada in the face of the rapid growth in new technologies and understandings associated with the "genetics era".
A total of five applications were submitted in April 2004. Applications were reviewed by an ad hoc peer review committee, resulting in two applications being approved for funding (success rate of 40%).
  • ESPLEN, Mary Jane, CAPPELLI, Mario (University Health Network)
    Co-Applicant(s): ALLANSON, Judith / BOTTORFF, Joan Lorraine/ DORVAL, Michel/ CARROLL, June/ HUNTER, Jonathan/ WILSON, Brenda/ MCGRATH, Patrick/ MILLAR, Jim/ ARONSON, Melyssa/ WONG, Jiahui/ SMITH, Kara/ SUMMERS, Anne
    Addressing the psychosocial health care of patients and families obtaining genetic services: Identification, disposition and outcomes.
    $154,876(Equipment: $5,200) 3 years (Pending)
  • ROUSSEAU, François, BATTISTA, Renaldo, BLANCQUAERT, Ingeborg Rose, DROUIN, Régen, FRIEDMAN, Jan, FOREST, Jean-Claude, FOULKES, William, GIGUERE, Yves, GODARD, Beatrice, LABRECQUE, Michel, LAFLAMME, Nathalie, LAMARCHE, Marie-Christine, LAMOTHE, Lise, LANDRY, Réjean, LEGARE, France, MARRA, Carlo, REINHARZ, Daniel (Université Laval)
    Health care and health policy challenges in genetic laboratory services.
    $699,403 3 years (Pending)
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