2004 - 2005 AstraZeneca Canada Inc./HSFC Research Fellowship - Chung

Dr. Ada Wing-Yee Chung
St. Paul's Hospital 

Dr. Ada Wing-Yee Chung’s research focuses on how diabetes can have a negative effect on how blood vessels work. Diabetes is a condition in which the body either cannot produce insulin or effectively use the insulin it produces. Diabetic patients often suffer from high blood pressure, cardiovascular and renal disease, and are at high risk of blindness and gangrene. These complications are a result of the blood vessels not working properly.
This research will give us is a better understanding of how the activity of blood cells contributes to problems in how blood vessels work. The project focuses on endothelial cells – cells lining the walls of blood vessels – and the smooth muscle cells of the internal mammary artery (IMA) in diabetic patients.
A clear understanding of how cells work and their impact on diabetes could lead to the development of drug therapies and reduce the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. are pleased to support Dr. Chung’s promising work. Dr. Chung has a PhD in pharmacology from the University of Alberta. Dr. Cornelis van Breemen supervises her research at the iCAPTURE Centre, a University of British Columbia research facility specializing in heart, lung, and blood vessel diseases. The iCAPTURE Centre is funded in part by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
Supported by AstraZeneca Canada Inc.